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Old 04-11-2007, 08:52 AM   #1
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hereinwi HB User
Question Dx??

This question is for anyone diagnosed with ms~ How was your diagnosis given? After an MRI did they keep you to talk to you or did they tell you at a follow up?? Also, anyone have any experience with elevated liver function in lab results?? My doctor ordered additional labs in 2 weeks to follow up on elevated liver function levels.


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Old 04-11-2007, 09:03 AM   #2
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Re: Dx??

after ct most likely ms
after mri most likely ms (image of dawsons fingers)
vision test abnormal- nothing
emg was ok
spinal tap abnormal immunoglobins and swelling on brain all fingers are pointing to ms but not 100% sure. in his opionion its ms. theres nothing else it could be he said.
so i dont know if its diagnose or what.
started copaxone. new appointment with ms specialist 4-25-7.(different nuero)
recently getting numbness in face and legs.

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Old 04-12-2007, 09:07 AM   #3
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JimJx HB User
Re: Dx??

Optic neuritis around Thanksgiving 2001...
Had an great opthamologist, she laid everything out including the fact that MS will usually present with ON. SCheduled me with neuro #1

All kinds of testing but he refused to Dx me.

I moved to near Charlottesville, VA and got very lucky and got referred to an MS specialist at UVA.

She looked at all of my test results looked at me and said "You have MS."

So, this was in June 2005. It can take a long time to get a firm Dx. Ms is a disease that cannot be proven by a test, but by everything else being ruled out.

Old 04-14-2007, 08:34 AM   #4
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unclesam612 HB User
Re: Dx??

I was DXed 5 years ago through MRI. It took about a month. And spinal tap about a week later. Defanate MS. I also have had liver issues but mine was meds. my gp gave me something and it got better. Some muscle relaxers affect the liver.listen to your doc. Try to be patient with them they are trying to help and to be sure.

Old 04-15-2007, 07:35 AM   #5
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Bearygood HB UserBearygood HB User
Re: Dx??

Interesting thread, especially the quote below. My most tangible symptom is Optic Neuritis in my left eye. I've also had some temporary tingling and numbness intermittently in the last year but that can also be a symptom of other things. The MRI showed 5 lesions and sinus disease. The doctor now wants me to go to an MS specialist for a consult and spinal tap (and apparently there's one more vision oriented test they administer).

I'm not keen about rushing to get a spinal tap and am at least headed to my internist first to get his input. I am also due for my annual endocrinologist check-up (I'm hypothyroid) and understand that some of what I've experienced can sometimes show up in diabetes. Last but not least, from what I've researched, although it's apparently more uncommon that ON is isolated, it CAN be due to a virus and as stated above, the MRI confirmed the presence of sinusitis.

Part of my uneasiness relates to the doctor I saw. He seemed quick to refer the MS specialist, almost as a reflex and not as a consequence of my specific case. He didn't even mention the "sinus disease" the MRI report showed and the only way I found out was because I went to the radiology department file room to get a copy of the report for my internist.

Again, I'm intrigued by the statement about the diagnosis being when everything is ruled out and wonder exactly what other tests (besides spinal tap) would show signs -- what type of bloodwork, etc Also, what is this about "Dawson's Fingers"? I assume that's some sort of pattern to the brain lesions?

Thanks for all the input! Glad I found this board.

Originally Posted by JimJx View Post
Ms is a disease that cannot be proven by a test, but by everything else being ruled out.

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MSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB User
Re: Dx??

Poor litttle baby. I just wrote to you in another post, but it seems you have more questions than anyone else this morning!! Ill try to help.
That quote, the one that says MS cannot be dx by can be ruled true.
MS is not something anyone can test for. There is a criteria, known as the McDonald criteria which most nuerolgists use to determine if it is MS or not. MS mimics so many other diseases many autoimmune diseases, even Lyme disease have much the same symptoms...there are some brain infection such as Cranial Meningitis which are similar in appearance too....
SO, an MRI shows Legions, which are scars, on the brain and/ or cevical spine...from there, if there are enough, enough, can be 6, I had over 50, usually a spinal tap is, that sounds scary as heck..but, the truth is, and Ive had 3, its not bad at all, its worrying about it which is bad...the test itself is over in 20 minutes...
Do you hae eye problems? Optical Neuritis? IF so, that will lead to the eye tests, also non invasive, they dont hurt.....some neurologists will go straight to the nerve conductor tests..they dont hurt either...but if your symtoms are in your gait, or walk, or if you have severe numbness in extremities..this is the route they go.
All of these tests point to differnt things. You use to be able to rule Lyme out by a blood test...not anymore. Not in the USA, now it has to be ruled out by spinal fluid..thus, the spinal tap...the Spinal tap (or lumbar puncture) also meaures o-bands in the spinal fluid, another MS symtom...

