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frustratedjames HB User
Question Tight Foreskin

Firstly i would like to thank Geoff B for his info and helping me to realise i do not need a circumcision. (well i hope not!)

im 25 and have never had sex. I have just ended another potential relationship as my foreskin could not retract. I have been doing the stretches for 3 weeks now and this week i have managed to retract the foreskin down to just above the rim of the head. However it stayed there and i got scared thinking it would get stuck.

<pictures are not permitted>

For 25 years i could only get the foreskin down to the 3rd pic from the left on the top row. Now after 3 weeks i can retract as the 2nd pic from the left on the bottom row shows. However it takes me about 25mins to retract the foreskin after soaking in the bat. Should it take this long? Is there any better way stretches other than retracting and pulling the foreskin away from the head? I have a few hard lumps of smegma in the and cant get to it as they are below the shaft of the penis.

I put a condom on and masturbated and the condom kept moving uncomfortably until finally falling off also as the head of the penis gets in contact with condom it is really really uncomfortable.

How long should it take for my foreskin to move freely? Does this mean that when erect will also be able to retract fully or only when flaccid? pleas help i really panic when i think my foreskin is about to get trapped and im lost out on relationships and its killing me! i really feel depressed.

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Re: Tight Foreskin

The key is doing it regularly. It gets easier because the skin slowly grows from being gently stretched regularly. This will allow you to clean it fully, so you can be confident in your hygiene in sex. But in order to use your penis for proper/serious sex, you have to stretch the foreskin out enough that it can retract easily even when you have an erection.

Don't overdo it before it's ready though, it can get stuck, and that can require a trip to the ER if it won't go back on its own within a couple minutes. (The blood trapped in the glans by the foreskin stuck behind it quickly becomes deoxygenated and can cause serious damage if it's not corrected.) So be careful and gentle, and realize that it can take quite a long time. You just have to keep doing it.

Condoms will probably work better during sex than they do for masturbation. (Condoms also actually stay on intact/uncircumcised penises better than they do circumcised ones.)

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frustratedjames (12-22-2012)
Old 12-22-2012, 06:03 PM   #3
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frustratedjames HB User
Re: Tight Foreskin

Thanks for you reply mc7!

I currently stretch for about 45mins in the bath per day - is that enough?

I visited my GP and she was absolutely against me using steroid creams as she said there are many side effects which could haunt me later on in life. So this was a risk i was not willing to take nor do i want and operation!

I have been stretching for about an hour every time i take a bath and i have managed to pull the foreskin back behind the glans and clean when and flaccid and erect! Major progress here even though i have been doing so for 2 months (i hoped it would be normal by now) anyway the problem im having now is i can only retract the foreskin after it is soaked in hot water for at least 20 mins! Will this change so that when my penis is dry it will retract when flaccid and erect? im worrying as ive just met a beautiful woman and if things start to get sexual i cant exactly stop her and say "hey wait im gonna have bath and then we can have sex"!

In addition the glans is slightly less sensitive but still very sensitive- i cant even touch it or hold it. Plus as i roll back the foreskin the underside of the foreskin is REALLY sensitive also!

How long should this take to recover? does anyone know?

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frustratedjames HB User
Re: Tight Foreskin

Also i have tried to retract the foreskin when urinating but as the foreskin is dry it is very very hard to pull back. As i pull back to to its maximum position it only moves maybe 1 cm and then stays there. If i pull a bit more the foreskin does not go back anymore but the penis opening (urethra) widens and starts to hurt!

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cleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB User
Re: Tight Foreskin

Just a little more advise from one uncut guy to another. You might try keeping your penis/head/foreskin lubricated during the day. What works for me may not work for you, but it won't hurt try it. After bathing i alway use vaseline/baby oil over entire penise. Expectually the head and foreskin. When urinating or masturbating you don't have that dry stiff skin to deal with. Softer moist skin stretches easier than when it's dry and stiff. The 45 minutes of stretching you mentioned may be a bit to long. You might try about 15 minutes in bath, and when urinating, continue to message foreskin a bit, working it back a little while standing at toilet. Even while sitting on toilet, this is a good time to play around with it a bit. Always though with it being moisturized with some type of lube. Just another suggestion. The lub will also help with the sinsativity when touched. But, every man is different! Who knows it might help so give it a try.

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Re: Tight Foreskin

It's great that you're making progress with your phimotic ring. About what you mention recently, does it not retract further (and then hurt) because the frenulum is tight?

The frenulum is a chord on the underside of the glans that attaches the meatus to the skin below. It can be short and tight in some men. When it's tight, it pulls at the meatus when the skin is pulled back. Tight frenulum is called frenulum breve. It seems to occur along with phimosis sometimes.

They say it might be possible to overcome frenular tightness through stretching the skin to make it grow longer, which is similar to stretching/growing the phimotic ring, but it's much slower. The less dense, lower parts of the frenulum stretch and grow like normal skin, but the point of attachment by the meatus hurts (like crazy!) to stretch. It can actually even tear off at this point with more assertive tugging, so you have to be very careful if it's tight. (This seems to be a risk if someone else is ever masturbating a penis with a short frenulum.) It might take MUCH longer to stretch the frenulum than it took to stretch the phimotic ring, because a tight frenulum can be so dense and prone to injury at the weak connection point.

So you should know that if it's very tight, you don't have to stretch it to loosen it. It's possible to get a very minor operation (frenuloplasty) that loosens the frenulum--and it actually is minor unlike circumcision (foreskin amputation). Frenuloplasty doesn't remove any tissue, and the more minor forms don't require a plastic surgeon to ensure the results are cosmetically acceptable (unlike circumcision). There are different methods of frenuloplasty. Depending on your doctor he may suggest putting one or more stitches in it or cutting a line across it. The stitches method heals more than twice as fast as the cut. Both can need to be repeated if it heals to remain too tight. Some doctors may prefer frenectomy, but that too can still be too tight afterward, and it actually removes tissue (so I wouldn't recommend it). There is more info about frenulum breve in the "Stretching to Fix Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)" thread here.

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