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Old 01-02-2013, 09:06 PM   #1
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rossed HB User
Probably more confused than I should be about the male anatomy

It came to my attention yesterday that men are supposed to clean under their foreskin. Which I found strange, seeing as, up until yesterday, I had no idea where the foreskin even was, and I certainly had no idea how to get "under" it. I never knew that the foreskin could be "pulled back" or anything like that.

And after seeing a couple of pictures, I now understand my confusion, because mine... isn't normal. In every picture I see, the foreskin ends in a circular hole (the frenar band), which is elastic and can be opened up or rolled back; essentially, the foreskin can be lifted from the glans.

Not mine. They're stuck together like superglue. The part of the foreskin along the shaft is fine, but at the glans, it feels like it's a part of the penis. If I try to tug at any corner of the "skin," I just end up pulling the pee hole wider. I can't even tell where the foreskin ends and the penis begins. If I look really, really closely around the edges of the peehole, I can see some sort of line that looks like two layers of thin, flabby skin stuck together. But yeah. The glans and my foreskin have completely adhered.

Apparently, the foreskin is supposed to separate and begin retracting during puberty. But I'm twenty one.

So while I'd love to try those stretching excercises everybody recommends and all, it appears that I'd literally have to peel my foreskin from the glans before I can do anything. Common sense says I shouldn't do that. Thoughts?

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cleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB User
Re: Foreskin firmly adhering to glans at 21

Wow. Okay. We are all different in some ways. Its sad that our dads couldn't/wasn't for what ever reason able to help us out with this bit of assistance growing up, but nevertheless, thank God for learning to read and finding out this stuff on our own. I would think most of us learned how our bodies work/suppose to work thru trial and error, on our own. My dad wasn't circumcise either, but never thought to help me and my 3 uncircumcised brother's out in this area. He was a much older man, and I have to assum that he either never stretch his foreskin, or just assumed that stretching would be something every boy would figure out on his own. Fortunately once I was old enough to masturbate, the curiosity and wonder of how my penis worked lead me in the direction of stretching/exploring what it was capable of doing. Lol. I personally would suggest talking with a foreskin/friendly doctor. Meaning one that doesn't beleive in just skalping you for a quick fix. This would be the first step.
Not to make this sound any painful than it has to be, there isn't anyway around the stretching techniques to get your foreskin loose. Oh, to comment on your statement of being normal/having a normal foreskin: Yours sounds normal. They don't just one day get loose as we age. It takes quite a bit of slow, gradual manipulating for it to loosen up and stretch. I wish you well! Don't be discouraged, you can do this!!

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rossed HB User
Re: Foreskin firmly adhering to glans at 21

Okay, now I'm confused, embarrassed, and, frankly, a little taken aback.

According to my mother, I'm cut. She says I was circumcised in the hospital shortly after birth. I was a little surprised to hear this given that (a) our faith doesn't practice ritual circumcision, (b) I thought uncut was the norm, and (c) again, nobody ever told me. I asked her why, and she said "most American boys are circumcised."

...the thing is, though, I don't see how it's possible. Earlier, when I said "The part of the foreskin along the shaft is fine," I meant that there is a large amount of flabby skin that can be moved back and forth, even when erect, which means something is there. And yet I don't see how it could be one of those so-called "partial circumcisions," because I imagine that if anything shaped like a loop was cut half-way, it ought to end in a rather large, circular hole.

I suppose my confusion may just stem from a general lack of understanding of the male anatomy? Not having a (full) foreskin myself (apparently), I don't exactly have the clearest picture in my mind of how it's supposed to operate. But of course, circumcision is such a loaded topic that any research into the foreskin is nigh impossible. >_<

Sigh... I'm going to have to edit the topic.

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cleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB Usercleansweap HB User
Re: Foreskin firmly adhering to glans at 21

Lol. My 19 year old son was sitting with me watching Dr.Oz, an American T.V. health show. The subject was circumcision. He too thought that he wasn't circumcised. I informed him that he was. He too was surprised to hear this. Like your mom, I chose to have him circumcised because we not only live in America but the majority of his peires/guys his age here in America are circumcised. If you were born in a hospital here in the US there is a 90 percent chanse that you were circumcised. I didn't want him to go thru any unnecessary teasing and abuse. When I was growing up, boys didn't see alot of each other with out clothes on. Other than a quick shower in school gym that was about it. Also, back in the 60's, 70's their were more boys uncut than they are today in America, so it was more exceptible. Manorities and the poor living in low income housing and apartments were more likely to be uncircumcized than those of higher middle class and weathly. A lot of the poor are born at home. I and most of my brothers were born at home with the help of a mid-wife/medical assistant. Taken to a doctor months later sometime for a simple over all check-up to see that we were healthy. Sometime the doctor would ask if circumcision is desired, but most of the time it wasn't mentioned because it was the norm. Most poor people wasn't circumcised.
As for the appearance of the circumcised penis! It depends on the doctor's technique used in circumcision. Some doctor's leave enough skin/foreskin around the penis head for friction/stimulation during sex masturbation. Other doctors scalp you like the American indians in the cowboy movies, leaving no foreskin behind. lol. This extra skin left behind can be a bit confusing to some guys, giving the appearance of an uncut penis! It appears to be an uncut penis with a very short foreskin that doesn't quite cover the head of the penis/Or it can also appear as an uncut penis thats in a pulled back position revealing the head of the penis. Lol. If you look at pictures of penis variations, cut and uncut you will understand and see what I'm talking about. Circumcision is a daily/normal practice in the US. Im not proud of the fact that I had my son circumcised but parenting doesn't come with a hand book. Every parent have to do what they think is best for their children. If I lived in another country I would not have had him circumcised. It sounds like to me, that you were circumcised as an infant.

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