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Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

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Old 01-20-2007, 01:41 PM   #1
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susieq14 HB User
Question Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

This is my first post here but Iíve been lurking and have read quite a few of the threads here about liver lesions and was hoping to get some input about my situation. I have an indeterminate lesion on the right lobe of my liver and am worried about it.

The lesion was found inadvertently when I had an abdominal CT scan in October 2005 as part of testing I had for digestive problems. The CT showed a ď2.2 cm indeterminate lesion on right lobe of liver that does not have the typical appearance for benign hemangiomaĒ. I then had an MRI which found ďthe lesion did not have the appearance of a benign hemangioma or cyst nor does it have any of the typical characteristics of a malignant lesion. I was sent for Tumor Marker Bloodwork which fortunately came back normal.

A follow-up MRI 3 months later in January 06 showed ďNo change in lesion and does not have typical appearance of either hemangioma or cyst but it could represent a small adenoma.Ē

A follow-up MRI in August 06 showed ďAbnormal lesion at tip of right lobe of liver present without change. This may represent an area of Focal Nodular Hyperplasia.Ē At the time of the last MRI in August, my GI Doctor said that we should do one more MRI in 6 months and if there are no changes, no more testing will be needed.

I saw a new GI at a large teaching hospital in Boston in November for other issues and of course asked her opinion on the liver lesion. She requested that I get copies of the CT and all MRIís and she would have the Director of Abdominal Imaging review them. I see her next Tuesday for a follow-up and hopefully some answers.

Iím wondering if any of you have any advice or input for me. Do I need to have another MRI? Do I need other testing? Iím worried that she will tell me that this radiologist will also not know what it is and recommend no more testing.

Thanks so much!

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Old 01-20-2007, 02:08 PM   #2
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dixieagle HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

Susie -

I think you can rest assured that the director of abdominal imagine at a large Boston teaching hospital will have a good handle on things. I'd simply follow whatever advice he/she gives. It sounds as if it's nothing too scary, given that nothing has changed in well more than a year. Good luck!


Old 01-20-2007, 08:37 PM   #3
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hidee HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

I was wondering if you found out any more about your liver lesions. I have had the exact same diagnosis and am waiting for more testing. How did it go for you?

Old 01-21-2007, 01:28 PM   #4
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susieq14 HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

Hi Marie,

Thanks for your vote of confidence in the "expert doctor". I kind of agree with you and certainly hope that he knows his stuff as well. I've just had some bad experiences with doctors in the past year that make me a little skittish and hope that he doesn't "pooh pooh" it and say it is nothing when I've been told that it was possible it was this, this or that! Very frustrating and scary. I'm very pleased that as bad as my old GI doc was he at least kept following up on it. I'm very glad that my new GI doc requested all my films to review.

Hello Hidee,

My appointment is Tuesday, Jan 23. I'll let you know what I find out. Tell me more about your situation: how was it found, what do they think it is etc.etc. I hope you get some answers as well. When are your next tests?

Great talking to both of you.

Take Care!

Old 01-21-2007, 05:18 PM   #5
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danielm HB Userdanielm HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

I also had a lesion found on my liver when I had a scan done and it was found to be a fatty deposit.

It can be really scary, but generally, these things are benign. My doctor said if that if it was cancer, it would show up differently on the ultrasound scan, so they can pick these kinds of things up early.

Try not to stress. Liver Cancer is actually extremely rare, statistically accounting for less than 3% of all cancers diagnosed.

Best wishes.

Old 01-21-2007, 08:40 PM   #6
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ladyj2 HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

Hi there,
I think you will get the answers you are looking for from the specialist. Boy, you must have some great insurance to keep getting the MRI'S! I have a similar situation and mine is just monitored with ultrasounds....Dr. did not want to repeat catscans due to the radiation and I don't know why he didn't want an MRI, but I rather not have the MRI because it has to be with contrast and I screamed while they tried several times to get the needle in. I am having a repeat ultrasound in 6 mos and then I guess annually after that. Your bloodwork is fine and your lesion is small and stable about the same size as mine, they pretty much ruled out hemangioma for me and think it's FNH. I know hemangiomas have a risk of rupture, but atleast yours is small. My cat scan tech said both she and her dad have small hemangiomas and she was not worried about it. Please post and let us know what your Dr. says and good luck!