So, how long does it take? For some, years....nothing is conclusive....for me it took less than a month, and only 3 tests, the Lumbar to rule out Lyme, the Nerve Conductor tests to see how much ability I had to feel the pain, and then I had an eye test which measured my peripheral vision (staring at a TV pressing a button when I saw the spots, kind of like a video game, no big deal). I failed each one...except the Lyme. I definately DONT have lyme...with that, I got a dx within a month...but, keep in mind, my physical history showed things like yes, I was getting dizzy in hot water, and hot weather..yes, I was tripping alot, losing my balance while history showed that I had had terrrible migranes a year before (in the summertime) and nothing helped them.and then there were the 50+ legions on my brain..all signs pointed to MS. They figured that they could either start me on a MS therapy drug and try to slow down the progression, or wait until I had antoher relapse and see if it corrected itself. I elected to prevent any further relapses and start the meds...Unfortuantely, I did have another relapse while on the meds, but they say it takes up to 6 months for the meds to really start to work, I had relapse month 3, and it was right around CHristmas time, I was really stressed..(IT DOESNT HELP< STRESS!). ONce another few months went by, the rest is history...a prettty good MRI, no mor relapses, and Im getting use to doing shots 3 times a week..

I hope that helps. One thing you really need to know, and remember, like LIVE BY THIS is that no two cases of MS are alike, no one will have the same will read lots about people who have a symtom like you, but they will have one you never had...or youll have one more that they never had....the symtoms are random and can change, youll probably never get a straight answer from anyone, other than "i know that feeling", because even if they know it, their's might never go away, but yours might...its a very unknown feeling MS...but the one thing you can count on is IF YOU HAVE IT, we will be here to help you with the getting used to it factor..whic really is the hardest part!

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mimini HB User
Re: Dx??

As I am new to all of this I don't understand why if my MRIs show "linear areas of increased signal involing C-Spine extending over long areas located at C3, C4-5 and C6, findings very suspicious for a demyelinating process" why would I need a lumbar puncture? I have an appointemnt with a MS specialist in June and I am worried he will want this test. I have read negative things that this can cause. My neurologist here told me that he wanted me to seehis specialist before staring me on a lifetime medication. Since then I have had a painfull relasape which I am afraid I will not recover from. For those who have had the lumbar test do they give you something before hand to calm you? It sounds so horrible, even though I did have the lumbar sshots in my spine during childbirth, I was so happy to get that I din't care about the pain. What about after? Don't you have to stay falt for so many hours? Thanks so much for any replys. Mimini

Old 04-16-2007, 09:43 PM   #8
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Bearygood HB UserBearygood HB User
Re: Dx??

Nikki, thanks so much. I'm a little further along than I was the other day. First, I cannot stress to anyone reading any of these forums HOW important it is to find a doctor in whom you trust and feel secure. I hardly know my regular eye doctor (just see her for regular exams) and she referred me to a neuro-op and I really did not like him. Just did not feel right and I walked away with more questions than answers. He immediately referred me to an MS specialist and said I'd probably have to have a spinal tap -- but as you said (and as I've since learned) there are many things that can cause optic neuritis and these other symptoms.

I had a busy day -- first went to my ENT (with MRI in tow) to get my sinuses checked out. I knew I had a sinus infection and it wasn't until I read the radiologist report that I learned it was scientifically confirmed. You'd think that the neuro-op might have mentioned it, huh? I'd also read in a few places that sometimes ON is secondary to sinusitis but unfortunately my ENT kind of dismissed that, as did my internist. The internist was the next visit. I got a chest x-ray and gave blood and urine for a work-up and got a TB test. He also did a general test on my motor functions -- nothing at least screamed MS. He looked at the MRI to the best of his ability and although the lesions were certainly of concern, as well as some of the tingling and numbness I've been experiencing, again said it could be MS, other things or a combination of things. (I have a history of stroke in my family so the possibility of TIAs are not out of the realm of possibility.) At any rate, he picked up the phone and consulted with a neurologist he trusts in my presence. I go to see her tomorrow. In the meantime I've read a little bit more about the process of demyelination (which he also touched on) and I think that seems to be part of the picture. Just makes sense with the sensations I continue to have and with the ON -- but again, I know it's not necessarily one thing or the other.

I will report more on the findings as they progress in the hope that I can help someone else but the one thing I really want to stress again is the importance of finding a doctor with whom you feel confident and will be proactive. The neuro-op I saw who immediately wanted me to go to an MS specialist just did NOT feel right. Needless to say, I will not be going back to see him. I hope for a good outcome but at least I feel now I'm in good hands.

