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need info

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Old 01-28-2005, 10:18 AM   #1
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daddysgirl4life HB User
Unhappy need info

my dad was told by his doctor about 2 months ago that he has emphazema. and he still hasnt tried to quit smoking. can someone please give me some info on what this will actually do to him. the doctor had told him that the emphazema is all over his i think that its problly really bad.i love my dad and i dont wanna lose him.i wish i could tell him something to get him to quit.i jus wanna know what this is doing to my dad.

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Old 01-28-2005, 02:28 PM   #2
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delrae4753 HB User
Re: need info

i suggest you type emphaseyma into your browser and go to the american lung association there one of the things is he will have difficult breathing as he advances into the different stages he will need oxygen to breathe with perhaps even inhalers and it will be a struggle to breathe and do everyday activities as he advances into the latter stages if he can quit smoking it would be better for him however the damage is already done it cannot be reversed. best of luck to you
To live my life to its fullest and to put all my trust in God.

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ladybug8372 HB User
Re: need info

My father has emphysema. I wanted to comment on the statement that you made..."I do not want to lose my father".... I felt that I needed to "open your eyes", so that you wont get a false sense of security. Emphysema is new to you, so you are still trying to understand what is going on, and what will happen. There is no cure for will lose him. It might take a year...5 years....or 20 years. I just dont want you feeling that if he quits smoking, that his health will get better. If he were to quit smoking, it would slow down the progression of the disease...but one thing to keep in mind....emphysema patients are more susceptible to getting pneumonia..the flu, bronchitis, etc...each time they get those illnesses, it takes a toll on their lungs.

My father was diagnosed with emphysema 5 years ago. He always smoked 2-3 packs per day. He still smokes...although not that bad....probably 5-10 a day. It started out that hospital visits were made 1-2 times per year. He was put on oxygen last July....and since November, he has had hospital stays every 2 weeks. I know that we are nearing the may take a month, 6 months...or even a year..but his health has definitely declined...he is weaker and cannot be gone from the house more than an hour...or...a hospital visit is necessary...even with the oxygen. My father is 66 years old. I am not ready to lose him...but, I know its I have had to prepare myself for that.

I would like to tell you that IF his dr's give him a certain amount of time to live.....please, please, please......dont take their words for granted. They are not God, and do not know everything. It is up to God to determine when its their time. My father was told 5 years ago that he had 6 months to 1 year to live......we werent expecting those words in the least....(we had taken him to the dr because he was sick...we knew that he had pneumonia or a bad case of the flu....we just werent expecting to hear these words....."he has emphysema and will die within 6 months to 1 year"--2 shocking things to hear within a minutes time...and we were in no way prepared for this!!) To this day, we do not like that dr and will not ever allow him to see my father. Doctors can throw out the numbers....but they cant truly tell you how long a patient has to live. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Right now, your dad is probably in shock...but hopefully...he will face it and decide to try to focus on quitting smoking. But no matter how hard you beg and plead for him to quit....HE has to be the one to decide that its time to give them up. This will be like a teenage situation....the more you beg...the more stubborn and hardheaded he will get...and the more rebellious he will be. So dont pressure him, and ride him on it. Talk about it...but just dont "insist" on it. It will not help. Been there...done that. Still there.

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kobeck HB User
Re: need info

Ladybug: "There is no cure for will lose him. It might take a year...5 years....or 20 years." I just wanted to say, if you add "or 30 years" that would include MOST of us 45 and over. My point is, we are ALL going to die, some will get emphesemia, a heart attack, cancer , car accident or whatever, but each and everyone one of us has a rendouvous with death one way or another. I say this because when people get bad news like disease etc, the first thing that goes through their mind is "OH MY GOD, I AM GOING TO DIE!" and its a panic. so remembering that we are all in fact dieing no matter how much organic foods we eat or how many miles a day we jog, sort of puts things into perspective
I do have a question for you now that i said that . Was your dads emphesimia visable on an Xray ? or was his x ray normal?

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justme100 HB User
Re: need info

I don't have emphysema, but I get bronchitis often, and have had pneumonia repeatedly, so I've educated myself about all sorts of lung disease as much as I can. On top of that, I am not a smoker.

Two old family friends of mine are a pair of sisters, now in their early fifties. They both had asthma and chronic bronchitis from the time they were children. They both started smoking, both of them. About 3-4 packs a day. That's a lot of ciggies. By the time they were in their late 30s, both had been diagnosed with emphysema.

The younger sister (I think she's 51 now) never quit smoking; she's cut down somewhat, but still smokes a LOT. She now uses an oxygen tank part of the time, and cannot physically exercise without becoming winded. Every cold she comes down with goes into fairly severe bronchitis, and, in some instances, double pneumonia. And she gets colds fairly often (5-6 times a year). The asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia on top of emphysema when she gets sick, almost always send her to the hospital ER, from which she is usually admitted at least once a year now. She's sick all the time. The last time I visited, I came by early to drop something off. She had just gotten up, and I stayed as she coughed and coughed (a productive barking cough with phlegm) for about 40 minutes. This, she said was her "cigerette cough".
(After coughing, she used her inhaler, then lit up a cigarette.)

The older sister (I think she's now 53) stopped smoking soon after the emphysema diagnosis. She has no more than the normal amount of colds, and they result usually in no more than a mild bronchitis, once a year, if that. (She no longer gets bronchitis every year.) She has an asthma inhaler, but rarely uses it. She has done breathing exercises and is able to physically exercise. Her doctor has told her that the emphysema will progress, but everything she had done has significantly slowed the progression. (I can only imagine how she feels to see her sister in such poor health with the same diagnosis for inability to stop smoking.)

