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Mary2012 09-21-2012 03:05 PM

Can sometimes the pulmonary function test give falce resoults?
Has anyone heard if it is possible for the pulmonary function test to show false results? I think that when I was doing it at some point I inadvertently did not follow the instructions and that is why it showed reduction in the diffusion capacity. I want to ask the Doc to repeat the test if a false results are possible when the instructions were not followed.

Thank you, thank you! Any adduce is highly appreciated !:confused:

Here is what the report exactly reads:
"Normal spirometry. Lung volumes are within normal limits. Mild reduction in diffusion capacity to carbon monoxide, uncorrected for Hb. Isolated reduction in diffusion, which may be consistant wiht pulmonary vascular disease or early interstitial lung disease. Clinical correlation is required. If asthma is being considered, a bronchial challenge test is recommended. The patient gave a fair effort for the test, very nervous"

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