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cestds3 07-27-2012 10:59 PM

partial gluteus medius tear
Hi. I'm new to the site but am desperate to hear what others have done to help. I was diagnosed a few months ago.with a partial tear of my right gluteus medius and origin of vastus lateralis. I'm a 38 year old nurse that is not into sports. My ortho/sports medicine doc wanted me to do therapy. I've tried cortisone injections,nsaids, and various topical creams with no help from the pain. Therapy was going good for about a month but now tonight I'm in horrible pain again. Has anyone noticed their pain increases with higher humidity? I really just want to be pain free again! Has anyone had the surgery to repair and if so is the pain gone? My surgeon is reluctant to do surgery and said it would be open though I have read it can be done endoscopically. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm so tired of hurting!

Iota 08-05-2012 04:01 PM

Re: partial gluteus medius tear
Hi, I'm also new to the site, having just been diagnosed via mri with gluteal medius and minimus partial tears. I was misdiagnosed as pain referred from spinal causes and so have had no relief from treatments. I can't offer help until I get some myself,but I offer empathy. I can only walk a short distance and used to be an active 70 yr old, even a tango dancer up until 2 yrs ago. I too am looking for info about repair surgery. From what I've read, it's rarely done and in its infant stages. If anyone knows of sports docs in Santa Fe or anywhere in Southwest, I'd be grateful to know. I hope you find someone too.

candyg920 10-21-2013 01:13 PM

Re: partial gluteus medius tear
I have had open surgery for a gluteus medius and gluteus minimus repair. There is not too much sense in putting off surgery, unless you think you can get better without surgery. Surgical repair of the tendons is not as rare anymore. Cortisone shots did not help me at all and I would not have another injection. I still have pain one year after surgery although surgery was successful. It is a difficult recovery and you have to keep exercising and walking. Stay committed to exercising.

Iota 10-21-2013 02:04 PM

Re: partial gluteus medius tear
I would be grateful to know where you had surgery. My own orthpedic surgeon has not offered surgery as an option, so I was thinking of applying for an appt at a major university Sports Med Dept, such as at Stanford U.

This kind of injury, I think, requires an aggressive patient to find a fix.

At 72, I'm not eager for a long recovery, however, so I too wonder if there is an endoscopic alternative. Steroid shots work for me for about 4 mos max.

thanks for advice and personal stories

candyg920 10-21-2013 05:38 PM

Re: partial gluteus medius tear
I had surgery in Wisconsin. These surgeries are on the rise. I had an orthopedice Sport Medicine Doctor do mine. They can be found in every state. You need an MRI or Ultrasound to verify what type of injury you have if you had not had one done yet. Endoscopic was not an alternative to me, and I understand it is not necessarily less painful either. You may need a bursectomy or some other procedure. I don't know. I suppose Standford would about it. I have met two surgeouns in this area who have done this surgery You should be able to find one in Sports Medicine.

mayor mary 10-29-2013 01:45 AM

Re: partial gluteus medius tear
I am having my torn gluteus medius repaired tomorrow(!) by Thomas Vail at UCSF. He comes highly recommended and I am optimistic about the potential outcome. At this point I feel like any pain or discomfort from the surgery will pale in comparison to the ongoing pain I've expereinced for close to five years. My local doctor treated this as bursitis and pumped me full of cortisone. As a result the tendon is not only torn by also badly atrophied.

One thing I learned on this journey is that diagnosis requires an MRI with adequate resolution. My first MRI was in an open imaging system and it turned out to be inconclusive. Lord knows the pain was real and far from inconclusive!

After the surgery I am looking forward to getting back to an active lifestyle where I can bike and garden and walk with ease. Best of luck to others who a struggling with this issue.

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