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Old 10-08-2008, 06:53 AM   #76
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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Yep not needing catheter at minute. Found that I still get pain when going to the loo, but think its the position I sit on on the loo as was told to sit bent forward to get the bladder in the right position. Found if I sit back it isn't painful, they never thought of that!
Frustrated about the time its taking the wound to heal but suppose it could be worse. Was pleased last night as didn't need to take the mst's before bed, hoping to try managing without them at night. Dave won't let me start cutting the day dose down yet, thinks its too early and I'm in too much pain. He logs every ooch which is a problem as when I think of cutting drugs down he can refer me back to periods of the day when I was in pain.
It sounds like its really pretty, I think fall is a colourful time of year 2.
Still got the gorgeous stockings on. Thinking that some1 should bring them out in a more fun colour, red prehaps, girls wouldn't mind them as much at all, still I suppose they match everything LOL. Not sure how long to keep them on for so trying to be good. Took them off for a short period yesterday for a break then put back on, think I deserve a gold star really!
As u can see getting more comfortable to go on the computer now. Friend just had op come back and was straight on the computer don't know how she did it unless she had a lap top, it really hurt me.
The enzymes should def be helping the healing won't they they aren't slowing the it??
Trying to go for very short walks to keep moving a bit.
Take care, be back to chat soon.
Thanks still for replying really appreciate it.

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Old 10-09-2008, 04:56 AM   #77
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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Imagine my surprise to see your post again today!

As far as your pain compared to your friends and what your able to do after surgery, I think some people feel pain more than others, I know that if your on thyroid meds a person can be more sensitive to pain, I know I am. One little bump and it feels like someone took a hammer to me. I heal slower too, or least it feels like it because of the sensitivity.

When going to the loo(as you say), at least your not having that intense pain now. Must be a relief to know something is working.

Aren't those stockings for circulation lovely, and don't they leave nice indents in the skin. The kind I've worn before left lines in the skin and they would itch. FUN! Better than getting a blood clot though.

As far as the silk worm supplements, my sister was asking the same thing you are. 'Is this stuff really doing anything.'

Well yesterday I was helping her make a list, to take to her new doctor that she is going to today. She had to list all the nutrients and prescriptions and why she was taking the product. We got to the silk worm enzyme and she asked me what she should write down for it. I said, 'Didn't I print out a bunch of different sites that explained what the enzyme worked on in the body?'

Well she found the printouts I gave to her, and she was reading them for the first time since her surgery, she was very surprised to see that it does all kinds of things to help her heal.

If you have a printer, I'd suggest you search for any information on it and print it out, this way you don't have to sit at the computer to read what you find.

I printed 5 different articles for her, stapled them separately and she is going to give her doctor the one with the patient studies. Believe me, your body needs this right now. You'll be amazed when you refresh your mind on what it does.

I ordered some more for her yesterday, she buys it from me one bottle at a time. I order enough so there's no shipping, when she needs a bottle she just lets me know.

I've been out of this product for a while, I've noticed I'm having more trouble with my sinus's again. I think it helped with the bloat I can get sometimes, I get it right under the ribs, now it's back too. I'm going to start taking it again when the order comes in.

Wished we lived closer to each other, I could give you a ton of books to read, an some spa like treatments, like reflexology, paraffin wax treatments on the hands, feet, and elbows. A facial would feel good. Lots of candles, and of course that soothing rice pack with lavender flowers that smell up the room when heated with the rice.

I had a little spa day here for my sister, she's had a lot of trouble with her hands, feet and elbows, her joints are a bit swollen and they hurt, she loved it.

My sister tends to over due when she feels a bit better, then she's in pain for three days, don't do this!
Glad to hear that Dave is in your corner and reminds you that if you skip your pain meds at this time, your body will not relax enough and then you can not get your full rest when needed. It's way too stressful to start skimping on something that allows your body to relax, when your tense everything hurts.

Hope you continue to heal on your incision area, it may take a while for that to close, but if it was closed and infected, you'd really be in a world of hurt, the infection then has no where to go, it just festers.

Still painting quite a bit when weather permits, and when it doesn't, I'm sewing Christmas gifts. Should be weeding out some closets, but haven't really wanted to go there yet. I'm sure I'll get to it one of these days.

