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Kidney stone and pregnant

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Old 06-05-2006, 12:22 PM   #1
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ricki0628 HB User
Kidney stone and pregnant

I am a 30 year old female and am 34 weeks pregnant. Last week I had some really horrible back pain and my Ob sent me to the ER to have a urine sample done because I have a history of UTI's and Kidney infectins during my pregnancies. They said I did not have an infection, but that I had a lot of blood and crystals in my urine. They said that I probably had a kidney stone. Because the ER was so backed up, they sent me home with a script for vicodin and told me to see my urologist the next week.
My urologist has been slow about getting me in for an ultrasound to see about the possible stone...I will finally get one tomorrow. I also don't like the way the vicodin makes me feel. It makes me so sleepy and also has been making my ears sensative, (it feels like I'm speaking really loud when I'm that normal?). Plus, how good can that be for the baby when I am so close to my due date? BUt the pain is still present, and I have to take something to keep it managable! I have tried at home remedies, (apple cider vinegar, lemon juice/olive oil, etc.), but nothing has passed so far.
Has anyone else ever dealt with this during pregnancy? Why isn't it passing, (it has been over a week now!), and shouldn't the pain be moving or something? Plus, could this cause damage to my kidney and will the vicodin hurt the baby? Any help/advise would be most appreciated!!!! I am starting to get really nervous. Thanks!

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Old 06-07-2006, 03:40 PM   #2
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lookinforanswer HB User
Exclamation Re: Kidney stone and pregnant


Hi, I can only imagine what kind of pain that you are in.

First thing, try not to take the Vicodin while you are pregnant, I can't believe they would have given you that, being pregnant and all. Some doctors are idiots.

Are you taking a multivitamin for being pregnant? If not, try to take a very low dose of magnesium, potassium and vitamin b6 together. I don't know what is considered high dosage for being pregnant. Try drinking alot of lemonade, don't go drinking any of that other stuff that you mentioned, it does not work and where ever you found that from, it is wrong.

I have tried everything under the sun. The citrate in the lemonade helps break down the stone forming process, so does the vitamins that I have described.

I don't know if you have ever heard or not but they say that passing a kidney stone is worse than having a baby, it is more painful.

Do you have a urologist or nephrologist? I suggest you find one and have them run the tests needed. But after you have the baby, because you will need x-rays, mri's and other tests. You don't need to put the baby in danger.

You will come out of the pain. Sometimes the pain can last a few days, but it will go away.

If you have any questions or need any other advice, post and I will talk to you or anyone else on here for that matter. We are here to help you.

Old 06-07-2006, 09:09 PM   #3
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brendaj22 HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

I am 28 years old and have been passing stones for over 10 years. When I was pregnant with my son, I went to the hospital and discovered another stone, docs put me on strong meds, vicodin, percocet, then finally hydromorphone. I was 26 weeks along and they told me it would have to pass on its own. It was a 4mm stone and after a week and alot of pain it finally passed. My son is happy and healthy 17mos. Good luck to you, I hope all goes well. Drink lots of water.

Old 06-08-2006, 04:46 AM   #4
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aceykay1021 HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

I have about 3 kidney stones a week...So I am a pro at this now...If you can take it eat a whole lemon. .Cut it up and eat the inside of it...Trust me this should help...That is what I do because I have full kidney failure and they don't want me to take to many drugs because it could make my liver start to fail...Best of luck and keep us up to date on if you pass it anytime soon...

Old 06-08-2006, 05:42 AM   #5
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madejade HB User
Lightbulb Re: Kidney stone and pregnant....PLEASE READ...Been through this twice

If you get a chance read some of my previous posts.

I have been through this twice. Between both of my pregnancies I passed approx. 20 stones. I also had surgery a few times during my pregnancies for stones. If you want to know more...let me know. There are a few things they can do for pregnant women with an obstructing stone...but I don't want to overwhelm you or scare you.

The good news is that when you are pregnant your ureters stretch and dilate and sometimes this makes passing stones a bit easier.

