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my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

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Old 09-23-2004, 02:43 AM   #1
Join Date: Sep 2004
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Angry my stomachs always GROWLING/RUMBLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Hi everyone

im 22 and my stomachs being growling/rumbling since i was 15. It growls through out the whole dam day it crazy, even right after i eat it still growls. Sometimes It will growl, rumble make all kinds of noises i lie to you not, just about ever 2 to 5 minutes for hours on end. Thats my main problem but i also have a slight problem being constipated sometimes. My stomach nosies have caused so many social problems its crazy, not being able to lay down with a girl without being scared my stomach will growl,or any other quite situation you can think of. All the doctors i see say i have IBS, theres no way to stop the rumbling nosies, and i feel like they dont take it Serious, but i bet if they had a rumbling stomach all day they would take it very seriously hun! So i need your guys help and info to try to silence the beast. Here is a list of the things i have tried and what they have done for me, PLZ if you have beat this problem or suppressed it somehow let me know thanks again.

1)Metamucil/citracel= the fiber helped my constpation a little but not the nosies(on and off for the last 5 years about 6 to 8 months constant)
2)Digestive enymes=first 3 days i took them my stomach made no nosies, but on day 4, back to same old nosies, (discontionued after 5 weeks )
3)Calcuim=didnt help much with nosies but made my constipation a little worse (tried 600caltrate and 1200mg name brand for 4 weeks)
4)Prozac=to help relive my stressfull stomach and life (didnt work)
5)Eating meals on a reguarl time basis through out the day= (nothing)
6)Tried every med that my 3 different Kaiser doctors prescribed for me, that they thought that might help me (about 5 or 6 different ones, NOTHING)
7)Probotic= called primal defense has helped a little with the nosies nothing drastic (on them for the last 5 days, to eairly to tell)
8)Im not lactose or fructose intolerante(tried cutting them out for weeks each,(made no difference)
9)I dont swallow air (aerophagia)

There you have it the list that kills me to see that all this, and yet no solution to my problem, on the flip side mybe i'll find a beautiful girl on this site who has the same problem as me, we can fall in love , and grow old together lol jk Thanks till we meet again!

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Old 09-23-2004, 05:22 PM   #2
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jah00 HB User
Unhappy Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Wow, I totally know what you are going thru! Having this same problem has seriously caused so many problems in my life. It started about a year ago and has gotten worse by the month. My anxiety because of it has become so bad, I hate it! Im scared to be in quiet places whereas I used to love silence. I cant get close to anyone because im so worried about my stomach going crazy, I cant sit for too long cause I feel like im gonna have a panic attack. I actually lost out on a potential great relationship because I was too scared to get close and stuff ... and he thought it was because I just didnt like him but it wasnt that at all. I have a hard time talking about it with anyone and only 2 people actually know about it. AND im starting a new job on Monday and im soooo scared that im going to end up walking out of there and quitting if my stomach starts acting up too bad. And ive waited about a year to actually get this job, this sucks! Today I went and bought Magesium and some Reuturi pills and im now eating yogurt everyday and my mother is sending me some of her Zelnorm pills to try out ... so I guess we will see what happens. Alll I know is that I cannot keep living like this ... I dont know what I will do. SO yeah, for anyone who does have good advice for me and "No Fear" PLEASE post it cause it would be sooo appreciated! And "No Fear", I totally feel for you because I know how it is and its horrible. Thanks in advance!

Old 09-25-2004, 11:03 AM   #3
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acs18 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Eating bran cereal the All-Bran cereal with extra fiber helps.
Also, try eating some Altoids (peppermints) during the day. Peppermint is a natural anti-spasmodic and it helps cut down on stomach rumblings.

Also try to avoid dairy products and greasy foods.

Old 09-25-2004, 04:57 PM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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6th_sense HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Hi guys,

I've beaten the stomach growling, but I can't explain, so thats beside my point.

