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Random nerve firings all over body....

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Old 04-07-2007, 04:25 PM   #1
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Location: MIssion Viejo, CA USA
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PanGirl HB User
Random nerve firings all over body....

Hi! I have been reading a lot about neuropathy, but find that most people are diabetic and suffer from neuropathy pain in the legs and feet. I get random shooting pains throughout my whole body, sometimes several per minute. The pains first started 8 years ago, and I was tested for everything. No cause of the nerve firings was found. I have absolutely no nerve damage. I do also get the pins and needles sensation in my arms, hands, legs and feet, as well as my ears and sometimes my scalp. But mostly it's the random, shooting pains that last only a few seconds, and can be anywhere on my body. For 7 years the symptoms have bee quite tolerable, so I don't see this as a chronic pain problem, but lately the symptoms have increased in intensity and frequency. I am quite anxious to know of anyone else with similar symptoms!

Looking forward to hopefully hearing from someone....

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Old 04-07-2007, 11:08 PM   #2
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PearlDoves HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Hey there,

Did anybody scan your spine? Shooting pains can come from things going on with your spine or in your spinal collom that could be aggrivating your nerves or your spinal cord. If its been some years since you had MRI done on your spine, it might not be a bad idea to have it looked at again, a lot can happen in that time. Good luck to you and many blessings, I hope you find the cause soon.. and that its nothing serious but treatable!

Old 04-16-2007, 04:05 PM   #3
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PanGirl HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Thanks, PearlDoves, for responding to my message. Yes, I did have a CAT scan of my entire spine, and an MRI of the entire spine, looking for a tumor or other mass that may have been impinging on the spinal cord or nerves. Nothing was found. I also had a brain MRI looing for signs of Multiple Sclorosis. Have you ever heard of anyone else who had all sorts of nerve pain (shooting, stinging, prickling, bruising, tingling) all over the body (inside of the skin, joints, bones, tissue)? I am most anxious to find at least one other person to talk to about it....thanks....PanGirl

Old 04-19-2007, 09:25 PM   #4
Junior Member
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emilybug HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Hi Pan Girl,

Sorry to hear what you've been dealing wit but glad your MRI's have been clear.
I don't know if I have advice but I have a question.
I've been getting "ting" feelings (not quite pins and needles but little quick sparks anywhere and random, lasting only a second.
Through your testing did your neuro say (because this is my understanding) that random & sporatic firings would not likley be caused my MS. As MS usually presents in a more constant or inermittent but local way. IE: hands, feet, lower half, upper, one side of face etc. ??
Did you also get this info???
I'm so scared as to what this is. I do get the odd burning muscle pain but I also know this can be anxiety and lots of long walks and dance class perhaps. I have chronic anxiety, which often manifests in to real symptoms that last a few months at a time.
Could this be the case with you? Or coud it be nerve infammation of some sort due to allergy or a virus?

Old 04-19-2007, 10:31 PM   #5
Join Date: Nov 2006
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PearlDoves HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

I could be wrong but I think an MRI of your spine would should a clearer understadning of what is going on with the nerves. YOu may just want to go ahead and go to a Neurosurgeon to see what he thinks might be going on.. not because I think you need surgery, but because they see all kinds of odd things and probably have a better understanding of things. You'll need to get a hold of your exsisting films and reports and just have a consult with him/her. The other thing you may want to start investigating is your chemistry. Blood tests and screans for autoimune and diseases, disorders, perphaps see if something is going on with your thyroid or get tests for diabeties. So many things could be going on, start trying to get a bunch of stuff ruled out if you can. Symtoms for one problem can share the same kind of symptoms with another somtimes or it can be a bunch of little things all together. Good luck to you and many blessings, I hope you find the answers soon.

Emilybug, it may be that your nerves are just aggitated from various activies, but to ease your mind and to make sure, it might help to go see your primary doctor just to be sure, if nothing else you could get some reassurance or some answers. Good luck and many blessings to you as well!