I would love to share my story if you want to hear it. Let me know....and GOOD LUCK!

Old 06-08-2006, 05:49 AM   #6
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madejade HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

I forgot one thing. The medicines they prescribed WON"T hurt the baby. I was also very concerned. I rotated percocet and demoral during the last few months of my pregnancy and my daughter was fine. They told me she may be a sleepy until the drugs are out of her system...but I didn't think she was sleepy at all. I had to deliver her early due to the risks I was facing...she had jaundice...but even full term babies get that, otherwise she was perfect.

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ricki0628 HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

Thank you all so much for the help! I went to the hospital the other day to have an ultrasound, and go to my urologist tomorrow to follow up. The girl doing the ultrasound said that she didn't see a stone, but that unless it was very large, ultrasounds have a hard time picking them up. I have still not passed anythng, (it has been about 14 days!), and am still in pain. I was taking vicodin every 4 hours, but switched to Tylenol 3 with coedine, as I didn't like the way the vicodin made me feel, plus, I knew it couldn't be good for the baby. (Not that the Tylenol 3 is much better, but at least it is a little bit less of a dose). I will try the lemon thing and see if that this point, I would try anything. I am just woried because I am so close to delivery and I am afraid that all of this medication, and pressure from my pain will endanger the baby. Do any of you know if there are other tests I can do while pregnant to see if there is actually a stone, or something else? And, if it is not a stone, what else could this kidney pain be? (they will check again tomorrow to make sure I have not developed an infection). Thanks again for all the replies!!!! It helps to ask questions to others who have been thru this!

Old 06-08-2006, 07:29 AM   #8
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madejade HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

Some doctors will do an x-ray but only under certain circumstances. My doctors never did x-rays...only ultrasound.

You can have ureterscopy or cystoscopy done. The ureterscopy is done by inserting a very thin wire camera thing into your urethra. They can remove any stones in the ureter or kidney this way and they can also look around and see whats going on. The cystoscopy is only used to look around...I think.

I have had ureterscopy done a few times during my pregnancy. I was saddleblocked and then it was performed until anastesia.

Ultrasound isn't the best for picking up small stones. If all of the symptoms are there than they will probably assume it is a stone and go from there. If it doesn't pass you may have a stent. They aren't the most comfortable thing, but they are very helpful.

Old 07-21-2006, 06:26 PM   #9
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Jessika03 HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

When I was about 5 months pregnant I started getting UTI i was in and out of the hospital atleast 8 times then I got a kidney stone they kept me in the hospital for a week and gave me pregnancy safe Pain meds never vics, they I was in dnager for pre tems labor because of my pain level they could not operate because it was to much of a risk so I just had to suffer, One night I went to pee and i felt like a new women Instantly!! I called my husbnad and told Him I had given birth!!

Old 02-23-2007, 07:03 AM   #10
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Goldie_Locks_5 HB User
Re: Kidney stone and pregnant

I just got out of the hospital last week for a kidney stone while pg.
I was there for 2 days and didn't pass it- in horrible pain- needed a dilaudid drip the whole time- b/c once I was off of it the pain was unbearable.

I have had a kidney stone before- this time was much worse.
I am 31w pregnant.

They put a stent into my kidney/bladder to keep them flowing- b/c it appeared on US that my kidney was getting backed up due to the stones - but since I am pg they couldn't do a CT scan to see how big they were and how to treat them--- I will have this done once I give birth.

I am in constant pain still- but different- feels like a UTI constantly - burning/pain/having to urinate all the time--- it's horrible- I don't know if I"ll be able to work again before my maternity leave starts- b/c I'm in sales and it requires walking around a lot- which make the pain worse.

I hate this- I'm miserable and cry when I think I have 2 more months of this feeling... and not working, too... so I don't know what to tell you. I hope you pass your stones- I wish I passed mine this time like I did the first time- then it was really easy- I suppose this one is much bigger...

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