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B12 Deficiency

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glenni HB User
Re: New here with B12 Deficiency...Advice and Support Needed!

[ref: [url]][/url]

That's almost humorous. It reads as if it were lifted from a medical text.

Originally Posted by Angela22F View Post
Abbie - I had all the same symptoms as you plus more. I have been getting injections for about a year now, and though I don't feel 100% I do feel much better. I don't think I'll ever get back to my pre-deficiency state, but I at least hope to come to a point where I feel somewhat normal. Just as an example to you, I will list symptoms I have experienced:

 Fatigue
 Muscle weakness
 Sore throat
 Hoarseness
 Tender and swollen lymph nodes in neck
 Shortness of breath/tightness in chest
 Asthma type illness complete with wheeze and allergen induced
 New allergies that I never had before
 Shakes/trembles
 Cough
 I’m either too cold, or too hot, never comfortable – 99% of the time I’m too cold though
 Increased thirst
 Chronic/Daily “tension” headaches – I think theres more to it than just tension!
 Muscle pain/twitching
 Joint pain/”migratory” arthritis
 Brain fog/confusion/cognitive issues (using wrong words, difficulty finding correct words, can’t complete simple caculations, stammering, frequently losing train of though, short term memory loss, etc.)
 Dizzy
 Tinnitus
 Light and Sound sensitivities
 Clumsy walk – always bumping into things
 Clumsy in general
 Inability to focus at what I’m looking at
 Excessive sleeping – when I can get to sleep – takes forever to fall asleep
 Disturbing nightmares
 Irritable - mood swings at the drop of a hat
 Food intolerances ( gluten, dairy, eggs)
 Frequently urinating
 Always thirsty
 Abdominal pain/tenderness
 Hair loss – good thing I have thick hair!
 Hair is coarse/breaks easy
 Lack of appetite
 Early fullness when eatting
 Weight loss
 Back pain (lower back)
 Shoulders/neck “burn”
 Simple cuts are not healing, but rather getting infected
 Severe PMS!
 Post Nasal Drip – EW! Really bad too
 GI Issues – blood, distended abdomen, nausea, etc.
 Numbness and tingling in extremities – hands and feet/shins (sp?) are always falling asleep
 Always feel like I have a flu or cold
 Constant earaches

From what the doctors and I have figured my problem is malabsorption, but after several exhaustive tests, I gave up trying to find the direct cause. I am feeling better with getting the B12 injections, so I gave up searching out the cause.

The one symptom that is still bothering me the most is the brain fog/cognitive issues - I still have difficulty in concentrating, stumbling on my words, keeping a straight train of thought and spacing out - but that too is not as bad as it was this time last year.

Anyway, my post has turned into a book. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and it does get better. I know all to well that feeling of loneliness because no one understands what you are going through. Even my fiance does not understand, but I found some wonderful people on this forum that helped me through it.

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sweeticeblue HB User
Re: New here with B12 Deficiency...Advice and Support Needed!

Hi, everyone. I just joined this site after reading a few threads about B12 deficiency. I'm now suffering from my second B12 deficiency - the first happened when I was pregnant. However, this time it was much worse and I literally spent 3 weeks of July stuck in bed. This has been very hard for me, since I have 2 kids, work freelance jobs from home, and attend school. I missed a great deal of work in July and almost missed our first family vacation in August.

To Angela22F, who made the original post, my huband doesn't understand either. He's now to the point where he's so fed up with me complaining and suddenly needing to lay down, that he sometimes doesn't even acknowledge what's going on - and he's tired of taking me to the doctor because I've been too dizzy to drive. There's also no way of explaining how fall-down-dragged-out-tired I am. As I'm sure many people can understand, not having the right support has made this much harder to deal with.

The worst symptom has been dizziness, including constant room-spins and lightheadedness; I feel like I'm constantly hungover. Every once in a while, everything will fade to black. The second worst symptom is shakes/trembles that are driving me crazy. I sometimes feel like someone is pulling me by the back of the shirt and I lose my balance all the time. I sometimes feel like I'm wearing a turtleneck, even if I'm wearing a v-neck t-shirt. My heart has been pounding so hard that it keeps me up at night. I already have asthma but the symptoms seemed to have worsened (which is possible allergy-related this time of year). I've been taking cold and hot spells - really cold for a few minutes, then really hot. Constant headaches, even though I've only had maybe one or two headaches my entire life. Numbness and tingling in my hands/legs/feet. Complete confusion, loss of memory, lack of concentration. I can't sleep and when I finally do fall asleep, I can't STAY asleep. Mood swings galore!