Old 08-22-2007, 08:24 PM   #6
Paulette Paulin
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Toronto, ON.,Canada
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Paulette Paulin HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

#1 You are NOT ALONE!!!!I feel your pain.
#2 You are Very brave !
#3 There is hope!!!
I have had random nerve pain all over for nearly three years.I mean ALL OVER.Even my nipples and girly bits[sorry if this is TMI]hurt.
.it all started 10 years or so ago when I got bitten by a tick the day of my brother's wedding in Tennessee where there is alot of Lyme disease. my sister removed the tick but a few weeks later I got sick with all the classic Lyme symptoms without the bull'seye went away, but I had short term memory loss ,brain fog . otherwise I was Ok .I also tested negative for Lyme disease.[ELISA tests are notoriously innaccurate}
Then in Oct of 2004, the ****hit the fan.I had been taking Flagyl and antibiotics for several months due to various infections .[Many drugs including the ones I took are known to cause neuropathy.}Then one day I got SEARING mind boggling nerve pain in my left arm amd shoulder/ neck that was all-consuming, with fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes that hurt like hell,diarrhea and buzzing sensations .I nearly went crazy and could not take care of myself.After 10 days of this after LOTS OF PRAYER I started to get better. Almost two months later, when the arm pain waw nearly gone. it all came back ,only this time as random ,migrating, burning,SHOOTING OR SIZZLING pain ALL OVer. I freaked!!!I am allergic to most painkillers or they don"t work, so I was on morphine which just took the edge off and made me a zombie. When I was at the end of my rope my pastor's wife told me she had had almost the same thing years previously ,and that it was likely a drug reaction.She want to an excellent naturopath in Mississauga who saved her sanity and she is IOO% better.
I have used herbs to get off the morphine, and the pain lessened but has never completely ebbs and flows in a cyclic pattern that gets worse with stress and at night.I find that lots of water[8-10 glasses a day], Turmeric,st John's wort and other stuff have really helped me .I live without drugs, and work full time.About every four months or so the pain changes and gets bad for several days then retreats.And praise God some days I have almost no pain which gives me hope that one day it will be GONE for GOOD. No doctor I've seen has a clue [or will admit to having one]IMy GP probably thinks I have lost my marbles.
Have you explored Lyme Disease and /or a drug reaction? I have experienced both I think..Lyme disease can cause almost any symptom of chronic illness including various neuropathies. I strongly suggest you get tested for Lyme and some of its co infections ASAP.IGENEX Labs in California does quality testing.If you find a doctor who knows Lyme and will really respect your ideas and thoroughly treat the Lyme, and a good naturopath and eat a healthy whole foods diet, noprocessed foods or as little as possible and as much organic as you can ,and pray ,you will get better. All the very best.feel free to keep in touch.'
Paulette love to hear how it goes with you.Sorry this is so loooong
Dont lose hope and dont Give up!

Old 10-11-2007, 03:35 PM   #7
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renate0507 HB User
Post Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Hi, you are not alone. I have random nerve pains for the last 15 months and until I read your messages I didn't know that anybody could relate to this problem. Neither doctors nor friends had ever heard of this.
I believe that my problem started with a fall on the back of my head during a downhill walk. I got up and went to my yoga class right afterwards because I felt okay. The next night I had vertigo so badly that I couldn't get out of bed and stand up. I crawled on the floor. After 3 occurences this problem went away.
About 10 days later I started having tingling and slight numbness on the left side of my face. Shortly after the nerve pains started. Sharp prickers randomly all over my body, sometimes sudden horrible stabs mainly on the back of my shoulder that feel like lightning striking. The latest additional symptom is the feeling of ants crawling on my skin.
MRI of the brain was negative as well as the EEG.
One neurologist/psychiatrist diagnosed me with having an anxiety disorder and prescribed Neurontin (gabapentin). I took 100mg in the morning and at noon and 300mg in the evening for months until now I had to up it to 200mg, 200mg and 400mg. Not even that works anymore. The side effect for me is drowsiness and memory loss so I hate to take more.
Walking and swimming feels good, stress and fear worsens it.

I wonder if all this is related to tingling in my right leg, which falls asleep when I sit for any length of time. It is not neuropathy, but what is it?
I found a partial remedy for that problem. Feldenkrais exercises are wonderful.
Thanks for reading all this. I would love to get responses and ideas.