How do I explain this? By avoiding situations that you guys think is potentially embarrassing, you are creating a situation in which fear can grow, and the ultimate end of fear is anxiety and panic attacks and panic disorders. The situations you guys are trying to avoid are pretty important in ordinary people's lives.

Many people have fears, but a lot of those fears are ok, because they can live with them: For instance, the fear of heights, or the fear of public speaking. However, when you guys start fearing things that don't allow you to function in ordinary life, then it is a big problem you need to overcome.

The only way to overcome your fear is to go back and practice being in the situation that generates fear, until you've finally come to the point where you overcome the irrationalities that bother you. I call it irrationality because fear often arises from thoughts that are irrational.

For instance, you guys mentioned how you shot down opportunities to do ordinary things that "normal" people can do without hesitation, because of your assumption that your growling tummies would interfere. But the truth be told, it is all just in your head. You didn't actually experience a rejection, but you allowed your anticipation of rejection to take over and cause the fear and anxiety. My understanding is that fear is now taking over what growling tummies used to occasionally do.

Bite the bullet and eat your fear for breakfast. Yeah, it would be nice if you didn't suffer from growling stomachs, but it would also be nice if none of us suffered from IBS.

Cheers, Raju.

Old 09-27-2004, 01:13 AM   #5
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Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Have you tried to eliminate gluten from your diet? Even if you do not suffer from celiac disease, gluten can cause a lot of problems to sensitive bowels. I have improved a lot eliminating it. There are some other foods that can be very upsetting: peanuts, eggs, tomatoes... You should check. There is a book that have helped me a lot: "improve your digestion" by Patrick Holford. I have read the spanish version and do not know if the english one is exactly the same.
You can also take into account the intestinal candida overgrowth, that can cause these noises. I have noted an increment in growling if I take some antibiotics.
I hope this helps a little. I still have panic attacks when I have a meeting.

Old 09-28-2004, 09:38 PM   #6
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Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Thanks for all the info people, right now im looking at trying to reduce my gulten intake to see if it help only time will tell, this site is great thanks alot again for the advice,and i hope your problems resolve quickly too!!!

till we meet again,

Old 10-17-2004, 04:08 PM   #7
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♀18 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

I had this when i was around 15. It would do it all the time, in class we would have to be so quite and with that happening to me , it was so embarassing. I had to stay off for a few months in the end.
Doc gave me some tablets too, he said it could have been something wrong with the bowels and such. I still get it sometimes now though, but not as bad.

Old 01-14-2005, 04:44 PM   #8
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MVT82 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

[B]I completely relate to all of the people that have this problem. I am a 22 yr old male that has lived through this since i was in 6th grade. I am now in my third yr. of college, and still deal with it. I have always been an excellent student in school but found this stomach growling noises always effecting my life in a big way. i think that having this problem as a student is the worst time to have it. It has changed me completely. I thought i was the only one with this problem, until i started surfing the web about othere people that are undergoing the same thing i am.Its extremely tough dealing with stomach growlings at times when ure in class or in a quiet place. I mean i dont have to go to the bathroom and im not hungry ,but i'll still get these annoying embarrasing noises coming from my stomach when im in class or something. i have learned to change my lifestyle and live with it and get me thru it this much. for example... certain times i'll be sitting in class, ( i try to get the farthest seat in the back of the classroom) and just start thinking about it to myself, and my palms start to get very sweaty, and my hearts starts racing, and im sitting thier praying to God that my stomach doesnt make any noises. i hate it very much. To me, the problem has evolved from a small thing to a huge psychologically ordeal that i have to deal with everyday. The funny thing is that im a pre-med student and i gotta sit in a class and deal with this thing for a good chunk of my life... ive made some changes to deal with this problem and some things helped a lil bit... i dont wana make this too long.. but i can totally relate to people with this problem... obviously if ure reading this right now you also deal with something like this or similar to it...

