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no energy, exhaustion

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Old 09-29-2009, 06:07 PM   #1
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madison55 HB User
Question no energy, exhaustion

I am 54 and it has been 12 months now since my last period. I am SO EXHAUSTED all of the time. I know that menopause causes tiredness, but
is this constant exhaustion normal? I sleep pretty well at night but I get up in the mornings tired, no energy and it is getting hard to make it through the work day. I come home, fall asleep for 2 hours, and still don't really feel like doing anything. This all began about the time that my periods stopped so I feel like it is menopause related. It's time for a gyn appointment anyway so I plan to talk to her about it. I just have no energy, and I could sleep 16 hours a day. It is NOT depression. How bad has this exhaustion been for some of you? Please respond!

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Old 09-29-2009, 07:59 PM   #2
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DebraH HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Total ehaustion has been one of my most annoying symptoms. The only thing worsr is the sickening hotflashes.
It is hard to get thru some days. I work full time and have all the usual things to care for at home.
I will jump for joy when this is over and my energy returns.

Old 09-30-2009, 04:39 AM   #3
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SUE22 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Hi had my hystrectomy last october, i am also haveing total ehaustion felling hot alot bones acheing just feel i need to sleep all the time, i have just been put on the hormone patch Evorel 50 not very happy because of the side effects, but i will give it a try for a month.

Old 10-01-2009, 08:30 PM   #4
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jansonlygirl HB Userjansonlygirl HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

In peri-meno right now and I have been tired, near exhaustion for over a year now. It comes in phases, last month I was ok but right now for the past week or so all I want to do is sleep, this has happened before and it can be so maddening. I will sleep 10 hours at night, wake up and 3 hours later I am dozing off again and then again after dinner sometimes on and off for several hours at a time. I wake up so sad from just the fact that I feel so out of it and out of life, everyone around me is fine and doing things all day long and there I am asleep at the wheel. It can end anytime now...

Old 10-02-2009, 08:31 AM   #5
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moommin HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

hi i had full hysterectomy 12 weeks ago, im 50 next month, due to go back to work tomorrow,im 49,i dont know how im going to cope,im so shattered,i diddnt take hrt due to brest issues,i have hot flashes all night ,12 weeks with not much sleep,is telling on me,i get to the point where i dont want to go to bed,i have a very phisical and mental challenging job,another thing i keep forgetting everything,i feel a complete mess,shirley

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Old 10-02-2009, 09:31 AM   #6
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trychocolate HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

I think I can relate to what you are going through, madison55, and I have been period-free for 18 months (am 50). I also have too many areas with too much arthritis, impinging on some nerves and creating yet more fatigue. So menopause really does make it more difficult to deal with other health issues; kind of compounds the problems.

No, it's not depression, but could easily lead to it as constant fatigue affects our emotions, and the rest needed means we aren't getting things accomplished the way we would like to. Then there's the possible lack of exercise that we need so that we don't start some other condition. When we force ourselves to keep going, sometimes it feels like we are 'sleep-walking' and takes much effort to get even a few things done. Sometimes it's good to do this or we'd never get out of bed, but we still need to find some kind of balance in this unbalanced situation. I have learned alot from my cat: she takes advantage of her energy bursts, takes frequent naps, and looks for understanding and companionship the rest of the time. Imagine comparing yourself to a cat.

Do you find that even when you do have a little energy, your stamina is low and you can feel the energy draining out like letting the air out of a balloon, and within minutes you are back to being exhausted?

I'm glad you are going to see your gyn as it's hard to get by on so little, especially for those who are working all day and just can't stop to rest for even 10 or 20 minutes. Maybe your gyn will suggest diet changes or supplements (for women over 40, perhaps), that might help a little at this point, and hopefully you will get some tests to make sure your levels are normal and not deficient. I remember looking forward to the time when the heavy, frequent and energy draining periods would be over, but who would expect this kind of exhaustion to replace all that? It feels like you go from being busy and productive to tired and lethargic in one fell swoop. Will we stay like this? Let's hope not, and look forward to our bodies stabilizing out a bit and getting back on track, although maybe not like before. Maybe your gyn can answer some of your questions and bring you some kind of relief. I don't have a gyn or perhaps I could be more helpful here.

Our bodies are going through tremendous changes right now, and it's hard to accept that we are not able to get everything done the way we used to, as well, or as much. Try not to stress out over the way you were not that long ago, as that creates even more exhaustion, as it does with anyone.

As for the memory problems: what memory? I have almost forgot what it's like to have one, although I have to admit, I was never an over-achiever in this catagory anyway. Now it borders on ludicrous. But I have an active sense of humor, bluff my way through alot of situations and pray that people will forgive my constant memory blunders. Got to laugh so you don't cry.

I hope that you find some comfort knowing that you are not alone, that others understand what you are going through, and that you find some kind of relief through a rather difficult (understatement) change,


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Old 10-07-2009, 11:20 AM   #7
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Snakebit HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

OK, look at the bright side - you know its not depression, which is more than I knew!

After 2 years of counseling and every anti-depressant known to psychiatrists, my BROTHER (for Pete's sake) came up with my cure. Vitamin B12 and Fish Oil! Get the caplets not the tablets.