Old 10-11-2007, 05:17 PM   #8
Junior Member
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hypnotiic HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

hi pan girl:

i have your same symptoms! tingling all over with shooting pains and burning pains. this all happened after a spinal anesthesia for my csection on aug19. the tingling is getting a little better. but i get alot of twitches all over which causes my muscles to hurt. i had an emg and a ncv. she said the ncv was normal but the emg a little abnormal so i have to get some special blood test done. have you had an emg or ncv done? i had an mri of my brain and spine which were normal. do u have any other symptoms?

Old 11-25-2007, 08:50 PM   #9
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clint24va HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....


I have to say i'm a person having the same symptoms and have no understanding why. I'm 29 and have never experienced these pains until about 6 months ago. I haven't had an accident or fall but have been put under increased stress in the last year or so causing me to have my some anxiety attacks . At first i had what I assumed were vein pains (felt like areas where veins are) sometimes throbs or stings accompanied by numbness or tingles in feet,wrists,thighs.legs arms etc. I will feel them pretty much anywhere lately and as of recent, I'm now feeling burning, not the stings so much and especially in back of head and neck but still in back and chest etc. I've mentioned it to the doctor and they did blood work for diabetes but said tests were negative. I must say this is a very troubling issue that nobody including doctors, seem to know or can elaborate about. I just wish they would go away. I'm not a sickly person, I'm 6'2, 220 and do construction, so being a quote, "tough guy" comes with the territory but i'm just surprised in this day and age, it seems like no one can help and that's so frustrating. Anyone find anything out please let me know and I will do the same, God bless, Clint

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Old 01-15-2008, 07:27 PM   #10
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pinkflamingo27 HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

I have been looking ALL over the internet for a situation like mine to find out what's wrong with me, and i think you're my solution! for the record, i'm COMPLETELY healthy. i've never had surgery, or been in and accident or a fall, i've never had diabetes or cancer or anxiety attacks or anything. so my pains are not for that reason. but i get these random little pains all over my body at random times. sometimes my arm, leg, finger, jaw, foot, etc. they last only a few seconds usually. they are kinda dull little pains. so little that i didn't bother to say anything. but they started about 3 years ago, and are happening more and more often. i've had about 10 in the last 15 min. So i finally decided to say something. they are so little and have NOT been increasing in intensity at all. so please tell me, does this sound like your situation? please write back soon, i'm anxious to hear what you have to say!

Old 01-15-2008, 08:05 PM   #11
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pinkflamingo27 HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

sorry for the double post...

ok pangirl, so my brother just found a very interesting article labled "lack of vitamin D linked to pains". vitamin D comes mainly from the sun. and i am REALLY pale. everytime i go in the sun for long periods of time, i put on tons of sunscreen because i burn easily. this makes me have a lack of vitam D. even though i drink tons of milk, it can't replace the sunlight. So let me ask you, are you pretty pale like me? if so, that could be the cause of our pains. please write back soon.

Old 01-25-2008, 10:04 PM   #12
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troopermom68 HB User
Post Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Until now I thought I was alone. I am happy to find this forum. These same kinds of symptoms (shooting, stinging, prickling, tingling) all over the body (inside of the skin, joints, bones, tissue started for me several years ago after experiencing severe depression and diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Some of the pain is almost like being electrical in nature too. I have been to numerous kinds of doctors with no positive results. Yes even a psychiatrist and counselors. All tests are negative. What I know is it is NOT in my head or just a womans' thing. I have had 2 spinal surgeries, 1 knee replacement and had been on several strong pain medications, anti-inflammatories and steroid treatments for years before that. And yes I have been prayerful about it too. Any info about this condition I find I will share immediately and hope you do the same. I am always hopeful that there is a breakthrough for this condition.

