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do fibroids cause pain?

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Old 08-05-2003, 06:39 PM   #1
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madison55 HB User
Question do fibroids cause pain?

I am wondering if unterine fibroids can cause abdominal and or pelvic pain? I am having pain on my right side, hurting through to my back and it hurts to stand up. This put pressure on the area and is painful. This is going along with some of my spotting.
Can anyone tell me how your fibroids made you feel?
Thanks, Madison

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Old 08-06-2003, 02:47 PM   #2
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Dawnrise HB User

I just had surgery 2 weeks ago because I've had bleeding problems for almost 2 years. Had a hysteroscopy, d&c, thermal ablation & tubes tied. The 45 minute surgery took 1-1/2 hrs because he found a couple fibroid tumors. One on the outside of the uterus. Although I never really had any pain, except for the occasional lower back pain while doing house chores, it can cause pain. If it concerns you, you should definately have it checked out.

Old 08-07-2003, 07:01 AM   #3
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sunny6 HB User

I had my large fibroids removed several years ago with a procedure called a uterus is still intact, only the fibroids were removed. My main symptoms was pressure to urinate because the largest fibroid was resting on my bladder. I also had very heavy periods with clotting. If you have an ultraound, your doc could probably tell you where your fibroids are located and I guess if it's near a nerve, it could certainly create pain.

Good luck to you.

Old 08-08-2003, 02:53 AM   #4
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Location: Holland, MI
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Dawnrise HB User

I had an ultrasound done and it didn't pick up these fibroids. He didn't find them until he got inside. It only showed that my uterus was slightly enlarged. Unfortunately, a lot of times the doctors don't find other problems until they perform surgery.

Old 08-20-2003, 02:05 AM   #5
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Zapot HB User

I was recently diagnosed as having multiple fibroids and I am very worried as I cannot get off hrt after 17 and 1/2 years I still have the same symptoms re excessive flushing every hour on the hour day and night. I just wonder will the fibroids just keep growing? My doctor said they would just go away or shrink if I go off hrt (no great help given)

Old 08-21-2003, 01:23 PM   #6
Mz Migraine
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Mz Migraine HB UserMz Migraine HB User

Fibroids will cause pain if they start growing. The pain usually start when the fibroids tend to get to be the size of oranges.

You need to change GYN if male. Female GYNs are much more sympathethic because they know exactly what you are going through.

Old 08-24-2003, 10:06 PM   #7
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Location: Katy, TX USA
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Katymom HB User

Hi -
Well, I have to comment on this one, as I am going through a LOT of this right now.

#1 - YES fibroids can cause a lot of pain - it depends upon how big they have grown and where they are located. They can cause constipation, bladder issues, etc etc. Get it checked!

#2 - I have to disagree on the female GYNs. I have had nothing but female troubles this year. I ended up in the hospital in early May for hemmorhaging and severe clotting. I coun't get the bleeding stopped. I went with a female GYN that I met in the hospital. She did nothing but put me off and give me all kinds of reasons to NOT be proactive in treating me. If I disagreed with her, it was a federal case. How dare I to get involved with my own health care??? Long story short, she kept finding reasons to cancel my scheduled surgery (a D&C, although what I needed and still need is a hysterectomy), and never did a thing to help me. I had known fibroids and ovarian cysts, and had had the vaginal probe ultrasound. She knew I had a lot of problems - just kept putting off the treatment. I also ended up losing my ins coverage while she dragged out the (lack of) treatement for over three months. I am now having to pay Cobra prices to get my female health taken care of.

I ended up back in the hospital last weekend, again with severe hemmorhaging, even worse than last time. (By the way - non-stop period since April 19th that is still here.) I also had a large fibroid (that never got removed when it was discovered) that had gotten to heavy, it caused my cervix to prolapse!! Talk about scared - it was like I was giving birth to an alien! It is funny now, but was NOT funny while I was in the bathroom, bleeding like passing water, and feeling this horrible lump coming out. It was gross.

