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Josh90 11-24-2012 05:39 AM

Possible nerve damage/compression - need advice

I have bad anxiety when I'm out in public, a psychological problem where I'm in public and am walking past people. To combat this anxiety I like to make up scenarios in my mind that they are looking at me because I'm good looking or unique looking, it's slightly arrogant but it gives me a good feeling. The feeling is one of excitement and pleasure. When I'm doing this I get a shiver/goosebumps/tingling feeling down the side of my face, also my muscles tense up, I stop breathing and my heart rate increases. The feeling that strangers are admiring me is such a high sometimes I do it on purpose.

The downside to this is I'm beginning to notice side effects
[LIST][*]My fingertips, lips, cheeks and back of head go numb and tingling, I have pain in my fingertips is and the pain is sometimes very intense, this lasts for several days
[*]Food and drink tastes bland
[*]My breathing pattern is way off, I feel out of breath and it feels like I have to manually breath where befofe it felt automatic and I didn't have to think about it.
[*]I also have a itching sensation on parts of my body, when I go scratch it will go away but I won't feel the good sensation you feel when you scratch an itch, its just numb.
[*]My typing speed has decreased a bit.
[*]My eyesight and hearing seems to have decreased also[/LIST]

What is going on? I do this several times a day if I'm in public

I'm starting to think I have damaged my nerves.

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