Thanks again for posting!!!!
Hugs, Diana

Old 10-22-2008, 06:33 AM   #78
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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.


Wounds nearly completely healed now, purple scar colour only oozing a lottle bit, nurses think that they'll be healed in about a fortnight at the most. Dave was off doing his bike test yesterday and went mad when he came home as I'd cleaned round the shower base which had some black marks on the sealant. I ended up in pain later to which he had no sympathy. He is really annoyed and has told my parents so they're going to go at me too. I was only doing it for about 15 mins, which is not doing much for a whole day. Hate it when we fall out, they don't seem to understand that its been 6 weeks I've been doing nothing. Sorry to contact you when I'm down.
Thanks for the reassurance re the enzyme, really chuffed that I've healed quickly once it started.
Take care

Old 10-23-2008, 04:34 AM   #79
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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Hey Scraggy, I think everyone gets the itch to do 'something constructive' when we are laid up and I bet you'll take up sewing from now on? lol. Sorry your sore, and your Dave is upset with you.

Maybe if you really think about it you could find some crafty thing you could do that didn't involve physical labor.

Perhaps you could make some rice packs for gifts, if you could find some shirts or pants you don't wear anymore but like the material, you could make something out of them. You need just a little hobby that keeps you from getting in trouble with Dave and everyone else.

I so remember doing to much to soon and paying the price for three days or so.

You'll have to come up with something to keep your mind off what you can't do, it's hard I know, it's seem when your not suppose do it that's when it bugs you the most.

By the way, I found out that if you spray cleaner on something then leave it on for around 5mins, give it another spray if it dries, it's easily wiped up and you don't have to scrub. lol. Like that is going to get you out of trouble now.

You've got enough people mad at you, I'm not going to be one of them. I've been in your shoes and I know how hard it is to let things go, maybe there's a lesson for you to learn, sometimes we have to let the little things go till the timing is right.

Don't worry about telling me bad news, any time you post and let me know your still there is good for me.

Too bad it hurts your back to be on the computer, that would be something you could do and not get yelled at for doing.

Did you tell Dave you've learned your lesson yet? lol.

Sorry, I had to kind of laugh about this because I've been there too. Huggs, Diana

Old 11-01-2008, 05:19 AM   #80
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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Thought you'd have a bit of a giggle at it. I now agree the jobs I'm allowed to do b4 Dave goes to work so I don't get into trouble. I am posting every time I go on the computer its just I'm still not going on much as its still quite sore, especially if I'm in pain before I start.
I'll try the cleaner idea, when I 'm allowed to get to that stage.
I'm still on 1 dressing, to be taken off on tuesday and then the nurses reckon I won't have to have them on any more. It actually feels a bit vulnerable without the dressings which is daft as they were only covering them not holding the areas together. I suppose its a bit like taking a plaster cast off. Its just strange as I've had them on for a while.
Are you getting prepare for christmas now? Luckily I got most of the xmas shopping done before the operation so I've not got much to do. Good really as I haven't even got round a supermarket yet never mind braved the amount of walking shopping in town would be.
Got a party to go to in mid november. Some1 I met recently like you who has had lots of operations and has been very supportive before and after the operation. Its about an hour away and so that I can enjoy the night without worrying about being up to driving at the end of it Dave has suggested we could stay in a hotel overnight, I thought that was really sweet of him, I'm definately lucky being with a partner like him.
How are you? Hows your sister?
I didn't realise it'd been such a while since I'd been on the computer you'd never believe I do try :-(
Friend was telling me a tale about her cat, she came in from wok and found that the cat had ate her way through 1 and a half jam doughnuts then rolled all over the cream carpet. Previously she had opened the bread bin and tore up a loaf of bread and munched through a packet of crisps she'd had in her haandbag, my friend not the cat! You can understand why they call her munchkin!
Off to have a lie down on the settee. I am improving just wish it was going a bit quicker thats all, but compared to what I was going through previously I'm really pleased. Still get pain to left and right of abdomen but think thats function of bowel rather than anything else. At least I will have my own personal heater untl january when my consultant decides if its ok to have hrt. Wish my imagination was as good as the temperature feelings cos I'm sure I'm in hawaii temperature wise.
Hope you are having a resonable time. Try to post soon.
hugs Elaine

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