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please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

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Old 08-28-2008, 08:08 PM   #1
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patttyyy HB User
Unhappy please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

I am going out of my mind in least 6 trips to the ER. They thought it was a kidney stone took CAT . . test.....nothing. The pain is under my ribs,stomach, and my back......pain and pressure. Next test is the scope down the throat. Okay this is happened today sorry gross but I had orange carrot stool really weird looking. I do remember my doctor reading the ER papers and said I have fatty liver.......I cant understand why she isnt thinking this could be my problem........for months she hasnt been able to figure out what is wrong here........she said the pain in the back along with stomach pain just doesnt make sense. It seems to me if I have fatty liver she would run test for that. I have noticed there are alot of people with the same pain under rib problem.I have been on here for a hour and think maybe it is the fatty liver problem..I am desperate and I am going to try to keep away from fatty foods and see if that helps. I feel alot of pressure along with the pain. I am in constant servere pain and thank god the ER docs dont think i am a nut case........they have been so good to me.I also made another appointment to discuss the fatty liver problem with her but that appointment seems so far away
I also have chronic head and neck pain issues............i need to get some relief soon. I thank god for these message boards you can learn alot from here.Please if you can help with any ideas i would appreciate this.

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huntersgurl HB User
Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

i hope you feel better soon...
have they checked your gallbladder, that can cause alot of pain in differant areas..
i am dealing with it right now...i think..

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stef521 HB User
Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

I too have a fatty liver with pain symptoms (though not severe enough to take me to ER). My gastro doctor told me my symptoms are not from fatty liver. After tons of different tests, they finally discovered I also have either a polyp or some slight sludge in my gallbladder. I spoke with a surgeon about possibly removing my gallbladder, but he told me that a fatty liver does indeed cause pain symptoms for some people. My gastro doc still does not believe my liver is causing my problems, but I now believe this IS the source of my pain, with a bit of a gallbladder problem as well. (But not bad enough to remove.) My gastro doc believes my problem is IBS, which I have always had a bit of a problem with, but I do NOT believe my current pain symptoms are IBS. He gave me a prescription for Amitryptilline to help with abdominal pain, but it made me severely dizzy. He changed my prescription to Doxepin, and it has helped somewhat with the pain... especially the upper stomach area pain, as well as some of the back area pain I had. But it does not seem to change the pain/discomfort I feel in the far right side of my rib cage... but that pain has "improved" a lot over the last couple of months by following a very low fat diet and exercising. I also discovered that taking anything with Tylenol actually causes more pain after the pain reliever wears off. Found out that Tylenol is not good for the liver, and I now definitely believe it! (By the way, I have also had carrot colored stool on a couple occasions, but I always thought that might be due to my gallbladder issue... not sure about that though!)


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patttyyy HB User
Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

Thank you for your input.........well i went to the doctor and told her about the orange carrot like stool and she never heard of it. I found it on the puter......certain foods like kale,squash can cause it or it is from food going thru system to fast or obstructed liver bile duct. She went over the ER papers and said I also have a small cyst on my pancreatis and it said it hasnt changed in 2 years. I am upset because she first of all never told me about the fatty liver till 2 weeks ago and now she just tells me about the pancreatis from a cat 2 years ago in the ER and one from 3 weeks ago. Now she is sending me to a Gastro surgeon.........scary thought lol. I had my gallbladder out and have had kidney stones before. SO FAR I have researched fatty liver,pancreatis,IBS and Khrons. My problem is I have a hard time describing my symptons....I feel alot of pressure when it really acts up from under both ribs going to all of my back and even the sides of my ribs.
SO far this month I have appointments MRI for back, the scope down the throat then the gastro doc.........then back to the ortho doc for my chronic. neck and head pain. I know I am lucky to be able to have these tests since there is alot of people who dont have insurance.
Gall Bladder attacks kind of would flare up with me then go away and come back till one day the docs found gall stones. I was pacing the floor believe me not fun.
Right now my pain is quite low.......thank god I have be careful eating but it is still lingering.
I am like you I get dizzy also nausa from alot of meds and that just makes it that point all you can do is lay down .
IT is nice to be able to come here and sister and I are close but right now in fact this Wednesday her husband is meeting with the kidney transplant doctors he has 15% KIDNEY this point no dialysis for him. She has to much to worry about with problem seem so small compared to him...........but like a good siter she calls me everyday to make sure I am ok. Let me know how you are doing and I will let you know what happens here..........take care all