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Old 01-23-2005, 03:15 AM   #9
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jah00 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

So I went to a dr for this problem for the first time the other day because I FINALLY got health insurance and I basically told her my symptoms and I told her that I really just wanted a referral to a specialist (GI dr) and she kinda looked at me funny and said ok lets run some tests first. So I went to the lab and they took some blood and I guess theyre testing for H pylori and several other things, I didnt totally understand. And she prescribed me Nexium but I didnt get it because I just dont believe that that drug is going to help me. Isnt that for people with acid reflux type problems? Does anyone know anything about this drug? I dont know, im so worried about taking stuff that isnt going to help. Im so worried that what I have may never be cured or atleast helped enough to the point that I can live my life without this constant anxiety! I cant even stand being at work full time anymore and now I have to beg my supervisor to let me go part time just because I have such bad anxiety at work due to these noises. I have noticed that it helps when i dont drink anything so when I eat lunch and anytime that I am at work I will not drink and I especially dont drink carbonated drinks before I go to work and I have to eat like plain things all week. The weekend is basically the only time that I can let loose and eat whatever I want. IM SO SICK OF THIS!!! AHHHH. And I have also noticed that when I drink alcohol my stomach does really well .. I mean, I do like to drink and im not using that as an excuse to constantly get drunk but when im drinking my stomach is fairly quiet and feels better, am I crazy? Haha I dont know. But thats all I have to say for today. Any comments appreciated!

Old 01-23-2005, 05:52 AM   #10
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DianeMarie73 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

I also feel better when I drink beer are we wierd? But my stomach gets yucky the next day so its just a short term fix or I'd probably be an alcoholic.

Old 01-24-2005, 02:50 PM   #11
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Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Hi There!
Well I have been ignoring my noisy tummy but I decided tonight to do some research on the internet and found this site. I have been experiencing some loud noises coming from what I think is my large intestine area (below the navel). This has been going on for roughly 6 months (could be longer but I dont often pay attention to these things and always think the problem will solve itself).

I do have regular bowel movements (usually once a day) but usually with some effort. I would get the urge but once I get there, I need to work at it. I am also a very sensitive bathroom user so much so that someone on the phone outside the door or a leaky tap could mean no action that day.

I drink lots of water ( I am up to 3 litres now) and eat pretty normally. I have moved to a different country recently and I eat a lot more bread (brown), cheese and jam and fruit. My meat intake has been significantly reduced though.

The noises are quite loud at times so that people can hear it. I'm not all that embarrassed by it though - I just make a joke of it but I guess I just want to make sure all is Ok with my health. It will be difficult to go to the doctor where I am as well since I dont speak enough of the language to make myself understood. It might also be important to mention that I only know something is going on because I hear it and not because I feel it. There is never any feeling associated with the noise and I cant even predict when it might happen.

If you have any ideas, I look forward to hearing from you.
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Old 01-26-2005, 05:18 PM   #12
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GirlWithPain HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

guys, I have the same exact problem+ many many other problems, and what I found to be quite a good remedy for the noises is dicyclomine...its a prescription drug..not expensive..although i have a feeling it could be constipating a bit..which is a problem for me. however, if i take it right before i have a meal, my stomach would rarely make these weird noises...

Old 01-27-2005, 07:49 PM   #13
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queenpooch HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

I had the same problem for almost 30 years! It started when I was a young teenager. I remember my stomach (intestines) used to growl and rumble so much in church, that my parents would allow me to sit in the balcony! School was awful - I would end up sitting in the back of every classroom with a textbook smashed into my lower stomach. I learned to live with it as I got older.

Out of curiosity I began researching it on the Internet a couple of years ago. I was amazed to find out that women who have hormonal imbalances - right before their menstrual cycle or during peri-menopause - were complaining of growling stomachs with hunger pangs. I started keeping a log, and sure enough! My "rumbly tumbly" stomach growled during hormonally imbalanced times of the month.

Now guys, I know what you're thinking..."but I don't have hormonal fluctuations."