The two symptoms you listed that really intrigued me were feeling like you're constantly getting the flu or a cold and not being able to heal properly/cuts turning to infection (back to lack of concentration, I had to scroll down twice because I kept forgetting the 2 symptoms I was commenting on). The reason I find these so interesting is because they've both been happening to me for a long time and the doctors keep telling me that there's no connection between these and B12. I have my own theories about B12 deficiencies; I think it can manifest itself in a number of ways that may not be common to everyone. However, my skin is out of control. I have keratosis pilaris and everytime I use my loofah, each spot turns to infection. I also have strange spots on my face that look like regular cuts but get so infected that they take MONTHS to heal.

I started getting dizzy a year ago and it was only last month that I finally convinced a doctor to send me for bloodwork - they blamed everything on stress, even though I had a B12 deficiency before and I'm a vegetarian. I've received 4 shots so far (one per week) and I was starting to feel pretty good. Room spins were gone, most of the shaking was gone (but not all)... because I started to feel better, my doctor said I didn't need another shot for 3 weeks. It's been almost 3 weeks since the last one and I can feel everything returning over the last couple of days.

I'm going to try the B12 strips that dissolve under your tongue and see how that makes me feel, in between shots. I'll be getting shots once per month. Everybody, hang in there. I had to ask my 13-year old daughter to spend July at home so she could take care of her toddler brother. It's been a really rough summer.

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fibrostuff HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

Regarding the "feels like you're wearing a turtleneck even when you have a v-neck on"- I have this and have been trying to figure it out.

Its a pressure on the front of the neck. It is right where the thyroid is (I've had my thyroid checked in basic blood work and it was fine).

I have been to the gastro dr. but she didn't think it was related to my heartburn.

Do you go periods where you don't have the pain (I went about 5 years) and then all of a sudden it comes back? Mine came back in July and hasnt gone away.

Do you think its B12 deficiency?

Old 11-22-2007, 08:13 PM   #4
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sweeticeblue HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

I assume so. Since posting my original message and getting several more B12 injections, some of the symptoms subsided. HOWEVER, the "fading to black", or blackout spells as I now call them, are happening at least once or twice per day. The shaking and trembling are still present at all times and I'm constantly lightheaded.

The symptom you mentioned - the "turtleneck" feeling - has completely gone. When I first asked the doctor, she said it wasn't related to B12, but I don't believe in following the textbook definitions of everything. All I know is that it went away after a few more shots of B12.

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sweeticeblue HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

Of course, the doctor also mentioned that vertigo was completely unrelated to my B12 deficiency... funny how the room stopped spinning after a few more shots as well. I forgot to respond to your other question, about whether it ever disappeared and then came back, but no, it appeared once in July and stayed with me until we found the deficiency in August.

Old 11-23-2007, 04:39 PM   #6
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fibrostuff HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

Was your throat tightness all the time? Aggrevated by eating?

Sorry to ask so much about it but it is a weird symptom.


Old 11-24-2007, 10:32 AM   #7
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sweeticeblue HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

No problem, I don't mind at all. We're all here for the same reason - to either try to diagnose ourselves out of desperation, or to add some thoughtful insight for other people who are suffering, right? The throat tightness was not all the time and I never associated it with eating, although it made it very hard to swallow when it did happen. I could be in the middle of writing an e-mail and all of a sudden, it would feel like my throat was closing over. It quickly turned into a feeling of someone grabbing me by the throat and it could last anywhere from a few minutes to the entire morning.

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fibrostuff HB User
Re: B12 Deficiency

Mine is constant but it is the same symptom that you describe.

I always feel like my shirt collar is choking me, and when I go to move it, there is no collar is just the muscles I guess?

There are so many things I guess it could be, so I am on various boards to see if it is GERD or fibro. But since you described it so well, I thought maybe that is it.

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