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So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

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Old 12-08-2011, 03:53 PM   #1
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Unhappy So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

I've only been on it for almost two weeks but I just don't think it's helping at all. I'm on a 1mg/ml cream (lotion-type, really). I basically have to get one whole syringe to absorb. I'm having trouble getting it to absorb properly. The pharmacist said today to only put it on my wrists, inner thighs, and on my abdomen under my belly button, nowhere else. It hardly absorbs worth a crap! Unless of course I put a little on at a time like he suggested and even then it doesn't work too well. I don't have time to sit there and rub cream on my body all day! I got other things to do, buddy. It takes forever! I guess I'll have to rub it on the three different areas every day and not rotate spots. What a royal pain. He said that they could prepare a thicker, more 'cream-like' version of it for me and that it would probably absorb better. However, I would have to guesstimate on the dose with a measuring spoon because it would be too thick to get in a syringe and therefore the dosage wouldn't be accurate. Has anyone on here even had the T cream help them? If so, what dose are you (were you) on? I was told I might need a higher dosage because I'm only 41 and my body makes more than say a 50 y/o. I just don't want the bad side effects. I'm already getting pimples, here and there, nothing major. I've been a bit bitchy too and much more depressed than before. :-( Seems like I'm getting side effects and no benefits. By the way, my other hormones checked out okay (including thyroid). Is there any hope at all?? I'm sooo miserable. :-( Also, I've been in this peri garbage since age 37. Every afternoon lately I come home from the gym and put my flannel moo-moo jammies on and try to nap (yeah right) to catch up on my sleep because I'm up half the night depressed and can't sleep. It's a wonder I have the energy to stay in shape. I feel like my life is over and just I'm just sitting around waiting to die!!!

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Re: So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

Hey Kitty, I know how you are feeling, I am in the fight of my life with this crappy peri-meno, everyday is a new symptom and another day of finding a way to cope. I was on testosterone cream about a year ago and honestly didn't notice any difference, but I was also on prometrium and that was a joke too, always sleeping, all day every day. I have given up on doctors for now, it is way to complicated for any of them to I take my life one day at a time. Don't get me wrong...if I am having a bad day I take it very hard, can't seem to find the old me anymore. Went to see a GYN recently and she threw a few HRT's at me and didn't even listen to my symptoms or take blood to see whats up, so frustrating!!!! All I can say is what we all say in here, hang in day at a time and I hear there is another side to this..yea (sigh) believe it when I feel it!! Take care..

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Re: So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

Hi, Jen -

Thanks so much for your reply. It helps a little to know we're not alone doesn't it? I think the Prometrium did have something to do with why your T cream didn't work for you. I was prescribed it before and chucked the script right in the shredder after I read about it. So many side effects for a supposed 'bioidentical' progesterone. A lot of them I already was experiencing on my own with the peri anyway and I didn't need that garbage amplifying them plus giving me new symptoms. Can you believe I told the doc at the time that I'm sensitive to side effects and she wrote me a script for that crap? Idiot. She said the only side effects I would have would be 'tiredness' and 'it might disrupt your cycles'. I think she just wanted to 'push' the latest pill back then for somebody to make a quick buck. So, I know exactly what you mean about having it up to here with these jokers. My current one I'm seeing is my third one for the peri, and I swore if she ended up being crap too that I was done. So far she seems helpful, though, although I've only had one meeting with her for now until February. We got off to a bumpy start, though, because she comes in asking 'what can I do for you today?' yet the only bloodwork results she had in my chart was for TSH. That didn't sit well with me at all because I had a whole panel of tests done not just TSH! The staff isn't the greatest there. But she went and found my other results and we went from there. So, I'm currently still on the 1mg of the T cream. I was able to switch pharmacies to get a different script that would absorb better. This one is much better. Time will tell if it works, though. What was your dose when you were on it, if you don't mind me asking? I was told I should start out at a low dose. One thing I'm wondering about though is it converting to estrogen. I'm kinda getting antsy about it. I've only been on it for about 3 weeks yet my breasts are becoming more sensitive and a little sore (not my time of the month for another week, usually don't get symptoms this early). Another thing, my hypothyroid symptoms have started acting up again. I've been feeling cold again and I'm having tiredness late in the afternoon even when I get enough sleep the night before. I know high estrogen can cause hypo. By the way, my TSH showed 'normal' at 2.0. I haven't had thyroid symptoms come up for a long time until now. If this keeps up, I'll probably get my estrogen checked after the holidays. I'm due for my mammy as of Dec 6 and I'm dreading it with these sensitive boobies. I still have to make the appt.

Well, I better get to bed. Thank you so much again. We'll just keep supporting each other and 'hang in there' as they say.

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YaYagirl (12-28-2011)
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Re: So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

Hi kittywitty,

I know how that feels. When I am feeling sluggish how can i exercise or get anything done, or even care? I really dislike feeling cold. All I can do is bundle up.