BTW, when I went to gynecologist about the fatigue she said "that's common" and then nothing.

Good luck - I feel for you!

Old 10-08-2009, 07:47 AM   #8
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92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Ladies: I would recommend that you get your adrenals and hormones checked. You could have thyroid problems or even blood sugar problems making you tired. Menopause can do a number on your body. A diet change could also be useful. You might also need some vitamins to help boost your energy. A regular ob/gyn isn't going to test for everything. An endocrinologist will help you more than a gyn or PCP.

Old 11-11-2009, 09:07 PM   #9
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myouchie HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

I have had a partial hysterectomy but i am post-menopasal im age 40. Very low estrogen levels. Just found out today. I have been in bed for over two years now. No energy at all I do have 1 or 2 days a week that i feel good enough to get up. Not all the time, have been in bed 3 weeks straight =[. I have really bad sweating episodes even if i just eat or at times right out of the shower. I have not been living i started on hrt premarin today if this works and gives me my life back it will be worth the possible side effects. I would rather have 10 good years then 20 bad ones. What I highly recommend is to get a harmone panel done. Also doctor told me if this helps i have to get a mammogram done once a year to check for any signs of breast cancer when caught early it is very treatable. **** luck to ya,

Old 11-12-2009, 08:09 PM   #10
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missy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion


You get your butt up and out of that bed!!!!! I don't mean tomorrow, I mean now!!!!! Alot of us here on the board want to do the same thing, but we can't, we have to go on with our lives!!!! Sounds to me like you are letting this get the best of you, please don't. We are all sweating and having the depressed thoughts. I don't know anything about your history, but I do know that you have people here that you can talk to, and the first thing I would recommend is to get your *** out of that bed and start living your life, you are only 40 and there is alot of great years left to go!!!

Come on girls out there, let's show her some support!!!


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Old 06-21-2010, 05:27 AM   #11
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Ashley9045 HB UserAshley9045 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

I am also 54 and I feel 100% the same way you do. As soon as my periods stopped back in January, this is when this hit me. There was a time I was always exhausted due to heavy bleeding every month and being anemic, but now I am normal with my blood work so I am thinking it has to be menopause. It is horrible, I barely feel like I can make it through the day anymore, if I lay down I fall asleep. I have always been very active and upbeat but feel totally drained and down all the time. I am assuming it is the hormone levels that are out of balance. I have tried vitamins, etc.. but that does not help either. My doctor wanted me to use the HRT patch, vielle, but I do not want to use those hormones but I do not know how long I can go on feeling this way. Do you have any suggestions?

Old 06-21-2010, 06:59 PM   #12
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92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User92261 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Ashleymichele23: I posted on here last year about getting your adrenal glands checked. The adrenals pick up making progesterone after the ovaries are done making it. I just read about it again in Dr. John Lee's book " What your Dr. won't tell you about perimenopause". He had another colleague prescribe an herbal supplement to his patients. I guess you'd have to see a natural doctor to go that route. He mentioned about even drinking herbal teas if you can instead of drinking caffeine.

He says the combination of estrogen dominance (which I have) and stress can create a self-perpetuating cycle where stress causes estrogen dominance, which then causes insomnia and anxiety which pulls on the adrenals, which then creates more estrogen dominance. A woman who has been caught in this type of cycle for a few years will find
herself in a constant state of 'wired but tired' or 'tired but wired' , which will eventually result in dysfunctional adrenal glands, blood sugar imbalances, and debilitating fatigue that may be diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Try to get this book and read more about it. You might be able to find something online about it too. Good luck

Old 06-22-2010, 02:25 AM   #13
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Ashley9045 HB UserAshley9045 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Thank you for you response. i just recently had several hormonal blood tests done and my estrogen was slightly low. Not sure if I had the adrenal test or not but I am going to find out. What do you do about this if your adrenals are not normal? Did you have the same problem?

Old 06-22-2010, 04:56 AM   #14
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lKaz HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Hi ladies,
Ashleymichele23 & myouchie, I can relate with you on so many levels here! Being sick & tired of feeling sick 'n tired is a real trap I know all too well. No fun (to say the least)! 92261 has posted some great advice & suggestions here too. I found it very informative and enlightening.

Personally I think HRT is dangerous, plus the women who do go on it know the risks and must be in good health (and low-risk for clotting). But there are other "healthier" alternatives these days such as herbal remedies that were mentioned.


For some others, they swear a combination of Black Cohosh herb and Soy work for them. It is a personal decision as to what you try. *The only worry about herbal remedies is if you have allergies to certain plants, to which you'd then only have to research the ingredients to make sure they're not related to what you're allergic to).

Taking things for symptom relief and just sharing, reading & getting feedback on this forum has helped myself greatly. So good luck, get proactive, and know you're not alone! In this together, ~Karen

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Old 06-22-2010, 04:50 PM   #15
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Pebbles03 HB User
Re: no energy, exhaustion

Hi Madison I have the same symptoms as you exhaustion also anxiety due to stress from work and Insomnia and heart palpatations no fun at all!!!! I can't do anything anymore and it's hurting my marriage and life!!! I just want my old self back! Hope this passes soon! Ask your Dr. if it's hormonal imbalance or adrenal issue. Let us know what she says thank you.

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