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Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

patti,i am really glad you are having an MRI run on your spine. it needs to be done from top to bottom(c spine theu the sacrum) on you in order to get the fullest best picture of your spinal areas. what you described could be stemming from a spinal issue too,espescially since you DO have neck ad back issues. its just one base that needs to be covered as a possible source for your pain and pressure. believe me,when you have something significant going on within the cord or spine it CAN create not only pain but the perception of pressure and alot of other insane things. been there done that one myself. its just an area that needs to be looked into so i am glad they are doing that MRI on you. make certain it is with contrast too. the contrast just helps to highlight certain areas that wouldn't otherwise show really well. please keep us posted as to what you find out,K? good luck,Marcia
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patttyyy HB User
Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

I went to the neck doctor today I will have to have another MRI and bone scan done. He is gathering all my info on neck and back...........but he did give me a TENS UNIT I will give that a try tomorrow. As far as my pain under the ribs,stomach pressure pain it calmed down for a week but coming back again. I had appt for Sept 22 but they called today and changed to the 24th.So far I know I have (fatty liver ) (SMALL SPOT MAYBE CYST ON PANCREATIS)......pain in stomach that shoots straight to my back with pressure front and back ribs..........diahrea with orange carrot colored tiny stools weird. My fear like alot of other people here is they wont find the problem. I have dealt with chronic head and neck pain for 20 years and I am still trying to fight that pain and of course pray for a miracle one day. I know we all sometimes feel alone and hopeless but we just have to keep fighting back. Just remember you can hire your doctor but you also fire him/her too. Dont get me wrong I have had some wonderful docs too.
I am getting so depressed over this and years ago a doctor told me if someone is in pain more then 2 weeks depression can happen. Maybe it is time for me to go take care of that problem too. I just hope and pray this gastro surgeon can help me..........I dont like being in pain if dont know why. Well I am glad I found this place lots of info and thanks for letting me vent some.Tomorrow is another day..................hope you all have a good day..........Patty

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patttyyy HB User
Re: please help unbearable pain under ribs stomach,back

update..........I went to the specialist today for pain under ribs pressure all the way into back and now pain throughout stomach etc. He is sending me for a ENDOSOPIC ULTRA SOUND............a CAT did show a small mass on pacreatis. He told me he really didnt think it was cancerous but will take a biopsy. He also said this way they can also check other things. This test is like the scope down the throat only with a ultra sound attached and can also take a biopsy.
I first talked to his PA she made me feel comfortable...........she knew exactly what I was talking about when I told her my family doctor couldnt understand when I told her I had stomach and back pain ? cRAZY
I also told the PA that I hope my family doctor doesnt get upset for me going to the ER. I had severe pain and went to the ER at least 5 times in a short period. She told me I shouldnt have to worry about that and if I am in that much pain by all means go to the ER. They also told me the test will be done within 2 weeks.
I had that test (SCOPE DOWN THE THROAT ) years ago I really dont like it but I guess I will have to do could be worse. I just hope and pray they find out what is wrong right away so I dont have to be in this pain and have tons of test done....Waiting is the worst. The Specialist told me there was only one doctor in my city that does this test I find that weird because. .. this city is starting to become a mini Mayo Clinic city
After reading the post I see alot of people with pain under the ribs stomach and back etc there are several different reasons for these syptoms......check on the web there is alot of info out there and these boards are a great place for info .........I am so glad I found this board. I will update after this test ...........If you have pain in your stomach get to a doctor dont wait. Take care everyone

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