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lourash 09-25-2008 12:28 PM

depo shot with hemangioma
i have a post a little further down about my ct scan results . It end up changing in 3 weeks time from a 2 cm hemangioma to also showing two small other spots they want to do another ct on early next year.

I was told by my gyn she wanted to put me on birth control pills to help with my recurring ovarian cysts. i asked my family doc if that was safe to do with my hemangomia since a surgeon said he would not take the pill with a liver hemangioma. She was not sure about the pill but now said I could just take the depo shot instead. Maybe I am way off here but I thought that any hormone like pill the shot or even hormone replacement therapy for menopause would cause trouble. i am shocked she says I can do the shot. Have any of you done the depo shot or hormone replacement therapy with a hemangioma?? I am even more hesitant since they can't diagnose what the other two spots are. I know I will not take the pill I would rather have painful cysts than a sick liver.

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