There are choices people can make that can improve their lives, even with a diagnosis of emphysema. I hope, daddysgirl4life, that your Dad makes some good choices. The sooner the better.

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ladybug8372 HB User
Re: need info

kobeck...i realize that "everyone" is point in using the 1 year, 5 years, 20 because my uncle had emphysema for 20 years before he passed away. My dad was diagnosed 5 years ago....and the way he has continuously went very fast over the last year....I doubt he will make it another I was pointing out to her that no one that has emphysema can predict how long it will be before the end is reached. It's different with each emphysema it is different with each cancer patient. One thing I have learned over the last 5 cant focus on the fact that there is no cure and that your loved one will die from the have to focus on spending quality time together...and try to live each day to the fullest...I hate knowing that my dad is going through a slow, miserable death, I hate watching him suffer, not being able to "live" his life....he really has no life. 2 years ago, he was still able to do a few things....not that much though...last year...driving was the only "independence" that he had can drive, but, he cant be gone for more than an most days he doesnt go anywhere. 2 years ago, he was able to get out in warm weather....not hot...but of last year...he was no longer able to go outside when its warm, hot, cold, humid, poor air quality, etc. so, tell me...what kind of life does he have now?

When you say that when people are faced with an illness, their first thought is death....very true...BUT, when you know that it is an incurable illness..thats all you can think about. As hard as it may be.....the family cannot dwell on that....they have to be the "strong ones" for the one that is facing the illness. and try to keep the sick member focused on happy things.

Old 02-09-2005, 08:16 PM   #7
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kobeck HB User
Re: need info

Ladybug: well I will tell you my story, I am 40 and an ex light smoker. 'I am also 50 pounds overweight and basically never exercised all my life. I always get out of breath going up 2 or 3 flights of stairs etc. but its nothing new, I remember getting that way 15 years ago. I had a spirometry test 1 month ago and it read SEVERE OBSTRUCTION- I read the doctors notes in my chart and he wrote COPD. I panicked. when I confronted him I asked if I was going to die of emphesemia. he said dont put to much faith in those spirometry tests because they rely on the patients effort. He said he had t write COPD because of the resulyts, but if i had a severe obstruction i would not be able to walk across the room. well i was still very nervous, so i went for a chest x ray, my x ray came back perfectly normal. i went again for another spirometry. It still showed "severe restriction" I asked the nirse if i could do it over and she said sure. The next reading was "borderline restriction"- then i begged her to give me one more blow, the final one i blew as hard as i possible could and giess what, the print out said "NORMAL SPIROMETRY"- so , do i or dont i have copd or emphesemia? well i guess it depends on which readout you want to use. Maybe i do have mild copd, or maybe I am just very out of shape. maybe i will be dead in 20 years and maybe not.......but i am not going to worry about it. My x ray was normal, but i did read on this board that copd or emphesemia will only show onan x ray when its advanced..........

Old 02-10-2005, 02:52 AM   #8
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Dunabug HB User
Thumbs up Re: need info

Originally Posted by daddysgirl4life
i love my dad and i dont wanna lose him.i wish i could tell him something to get him to quit.i jus wanna know what this is doing to my dad.
Hi Daddy's Girl ....
Just wanted to say BRAVO to you for reaching out ... I wanted to relay to you a not so pretty picture in hopes that it might help you in dealing with your dad's disease.
I was diagnosed with two incurable/terminal lung disaeases 18 months ago. Yes, I am a smoker .. started in my teens so lets' just say I have smoked appx 45 years. My first thought when I got the diagnosis was ... "Well, the damage has been done!" I did not try to quit. Then I went into a mode of "Well, guess it would help the progression if I could quit" .... I tried! From the onset, my husband 'hounded' me about smoking. I can honestly say, to this day, that his hounding is NOT helping me to make the decision --- As someone said, it only causes me to be even more rebellious! It's stupid and I know it, but I have enough to deal with without being told I am weak or NEED to quit. I know this --- I'm not a complete dummy! LOL
My last effort was about 3 weeks ago .... decided for my birthday I could give myself THAT present .... I went 2 weeks and 2 days without a cig. I don't know what exactly triggers me going back to them, but I do know I have not completely given up the idea of quitting them once and for all! It has to be on MY time tho and not on someone else's request. Tonight my hubby made a comment to me that made me smoke more .... it was a simple comment, but it triggered me! I said something about going to Walgreen's to pick up a few things and he came back with "What? You want to go buy some cigs?" KO, so he knows I have been 'sneaking' .... so I said "Why hide it?" Came back to 'my room' and smoked right here instead of sneaking to the bathroom (which resulted in my smoking less ... DUH) and with each 'sneak' I would lecture myself on what I was doing to myself. I just know that if I was not being hounded I would make the decision and I would do it for ME!
I hope you get the jest of what I am saying. Basically, express ONE TIME, to your dad just as you did here .... That you love him, you want him to be around as long as possible and if you can help him in any way to kick the habit you are there for him. Then do not hound him ..... he has to work thru it himself, hon. NOBODY can do it for him and he has to WANt TO DO IT!
I think that is my problem ..... I NEED to quit, but when stress is a factor, I don't WANT to.
God bless you and your Dad ..... I will remember you in my prayers and I will report back when I have DONE IT! heh heh

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