Thanks again for your response and I wish you and everyone on here well!

Old 04-18-2007, 09:09 AM   #9
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Bearygood HB UserBearygood HB User
Re: Dx??

Just wanted to update. I actually went to see a new ophthalmologist yesterday (not the neurologist). She tested my visual field again and did a few other tests/took pictures that the neuro-ophthalmologist I originally went to see didn't. (I had initially gotten that referral from my eye doctor.) She examined my MRI and said that between my symptoms (tingling, some episodes of numbness) and where the 5 lesions were located it "suggests" MS. The locations of the lesions are not "classicly" where you'd find them but the area is still in the realm of possibilities for an MS diagnosis.

One thing was interesting -- she was confused as to why she couldn't find a good picture of the optic nerve. She consulted with the radiologist, who confirmed that there WERE none. One other thing -- the neuro-ophthalmologist I originally saw said the color of the optic nerve looked good. The new doctor explained to me that what this means is that whatever is happening is happening BEHIND the eye. The upshot is that I wound up having an MRI last night of the orbits. When I got to the MRI place the nice guy at the front desk even said to me that if the problem was in my eye, it seemed a little strange that this wasn't done in the first place.

I go see the neurologist tomorrow and after that visit there's a good chance the new ophthalmologist will put me on (I believe it's) IV corticosteroids. I'm mixed about this as I'm not keen on the drug thing but as I read on the internet, she told me that there have been studies that support quicker and better restoration of vision, as well as fewer recurrences, in Optic Neuritis patients. She said she can't start this treatment until I go see the neurologist as it might alter the results of any further testing.

She should have the radiologist report later today and hopefully after that and the neuro visit I'll have more info. In the meantime, for anyone else going through ON, please ask your doctor if an orbital MRI would be helpful in addition to the brain MRI and the reasons they give against or for that. This new doctor (who I got through my internist who I think very highly of) obviously seemed to think this was the right way to go. Not sure why -- maybe it's because of the not so clear-cut areas of the lesions but in any case, it seems to be a question worth asking.

Old 04-21-2007, 09:42 AM   #10
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Bearygood HB UserBearygood HB User
Re: Dx??

Received a diagnosis of relapsing/remitting MS on Thursday. All my doctors have not yet convened but it looks like the diagnosis was made on the basis of the MRI (5 lesions although nothing "lit up"), past history (told him every weird thing I could remember that I've experienced since I was 16 -- who knew?) and optic neuritis. He thinks I may have had this for over 30+ years.

My internist called yesterday to say that my bloodwork was normal except for elevated white cell count, which usually occurs when there's an infection or inflamation so I have to be retested in 2 weeks. Didn't go on the corticosteroids (explained more fully in the ON thread) and I have a while to go before I make any decisions about treatment. The neurologist wants me to have a more through MRI of the brain and of the spinal column to have a baseline. No matter what I decide to do or don't do, this seems reasonable to me.

Old 04-21-2007, 01:09 PM   #11
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tiredbunni HB User
Re: Dx??

I was having double vision and sudden changed in vision. I was ordered a MRI. My neurologist said it didn't show anything but at the time they were looking for stroke or other. He asked about my vision again and check my eyes and reflexes. He ordered many vials of blood.

He ordered the evoked potentials of all three areas. When I came back to get my results, he said I was abnormal findings for eyes and legs. He then said it might be MS but he didn't think so. He ordered the Lumbar Punture. They took more blood.

I did the test. I got the spinal headache for a week. It two weeks to get the test results. I went to see my neurologist and he told me the test was negative. He then asked me about recent history. Did I have an episode of weakness in my legs? I said yes that past summer I had my right leg was so weak my son helped me into my house by pulling me in. He ask me if Medicare was the only coverage I had. I said yes. He said I need to talk to the nurse about Avonex and to start on Solumedrol IV. He never told me straight out I have MS. I didn't know what Avonex was. I saw my checkout paper and it was circled that my dx was MS. This was 12/06.

It was in a two month time frame I was dx. I had symptoms since in 1991. I was dx with Fibro in 1992. Disabled in 1993. SSD in 1994 and dx with ME/CFS and MS in 12/06.

I wish you all the best on your test results.

dx 12/06 MS
Avonex, Klonopin, Flexeril

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hereinwi HB User
Re: Dx??

Hey Tiredbunni.

Thanks for the reply to my posting. I can't believe that he didn't tell you what your dx was. Are you still seeing the same doctor?? That would concern me because when you have a condition such as ms you want to be able to research it.

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