Oh but you do! Men have different hormones, but imbalances just the same! A male friend of mine in his 40s just found out he had low testerone after feeling tired and out of sorts all the time. They also know now that men have male menopause.

Anyway, I had a salive test done and found out I produced WAY too much estrogen. I've been taking a compound for that, and I have noticed a BIG difference in many things, including the growly tummy!

Another thing that may be of interest to all of you is ridding your body of parasites with a parasite cleanse. The human body can harbor up to a couple of thousand parasites at one time, especially if you eat a lot of meat. These parasites cause all kinds of problems, among which is gassy intestines. Look up "parasites in the human body" in a search engine online - you'll be amazed!

Good luck to all!

Old 01-28-2005, 12:50 PM   #14
Charlie P.
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Charlie P. HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

I posted yesterday on the general health section, just found this today. Its good to know I'm not the only one. Mine started rather suddenly about 3 months ago. I knew I needed a hernia repair and I thought the noise was a symptom of the hernia getting worse because it often came from the same area but sometimes higher up, even into my esophegus. I got the hernia repaired almost 2 months ago, but surprizingly the rumbling didn't go away. I have no diahrea or any other symptoms so I'm not sure this qualifies as IBS. I have felt a little nauseous the last couple days but not sure if its related. I had a colonoscopy, nothing unusual found. Getting a CAT scan next week. This is really making me uncomfortable. Ive tried every diet even fasting, rice only for 5 days, nothing helps. If anyone has found a remedy please post.

Old 01-28-2005, 03:06 PM   #15
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MVT82 HB User
Re: my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!

Hey guys, i've tried a few things that really helped...and i blended it with some other things i saw on this site.

1. the advice of taking peppermint in (altoids, certs etc.) does actually help the intestinal muscle spasms that can cause the growling. -so pop a few peppermint certs in ure mouth about 20 minutes before ure gona be somewhere quiet.

2.DONT DRINK ANY WATER OR LIQUIDS BEFORE going to a quiet place, because that can cause some trouble especially when the intestinal spasms play catch with the air inside mixing with water will make some loud firecrackers within go off...LOL

3.This is a good one... At the drugstore they sell this thing for treating IBS. These little pills are chewable and taste like controls the noises significantly.. i have been using it for a couple days now...the main ingredient in the pill is "Lactobacillus"- which is a "freindly bacteria" which doesnt cause harm to the body and amino acids... by taking this over the counter pill this healthy bacteria colonize within the intestine, and produce enzymes that support normal digestion.. they taste awesome too they are chewable.. the brand is called "Digestive Advantage IBS".Its actually Dr. reccomended!~

4. if you have to go to a meeting where it will get quiet get there early enough and get comfortable with the place. That really helps.It reduces the anxiety levels a bit.

5.Contract ure muscles... i know this sounds wierd but its actually proven that it can relax you... what i mean by this is.. when u feel the axiety of a embarrasing growl coming.. contract ure leg muscles and arm muscles for about 5 -6 seconds and let go... this in turn relaxes ure nervous system!

6.ok this one really works!!.. now pay attention.. grind up a 1/2 ounce of earthworms, with 3 cricket antennas with a dash of salt.....Im just joking, but hell, if this was true and worked id defianately try it, lol...

These are some things that wont eliminate the problem but will help out alot...a lot of the doctor's can be jerks out there and really dont take much interest..and prescribe things like nexium which im pretty sure is mainly for preventing acid reflux...its good to know that theres a site like this which can help an induvidual feel a bit better knowing that ure not alone in this... i feel for everyone that deals with this.. but what ive learned is that u gotta deal with it and dont let it take over ure life!!!!, i mean worst comes to worst u'll be very embarassed, but oh well..its something that natural and out of ure control..i let this thing run my lofe for about 3 yrs until i was sick and tired of it controlling me, it was getting in the way of my dream of becoming a doctor, until i said ***K it! so yea all u guys keep it up.. and let me know if this helped! wish me luck im going to be taking my MCAT's pretty soon!!!

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