Godspeed to all

Old 02-04-2008, 12:23 PM   #13
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pmg145 HB User
Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

HI, I just turned 29. I have the same symptoms of random pains. Seemed to have started about 7 years ago when I started taking birth control pills, but I was also in college so I had increased stress too. I went to the dr at that time and he check my thyroid. It was normal. After a while it seemed to go away but never completely. I gave birth 9 months ago and went on the mini-pill (a progestine only pill). I was on it for about 6months. When I went away for the weekend I forgot to bring the pills, I was also late getting my peroid and was worried about being pregnant again ( I never did restart the minipill). About a week later I had a panic attack out of the blue in the middle of the night. I had no idea what was happening so I ended up in the ER. With a family history of heart disease I worried a lot. After a lot of tests I was told my heart was just fine. But I guess I still worried a lot because I was at work and I had another panic attack. This time the ER figured out it was a real Panic attack. Since then I have been stressing A LOT about my health and my pains seem to be all the time now. The thing is if I keep myself busy I don't notice them at all. I wonder if I am having them then or am I just bringing them on from constantly thinking about it.
So because they seem to start with the pills I also wonder if I have a hormone imbalance. I saw that a drop in progesterone could cause a hormone imbalance and since I forgot to take my birthcontrol pills, could this have caused the panic attacks too.
I am also glad there are other people (sort of) like me out there experiencing this weird feeling.

Old 03-01-2008, 03:28 AM   #14
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JamesN HB User
Post Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Hi, this is the first time in 11 years that I have found a post with the same problem as myself, seems this is a rare problem!

My sharp shooting pains (electrical) started 11 years ago (21 years old then), they originated from my wrists and gradually over the months spread all over my body. Now the sharp pains are intolerable, in fact the ones around (in) my skull are so bad that when they strike will effect everything i am doing, talking and seeing. Sometimes I can also see small bruising from the pains around my body. If I press on the area at the time of the pain, I can pin point it and make the pain worse, and this brought me to think that this was not in my head, the pain is actually physically there.

I have been to many doctors over the years, and most have said that its all my head and that I am stressed and need to calm down. They have put me on beta blockers for 5 years, various other drugs including valium etc and one day told them just to stop and look into it properly, the answer I got was to say i was a hypocondriate!! One doctor even told me, if you were a millionaire then maybe we could find the answer for you!!!

I have had some explanations:

Random Nerves firing off due to stress. ????
Autoimmune desease (Dr didnt investigate further)
Neuro Desease (Dr didnt investigate further)
All in my mind
A rare desease
Muscle Inflamatory between bones causing sharp pains.

The only answer was to go private and start spending thousands to try and find the answer. The trouble is, over the years, my illness has been getting worse and brought on many other problems. Along with the shooting pains, in the last 12 months I can hardly eat anything without being ill, sometimes causing enlarged colon, breathing problems, drop in blood pressure and severe fatigue. I also have short term memory loss and on rare times, speech problems but I believe this all originated with the sharp shooting pains.

I have had MRI's, CAT's, Xrays, electrical tests, EEG's, ECG's, loads of blood tests, hormone tests, tyroid, in fact so many tests I feel like an experiment.

Actual results from investigation have come to light over the last 12 months, due to the fact that the illness is getting worse.

1.Thyoid has started to produce varied results, from low to high figures.
2.B12 exhausted, having injections.
3.Dyhydration problems in blood results, even though I drink 3 liters of water a day.
4. Various intolrences and Allergies, and these seems to change every few months (seems a joke to me)!
5. Loss of weight (20kg´s on 10 months) for no apparent reason.

The sharp shooting pains are at an all time high, but of course Doctors cant see pain and is physical eveidence.

I hope someone posts an answer to this problem on this message board. We cant be the only small group of people in the world to be having this problem!

Good luck to all of you,


Old 03-01-2008, 10:43 PM   #15
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WorriedMommy76 HB User
Unhappy Re: Random nerve firings all over body....

Our little boy is dealing with a problem that sounds very much like what is being described here, only his symptoms include ice pick headaches. He just had an MRI and an EEG this past Thursday. We hope to hear the results this week.

The doctor said we wanted to rule out MS and seizures first. Has anyone else been told anything like this by their doctors?

We are very concerned. We hope we can find a way to stop this pain soon. Like the original poster said, these pains do not last long, just a few seconds but they can happen many times per minute. He is literally having hundreds of quick, stabbing, burning and stinging pains per day, all over his body.

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