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Old 09-02-2005, 11:07 PM   #1
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Clover09 HB User
Question Miscarriage?

I think I may have just experienced a very early miscarriage. I havn't visited my doctor (insurance.. college student; finishing up paperwork, so there is a hold on my health coverage right now). If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. I've never been pregnant (to my knowledge), so I have no previous experience to compare this to.
Situation; Started taking birth control two months ago, doctor told me that symptoms such as breast tenderness and possible nausea were to be expected and normal. Well, this is the end of my second month, and a week and a half after my last period (first one on birth control) I started experiencing symptoms attributed to pregnancy... breasts enlarged, sensitive and sore (especially nipples), odd pulling sensation and knotty/crampy feeling in lower abdomen, solid bloating in lower abdomen, tired, sensitivity to smells, irratability, frequent urination, constipation, and very thirsty. Occasionally I'd feel kind of sicky. But, since I only missed taking a few of my pills by an few hours, I figured I wasn't "really" pregnant and kept taking them. I figured maybe I had gas. Although I felt oddly "different". If I were pregnant, I'm thinking it would be from right after my last period, and I would be (have been) three weeks along.
Well, this is the week of "inactive" pills, and those were started this past Sunday (today is Friday).
Last week I started spotting with a light brownish to light pinkish fluid that started on Monday and lasted till Thursday. I also had mild cramps that felt like a fist in my abdomen. The next two days were fine, no cramping or spotting. Then, Monday, while at work, I started to have back pain. I went into the bathroom expecting to have started my period and there was a little brownish blood. After putting on a pad, I resumed my work duties. [B]Suddenly, I began experiencing sharp almost rythemic stabbing pains that came and passed every ten to fifteen minutes and happened about 4 or five times, with each pain it made me nearly double over. Each pain lasted about two to five minutes. I left work early since I could hardly stand, when I got home and pulled down my pants I found a clump of soft tissue that was light pinkish and about two to two and a half inches long and equally as wide, and several mm thick that was stuck to me. It looked like skin, only a bit more pink, and felt almost like the skin of a piece of uncooked chicken, only thicker. I picked it up, and there was not much blood in the pad, and the (body) tissue had a deep reddish lump in one end that looked like it had tiny veins radiating out from it that kind of faded into the pink tissue that made up most of the glob. It was not a blood clot, it was actual body tissue. I kind of pressed and felt around it, and that one reddish end was the only place that felt like it had a semi-solid mass in it.[/B] I gushed blood again for a few moments, and now it seems like a regular period, only I keep having occasional back pains, and the bleeding isn't really heavy, although it keeps varying from light to medium and back again, which is not normal for me.
This tissue is the thing that makes me think I've had a miscarriage without ever knowing I was pregnant. I saved it and called the doctors office, where they told me that lab testing would be expensive (I'd have to pay out of pocket), so I took pictures and disposed of it. Will the doctor be able to tell me without the actual tissue sample if it were a miscarriage? Does this sound like a miscarriage? I'm worried about if it were (which seems to be the only possible thing to me at this point), why did it happen? Is it because I kept taking the birth control? I plan on talking to my doctor at an appointment in about two weeks when my insurance kicks back in. I guess my main question here is "Does this sound like a miscarriage?"

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roxyfoxy HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

The doctor will definetly be able to tell you if you had a miscarriage or not. As someone who experienced one, it sounds like that is what happened. I'm sorry you had to go through it, as it was the most traumatic situation I ever experienced, but as hurtful as it was, the pain went away quite quickly. I was young and didn't want a child at the time, but I cried and cried and cried not knowing why. Getting to the doc is extremely important at this point for you. If something is left inside and yuor body didn't pass everything, then it could cause you some problems, so get to the doc as soon as you can.

Old 09-03-2005, 07:57 AM   #3
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BarbaraH HB UserBarbaraH HB UserBarbaraH HB UserBarbaraH HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

Hi Clover,

It does seem like a miscarriage to me also. If so, it may take your body about 6 to 8 or so weeks to get back on a monthly cycle. Even an early pregnancy affects your hormones, so be aware that you may be on an emotional rollercoaster for the next few weeks as your hormones settle back down. Tears may come without warning or cause even though you didn't intend to be pregnant now. Like Roxy said, she cried and cried. Normal.

Be assured that a large percentage of pregnancies end in unexplained miscarriage. Some statistics say as many as 1 miscarriage happens in 5 pregnancies, and it often occurs even before the woman realizes she's pregnant - a slighly late period comes with an oddly heavy flow and she may never know that was an early miscarriage. Nothing you did or didn't do, thought about, worried about, or wished made this happen.

Do watch for fever, increasing abdominal pain, or heavy bleeding (maybe with clots) as those are indications of retained bits of tissue and possibly infection. This may not happen, but be aware of the significance if it does and then you would need to see the doctor right away even if your insurance coverage hasn't begun. An infection that isn't treated promptly and properly can cause scar tissue inside that makes it difficult to become pregnant later.

Keep your appointment with the doctor and take the picture with you. Ask the doctor when to begin you BC pills again as you want to be protected.