You can have a hormone compounded into a gel base and concentrated till a dose is as small as a chocolate chip. I find it absurd for a compounding pharmacist to give that much cream to rub in and act like that's all there is. Those smooth skin areas don't absorb easily. Of course you didn't say it was a compounding pharmacy. Personally if I have more than a small dot to rub in I won't use it. Testosterone is so potent usually a very small amount gives some kind of result. Testosterone has some bad effects on the female body. And I read bad things about even adding it to a male body.

I got acne and aggressive (not just assertive) from testosterone and so I threw it away. Rather than to take testosterone or progesterone, I recommend Peruvian Maca root powder, a hormone precursor which I get fresh in bulk at a health food store. Maca feeds the body so it can make it's own hormone balance. It's expensive, but bought a little at a time the cost isn't bad, and the powder is more potent when fresh. The capsules are more costly because there is so little in each capsule and capsules aren't fresh. Maca doesn't cause acne like testosterone.Maca helps the body get in natural balance without unpleasant side effects.

Another thing is many symptoms can be alleviated by taking magnesium citrate (not malate or other 'ates') daily. Esp. if supplementing with calcium. Another energizer, nerve calmer, is vitamin B 50 complex daily. You can't overdose vitamin B. B feeds the nerves and because it is water soluble and what is not used that day washes out through urine, and because it is mostly found in raw whole grain (who eats that?), most people are deficient. Raw nerves stress out the adrenalin gland, and can cause exhaustion.

About thyroid levels, you may be hypothyroid at TSH 2. The "free" test results matter as you seem to already know. You may need to change doctors and/or medical groups to get appropriate help. You can ask a compounding pharmacist if you can get the names of some doctors that prescribe Armour Thyroid or dessicated thyroid. I use a naturopathic MD for my hormones and pay out of pocket. When I tell doctors up front that I am paying cash almost always I am given a reduced rate. It costs them to take credit cards and insurance.

I use online blood testing, take a copy to my favorite doctor and get a prescription for six months or a year. When there is a change in my thyroid levels, I get a new test done in about 2 months and drop it by my doctor, who will review it without an appointment, and raise the thyroid dose if needed. I get good doctors regardless whether i have insurance. If they take my insurance and don't know what they are doing, it isn't saving me anything to keep on using those doctors.

Do your own research, listen to your body and be proactive. If something seems wrong for us we are usually right. Find doctors that can listen. Usually the older doctors have learned that lesson. Not all, but some have.

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kittywitty (01-05-2012)
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Re: So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

Hi there, Jill

Just wanted to update you and say thanks again for your helpful reply. I wanted to post back sooner but I was feeling so bad. Well, I quit the T cream a few weeks ago because of side effects. I suppose it was my fault really. I wanted to bump up my dose because I was feeling so bad. The doc said she wanted to test my blood before raising me up. In the time waiting for the bloodwork to come back (it was coming back in a week), I bumped myself up to 2mg. Within a few days, I started getting a little darker stache! I've always had faint peach fuzz (nothing noticable though) compliments of my mom. I also got some pimples. It didn't help my symptoms either, I still felt like crap. So, anyway, I freaked out and went back to 1mg, finished up my prescription which was a few more doses (I don't like to waste money, it was $30/mo) and told the doc I was going off it. By this time my results came back. It showed '61', it's supposed to be less than '75', yet I still had no sex drive. So she offered to bump me up to 1.5mgs because I was still symptomatic but I told her 'no' because I was creeped out by the darker hair. It's not noticable to other people (or so they say) but I can see it and know it's there. Thankfully the pimples went away, I expected that. Once the hair starts, though, forget it, all you can do is wax or laser it. I told her I'd keep my appt with her next month and get my level checked to see where I'm at. The reason I went on it in the first place was because my T was so low back in September with the result at '23'. I was on Prozac for 8 yrs and also the pill for 16 yrs. I feel this is where most of my problems stem from. That and my mom went in menopause early. As far as the Prozac, while it elevates serotonin it also suppresses dopamine, which has a lot to do with your sex drive and sexual functioning. I was on Paxil before the Prozac and had some sexual side effects on that as well. Wellbutrin was added to raise the dopamine and the problem cleared right up and I was the horniest I'd ever been in my life. Lol . Unfortunately, as I got higher on the dose, I started hearing voices. Apparently this can happen if dopamine levels get too high. Doc didn't tell me that could happen, big surprise. So of course I went off it. So, back to the present, when I went off the T cream, I started taking a supplement called Dopabean to bring my dopamine level up again. It contains a herb called mucuna that contains small amounts of l-dopa which is a precursor to dopamine. I've done some reading and apparently by raising dopamine, testosterone is supposed to come up as well. So far my mood is better after I bumped it up to two pills a days from one (it says on the bottle one in the morning and one in the afternoon). I still don't have a libido to speak of though. I'll give it more time it's only been a few weeks. If I start hearing voices again, I'm quitting it though, obviously. I don't think I will though as I'm not taking any more than the recommended dose.