The ER dr wanted to scheduled surgery right then and there. He made sure we were done having kids (and at 44, I am done!, and wrote up the schedule. However, he called in the GYN on call, a female dr. She came in, looked me over, and announced that there was no way she would "allow" surgery to take place when I was this size. (Yes, I am a large woman - after years of untreated metabolic/endocrine problems, and a weight gain of almost 100 lbs over several years time, I was finally under treatment for thyroid problems). She totally ignored the prolapse, the severe bleeding, etc, and could only seem to see my weight. She canceled the surgery the dr had scheduled, and instead removed the ONE fibroid that was protruding right there in the ER. The bleeding had almost stopped after that was done. The next morning (they kept me overnight), I found that she had ordered another vaginal probe ultrasounds. Had I had my wits about me, I would have refused the test. Sure nuff, the probe caused the bleeding to start again - (not as heavy, but back up to about 6 pads a day even now). When she came in later that morning, she had "homework" for me to study before she saw me in her office the next week. The homework was print outs on bariatric surgery! For those who are not familiar with that, it is the stomach stapling surgery. She informed me that I was too large to consider any type of female surgery on, and she wanted me to go to a bariatric surgeon first. Talk about rude!

Since my additional weight is almost 100% metabolic, I have none of the usual risk factors - no HBP, no diabetes, no high cholestrol - none of it. Just the bleeding, which we found out in May was caused by the large fibroids and cysts. She did not know a lick of my history, did not ASK, and assumed everything. While I realize the weight was a risk factor, hysterectomy is a risk for EVERY woman, no matter the size. Seems to me it is a larger risk to allow the bleeding to continue. She was very arrogant, refused to listen, and had only one agenda she would follow - she actually wanted me to have the bariatric FIRST (how could I do surgery at my weight? Double-speak going on there...), then come back after I had lost weight to have the hysterectomy. Needless to say, the only place I would see her again is in a courtroom. PS - by the time she put me off, GYN #1 put me off, my iron count was now down to only 8, even tho I was taking prescription iron suppliments.

I went to a new GYN last Friday - a MALE. I had originally thought I wanted a female so they would be more understanding. I was WRONG. All I have dealt with seem to be on the defensive, and tooproud of their dr status to listen. The male dr was great, let me talk about what was happening, and wants to schedule a hysterectomy in a few months. It is not weight-related. He wants my iron count to be back up before we attempt surgery.

He also said he would like me to consider the Depo-Lupron shots for a few months to get the bleeding stopped. After reading through these boards, I can't say that I am enthusiastic about it tho! I will be reading more before I agree. But, I can't go on like this. I have not been able to work for a few months now, due to the dizziness, bleeding and pain. The women GYNs did not care - the male wanted to help me feel better, and went over options with me. According to the females, I had no options. He also said that at my age, a hysterectomy was the best option, because fibroids grow back, and I had too many years to be going through menopause to deal with them surgically multiple times. I am in peri-menopause now.

I think it depends also upon how confident your dr is in their abilities. If my females were more confident about their surgical abilities, I don't think it would have been an issue. The male seems to not have a problem, but did go over the risks with me. I am sticking with him.

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Old 08-25-2003, 05:29 PM   #8
Mz Migraine
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Location: Cherry Hill, NJ, USofA
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Mz Migraine HB UserMz Migraine HB User

I had known fibroids and ovarian cysts, and had had the vaginal probe ultrasound. She knew I had a lot of problems - just kept putting off the treatment. I also ended up losing my ins coverage while she dragged out the (lack of) treatement for over three months. I am now having to pay Cobra prices to get my female health taken care of...........................
I smell a malpractice suit.

I know If it was me, I would be cooking up one right this minute.

Old 08-26-2003, 08:52 AM   #9
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Location: fairport, ny, usa
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alexkaye HB User

Fibroids and Endometriosis was the reason for my surgery in my mid 30's. I had several fibroids. The reason I believe was going off the birth control pills. The pills seemed to keep everything in check. Once I went off of them my system went haywire. The fibroids are fed by estrogen. The ended up growing outside of my uterus. I was receiving injections from the doctor of some hormone (progesterone maybe?) - and it did not help. Once the fibroids were pressing on other parts of my organs, and the endometriosis strangled my ovaries, it was definitely time to have a hysterectomy. Wished I had not had the surgery so early in life - it does change things, but it was a blessing in other ways. So - if you are older and you aren't making as much estrogen, they are supposed to shrink in time, but if you are still make sufficient hormones and these fibroids are growing in places they should not be, time to take action with gettng rid of them. By the way, I had one of the fibroids the size of a grapefruit.

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