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Administrator 07-19-2007 11:28 PM

When a member is absent: please read >>>
A certain member recently deleted posted messages and left the website for good without saying why to board members or to us. It disrupted or caused deletion of some of your threads, which is the only reason for this message.

[U]Whenever a member is absent for any reason, you are expected to respect the choice and privacy without discussion on the boards.[/U] Also, if absence is due to a ban, the member has the same choice to appeal or not as any other member. Respect this and stay off the subject.

From the rules:

Post board-use comments or questions only on the Registration/Membership Board or email [email][/email]. [U][COLOR="Blue"]Do not post on any other board about editings, bans, deletions, or moderator decisions[/COLOR].[/U]

Respect others' privacy when they are offline regardless why they are away from the boards. [U]When[/U] or [U]if[/U] they want to return is soon enough to reconnect.


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