Wishing you well - Barbara

Old 09-03-2005, 01:53 PM   #4
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Clover09 HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

Thank you so much for your insight. I really think I had a miscarriage. I've been looking up different reasons that I could have had that tissue, and nothing else fits. I looked into fibroids, endometriosis, even the role that my thyroid (I have hypothyroidism) might have played, but nothing describes the tissue that I expelled except miscarriage (which could have been caused by the bc and my thyroid reacting to each other). Last night I told my bf who was sad, because even though we aren't prepared at the moment, we know we want children together in the future (after were married and have better jobs and can provide the life we want our children to have). I cried after finding the miscarriage board, because there were so many stories like mine, and it really made the possibility more of a reality to me. Thank you again. Still going to the doctor.

Old 09-05-2005, 12:59 PM   #5
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polbilly HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

is it possible you could have been further along than you thought?? have had to miscarriages at 5 and 6 weeks and an ectopic however i never had any tissue with any of the miscarrages the dr said that the baby wouldnt have been bigger than the tip of a pen you wouldnt even know when you passed it. However i did have a lot of clotting and the blood flow filled a pad ever half hour to an hour, i was very crampy almost like a very intense period. But if you were only 3 weeks pregnant i would think that maybe it had something to do with your birthcontrol unless you were further along than you thought

also becareful with your pills and use extra precautions if having a baby isnt somtheing you want right now b/c i concieved my first while on the pill faithfully

but this is only my opinion from my own experiece hope it helps


Due March 12, 2006

Old 09-06-2005, 01:28 AM   #6
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Clover09 HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

The tissue I found itself I can farily certainly say was not the baby if it were a miscarriage. Perhaps some type of sac (from my reading I've gathered that the placenta isn't developed till about 4 weeks, so I don't know what else it could be)? I don't think I would have been further along than that because I've taken two pregnancy tests that were both negative, and I had my last period (although it was just a pinch lighter than normal, I attributed that to the bc). I can't wait to go to my doc and get some answers. I'm no longer bleeding (as of this morning). Altogether, I spotted for about 4 days, and bled for one week. It may well have been a side effect of the bc, although after reading through all the side effects listed, I didn't find anything remotely close to passing tissue. I spoke with my aunt, and showed her the (gross, I know) picture. At first, before the picture she said "It's probably just a side effect of the pill" and said she passed stuff all the time, but after showing her the pic she said "You need to go to the doc, because if that were a miscarriage you might need a D+C." She told me that what happened was not normal tissue to pass regardless because of the size and lack of blood on/in/around the tissue. She had assumed (prior to the pic) that it were a large blood clot (which can be a side effect of the bc). I guess it looked almost like someone just fileted a part of my uterus out. I don't get it. What is this????
I just don't know what to think. I'm relieved if it was not a miscarriage because I really do want children in the next couple of years, and that seems like a bad sign relating to my fertililty. I really appreciate everyones input. I've been keeping a record of the "flow" and how I've felt each day up till now. If anyone has any ideas about this, including similar experience that they've identified as something other than miscarriage, please let me know. This having to wait is killing me. I'm so impatient! Thank you again for all the input.

Old 09-06-2005, 03:28 AM   #7
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malizoom HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

I was on the pill and EXACT same thing happened to me (but I definitely knew that I wasn't pregnant). Basically, I had started taking the pill at the wrong time so that it interfered with my period. I woke up one night with really horrible cramps (i could barely make it to the bathroom) and I then passed something about the size of a flattened meatball (TMI) and just like you, it was bloody and full of capilliaries. I felt OK after that and as it turns out, it was the lining of my uterus which had come out all in one clump and not bit by bit as it normally does. If I remember correctly, I also had a much longer than usual period at that time. In any case, it was a totally freaky and horrible experience and I was totally alone when it happened. You're the only other person that I heard of that has had the same experience as me. Isn't it just awful?

PS- I know this is gross, but I also saved it for a while thinking that it might have to be looked at by someone, but it eventually started give off a slight odour.
PPS-isn't it horrible how the pill really screws with our bodies?

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Old 09-06-2005, 11:07 AM   #8
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Clover09 HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

Wow! Thank you for sharing that (I know it's all gross, but its good to know I'm not alone). I am so relieved, I was so worked up after finding that miscarriage board. At first thats what I thought was that is was just a super huge chunk of my uterus instead of the little bits that I normally get. Ewww... being a girl is mostly fun, but it's so embarassing sometimes. I wish all the new mommies and new babies luck!

Old 09-06-2005, 11:09 AM   #9
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Clover09 HB User
Re: Miscarriage?

Wow! Thank you for sharing that (I know it's all gross, but its good to know I'm not alone). I am so relieved, I was so worked up after finding that miscarriage board. At first thats what I thought was that is was just a super huge chunk of my uterus instead of the little bits that I normally get. Ewww... being a girl is mostly fun, but it's so embarassing sometimes. I wish all the new mommies and new babies luck!
PS I used the patch before and never had any wierd side effects. I just had a problem with it coming off since I'm so active, which, although I liked it, was a big reason to switch to the pill.

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