Old 01-22-2007, 10:10 AM   #7
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dixieagle HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is


Even if it's FNH, it's nothing too scary; however, they may make you stop taking oral contraceptives, if you are on them.

I am awaiting liver ultrasound results for mildly elevated liver enzymes, hopefully as a result of several years of taking Zocor. We can know all the rational explanations for these things, but it is still impossible not to be nervous. It sounds as if you will be getting really expert advice; let us know.

(BTW - I am a native of Boston's South Shore, now living down in AL, and am familiar with the excellent care available in Boston. You are fortunate to be close enough to take advantage.)

Good luck with your follow-up tomorrow.


Old 01-25-2007, 05:59 PM   #8
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susieq14 HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

Hello All!

I saw my new GI doctor Tuesday afternoon and she said that the radiologist could not make an exact determination of what my liver lesion is from the 3 sets of MRI's that I had done within the last year so I am scheduled for another next Wednesday, January 31 at 1:30. This one will be done with contrast. Only the first MRI I had in October 05 was done with contrast. The following 2 were without.

Part of the reason that he could not ascertain what the lesion was is becasue the films that I brought for them to review were incomplete. It seems some were missing including the films from the first MRI with contrast. Finding this out made me very upset! I went to the hospital where I orignally had the MRI's and requested all MRI films and wrote the dates and when I went to pick them up they gave me a big envelope and there were 3 labels on the front indicating the dates and contents of each MRI. How was I to know they were incomplete?!?!?!? Incidentally the receptionist also told me that I did not need to return them - they were mine and that if I asked to have them released ever again I would be charged for them.)

Anyway I am very disappointed with their inefficiency. This is the second time that I have had a problem with simple errors. In February 06, I had a chest and sinus CT scan done the same day bowever, they were ordered by 2 different doctors. The results for both were sent to only one doctor and at my follow-up appointment he went in to a rage wondering why I had had an extra test.

Sorry I just had to vent!

I truly do appreciate hearing from all of you!
Daniel- it is nice to meet you all the way form Australia. I know I should not stress until I know the whole story but that's way easier said than done and latley Stress is my middle name.

Ladyj12 - I will cross my fingers for you as well that your liver woes continue to be minor. I belong to a large HMO for my health insurance and am very thankful for the good coverage. I'm not looking forward to the MRI because I hate being so confined in that tube. UGHHHH! I don't want to even think about if until next week!

Marie - it is good to hear from you again and especially since you are former "Bostonian" so to speak! Be glad you're down South - tonite the temps will be close to 0 with wind chills well below 0! I wish you well with your future liver tests also.

Take Care All~!

Old 07-22-2008, 04:27 PM   #9
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tinyt3 HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is


I went for a sonogram on my gall bladder and they found a lesion on my liver 4cm. It did not appear to be a hemangioma either. Finally Gi doc referred me to liver surgeon. He said looks like an adenoma and he was 80% sure I needed surgery. Then he sent me for an mri and it confirmed it. I had surgery to remove it and they took 55% of my liver three weeks ago. I am doing good and recovering. He said if adenoma is could turn to cancer not right away but even as soon as five years. Mine was caused from birth control pills which I have used for 15 years. If you read the FNH verses Adenoma boards there is a lot of great ladies and information.

Old 07-23-2008, 07:56 AM   #10
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sibo HB User
Re: Liver Lesion Found but Questions about what it is

This is my first post here as well. They found 2 liver lesions during a CAT scan for embolisms. Anyways, following the CAT scan I had ultrasound and contrast MRI and they all could not identify one of the lesions, which is about 2cm. So they give me the option to wait few months or have biopsy. Of course I went with the biopsy given the fact that I do not like uncertainties in my life. Luckily it turned out to be benign however they can not identify the tumor yet. All I know is there is something there but they cannot exactly tell what it is. So I am going for another MRI Aug. 8th to see if it has grown.

And symptom vise the only complain I had for the last 2 years is nausea which does not have a trend. For that they sent me to HIDA scan and we found out that my gallbladder is not functioning and told me probably Iíll need surgery. So I decided to wait to see the MRI and if necessary have the 2 surgeries at once. Now I have somewhat constant pain under my right rib cage and I am wondering which one is causing it. I am getting a little bit nervous since the doctors are telling me that I do not have typical symptoms of gallbladder, could this be liver?

I am confused and frustrated; does any one have similar experiences? Why they cannot tell what exactly this is after CT, ultrasound, MRI and a biopsy, is this normal?


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