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should i have myself committed ?

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Old 08-13-2010, 01:06 PM   #1
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frontline82 HB User
should i have myself committed ?

i think i am going insane.
i constantly play video games so i can ignore the world around me, when i play games like fallout 3, elder scorlls oblivion and other rpg games i feel free.
and enjoy living a more exciting and dangerous life in games.

i feel that everyone is watching me in the real world, i see people following me in the street for no reason and constantly see danger even when there is none and look for adventure

<deleted inappropriate subject>

it worries me a lot...

sometimes i even hallucinate and see demons and monsters, i even have trouble sleeping as i start hearing noises under my bed and cant dangle my feet over the side in case something grabs them.

i am emotionally detatched and feel nothing for anyone, i fake emotion to fit into social situations, and even have started to do this with my family.
i can get happy,sad, and even get angry.
sometimes i just feel nothing, and other times i get so angry


i am worried that i will snap and do something stupid but dont know who to contact, i tried googling mental hospitals in merseyside and couldnt find anything, can you even have yourself commited anymore or is that just in films.

i am 28, male and live back with my mum.
never had a proper full time job, i have severe manic depression, epilepsy, emotionally detatched, anger probles, anxiety, suicidal and homicidal tendencies.
i am a freak of nature and i scare myself, i need help but cant bring myself to tell anyone

i have every hobby you can imagine, i am trying to learn 4 different languages, learning 4 musical instruments,
i do childish things, draw, colour, play with lego, knit, paint, collect things. anything to fill the days and take my mind of the world around me.

any mental hospitals in or around liverpool area that i can go into and talk with them, without them locking me up against my will and taking my stuff, i need my hobbies to keep me partially sane.

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Old 08-25-2010, 10:38 AM   #2
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Re: should i have myself committed ?

I'd say you really do need to force yourself to talk to someone. I would suggest going to a doctor first. I don't know about their "locking you up against your will," but I have been told by doctors at times that I should go to a mental hospital. And I went on a voluntary basis. They usually only "make" you go if you're a threat to yourself (suicide, for example) or to someone else, at least in the U.S.

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Re: should i have myself committed ?

I don't know if they have emergency rooms in the UK but that is a route to go. Walk in and tell them you need to speak to someone from the psych dept. They will def see you and probably set up an appt with psychiatrist.

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Re: should i have myself committed ?

Although now in the USA, I grew up in Canada under their health system which is similar to the UK so I know you have to go through your GP for anything that requires a referral. Either that or you go to an ER but if you aren't a real emergency, you will just be sent home and have to wait for a referral.

So start with your GP. Tell him/her the truth about how you are feeling. I would characterize it as paranoid right now. But you can't commit yourself...only doctors can do that if you are a threat to yourself or others and it sounds as if you are becoming afraid of hurting another person. So tell the doc. Really push hard for a psych consult ASAP if not immediate hospitalization. They will find you a bed if you are feeling like you might hurt someone.

You said you have manic depression...was it diagnosed by a psychiatrist and if so, are you on meds and are you still seeing that person? If so, that is who you need to call. It could be med related or your manic depression is returning and increasing. Meds for epilepsy can affect mood as well. Do you see a neurologist? You could call them too.

The reality is that you need to make the first step or someone else will eventually do it for you and you may not like how that goes. It's always better to initiate care by yourself and it gives you some control. You get some choices about if you go into a hospital and where. You have a say on getting out. You have a say on treatment. If you wait and end up committed, you have no say on anything.

So wait until you have a good lucid moment and call your GP's office and tell him/her that you are becoming very paranoid and feel both suicidal and possibly homicidal. If you do have a psychiatrist who orders your meds, call him or her and tell them the same thing. But it's always better to do it yourself.

But if you do get really suicidal or feel a strong urge to hurt another, then go to an ER(or ED as they use in Canada) and ask for help. Don't hurt yourself or anyone else. It's something you can never take back.

Good luck......I've been in the hospital 28 times...I understand your frustration and your desperation.

gentle hugs..............Jenny

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frontline82 HB User
Re: should i have myself committed ?

thanks i really appreciate that.
i was on drugs for depression but they never worked for me and i didnt want to get hooked on anything so i always held back, never took anything for epilepsy as i only ever had one or two a year and didnt want it monitored or they would take my driving licence off me as you cant legally drive if you have had a fit within the last year.
not that it matters as i dont have a car, plus i got my sia badge recently, wanted to get into security but not in a good place at the moment and couldnt hold down a job.
should probably get put on disability but i dont like charity handouts from the jobcentre and really want to keep looking for a job that i can do...

Old 08-25-2010, 07:19 PM   #6
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Re: should i have myself committed ?

Then are you saying you haven't been formally diagnosed with manic depression? Because it isn't treated with anti-depressants.

So I guess that means no psychiatrist or neurologist so you need to talk to your GP about how you feel. And you definitely DON'T want to be committed......ever. Your epilepsy will be reported to the government.

But if you are getting out of control and feeling like you want to hurt yourself or anyone else and feel paranoid all the time, it's time to get some help and find out what is wrong and get some treatment. You can turn this around. I did and I was really, really bad. Suicidal and everything but I got help (including all those hospital stays)and eventually got well enough to live on my own, work, got married, had kids and now I have a grandchild. Celebrated my 35th anniversary this year. I'm 59 and still in therapy but it keeps me glued together.

Doesn't mean you'll be in therapy at 59 but what it does mean is that you can get well and have a good life too....if you work at it. "Unmessing" a messed up life takes time and work but it can be done. And it's worth doing.

Good luck my friend...................Jenny

Old 08-26-2010, 02:44 AM   #7
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Location: liverpool, merseyside, uk
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frontline82 HB User
Re: should i have myself committed ?

thanks, i have been diagnosed with depression but wasnt manic when it started, ive had it since 11. was on anti depressants but didnt like them, just made me sleepy.

dont like discussing the serious stuff, always get funny looks and dont like being judged as a loony. got a doctors appointment tomorrow tho, its about time i sorted myself out and i really need to sort out my emotions before i get to bad.

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