As for progesterone, my cream works very well now that I've found the right dosage. I have estrogen dominant symptoms without it, most specifically fibrocystic breasts and leg spasms. Since I've found the right dosage this isn't a problem anymore, with the exception of when I used the T cream. I'm pretty sure some of it was converting to estrogen because both symptoms were acting up again when I was on it. They subsided when I went off it. I also recently was taking 7-keto dhea (my dhea levels have always been low). It's not supposed to convert to estrogen or testosterone like regular dhea, but it converted to estrogen with me because my fibrocystic pain came back with a vengance. So I went off that too. Again, the symptoms subsided. What can I say, my body loves to make estrogen

Regarding supplements, I don't take magnesium although it's been recommended that I do. I know the leg spasms are from low magnesium due to excess estrogen. I find it's not a problem though as long as I stick with the progesterone and don't take/eat anything that cranks up the estrogen. I do take a B-100 complex though, it seems to work okay. I also take a thyroid tissue supplement, kelp, vitamin E (dry form), selenium, copper, iron, vitamin D, zinc, salmon oil, and a good probiotic. A couple years ago my TSH was 3.41 so it's came down quite a bit since then, with the supplements I think, and also with the adjustment on my progesterone dose.

I'd love to see a naturopath but we can't afford it as we may be losing our house. The doctors under our insurance are usually garbage. This last one I've saw seems to be helpful so far but she's new to the bioidentical hormone field. Sometimes the new ones can be better and more willing to listen in my opinion. The ones with more experience tend to just blow me off. The endocrinologist that tested my TSH at 3.41 didn't seem concerned at all because of course I was 'in range'. There were also other obvious things that were off in my bloodwork and I was very symptomatic, with the thyroid stuff especially, but he insisted everything was 'okay'. He was like 85 and had been practicing since he was 20. Time to retire buddy! I do try to be my own advocate after all I know my body better than anybody. I only go to the docs when I really need to. My philosophy and experience (although may be grim) is that doctors are in business because people are sick. Hence, if your not sick, no money for them. I feel that if you're not sick, they'll make you sick. There may be some exceptions out there but I haven't found any yet, except for maybe this new one. I don't even get my progesterone cream from a doc. I buy it over the counter. The T cream, by the way, was from a compounding pharmacy. I had to switch pharmacies, though, because the first cream wasn't absorbing good. The second cream absorbed great.

Anyway, thanks so much again. I'll keep you posted.

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Re: So depressed, want my life back - your experience with testosterone cream

Hi kitty!

So sorry it took so long to reply. I am not online much. You're welcome.
Thanks for the update! So how are things for you now?

I'm glad you get good results with progesterone. It does nothing for me, and I don't have the kind of issues with estrogen that you have. But I only supplement the components of female hormones that aren't straight estrogen...I forget the names. I'm not up on the terms as much as you.

I so know that the hair issue from testosterone doesn't recede. Ladies need to be VERY careful about using it. And I sure don't need to get aggressive, another side effect. We are all different and have different needs. I'm glad to see you are so proactive. About all we can do is research and try things. As far as finding a knowledgeable doc, they have to know enough to be honest that hormones are not rocket science. We can only go by trial & error, depending on symptoms. I totally dismiss test results. I read something recently what was published as a medical paper, based on testing only 15 patients (!). Well you just know that MUST be true! (NOT). I can hardly stand it.

I avoid doctors the most that I can. Well I am grateful for doctors if I have a broken bone, ya know? They have their place. The knowledgeable docs IMHO are the ones that accept that they MUST listen to the patient. We know what we experience. No one outside our own body can tell us what we go though.

I think over time you would have gotten the dark course facial hair anyway, and that it is natural for testosterone and not your fault. Aging can give us that fast enough. Why hurry it?

Looks like you research well and have a pretty good understanding of what you need. I suggest that you may not want to take copper (check side effects that can indicate too much copper) because most water pipes are copper and we might be getting a lot already, and IMO zinc shouldn't be taken daily except occasionally when the immune system seems down, such as when it seems one may be fending off a virus. Copper and zinc can get off balance pretty easily, from what I understand. I wouldn't take iodine or kelp, myself. but I get really good results from selenium, milk thistle and ALA (alpha lipoic acid).

What you shared about dopamine is pretty interesting. I don't need 'voices' but might need dopamine. I plan to research it.

My husband was taking DHEA, but we learned it can adversely affect the kidneys. One of his was swollen so he stopped taking that. What I like about the MACA is that the body uses it to create the hormones it needs, rather than to have to guess. But I am so lax I still skip taking it. I don't wanna have to do all of these special things. I want to just eat when hungry and do other things! I get so tired of trying to figure it all out. After all there is no 'norm' that fits everyone or even most people, really. It's all conjecture and guessing, trial & error.

BTW, a reason to take Magnesium citrate and why it works is because it is necessary in order to properly metabolize calcium. Unopposed calcium goes into soft tissue and causes pain from calcium deposits where they don't belong unless properly balanced with magnesium which makes calcium go into the bone where it belongs. Unopposed calcium causes all sorts of problems. I always can tell I need magnesium right away if I eat cheese, concentrated calcium, without taking magnesium my body gets clogged up. Enough magnesium to give a normal stool is the gauger.


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