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Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

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Old 09-30-2005, 02:57 PM   #1
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Skylar333 HB User
Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

I should have posted this along time ago on this board. As you all are actual people in pain as I am, and not addicts. Although I know that people can become addicts even taking what is prescribed. I posted originally on the addict board. Anyways. My question is for people who had to take opiates while pregnant. How were the babies after birth? Any side effects? What was your dosage? Anything else I should know?
I have been taking 20-30mg of vicodin throughout my pregnancy and I am now 28 weeks. I flipped my van and rolled a few times uphill and severly messed up my shoulders and back about 2 years ago. I also have sciatica. The doctors I have seen have said the baby should be fine and that being in pain is worse for him then taking vicodin. I do not trust doctors all that much and that is why I have taken my research elsewhere. Everything is checking out fine and he is measuring a little bigger for his gestation age. Any advice would be very appreciated.

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Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

Hi Sky I'm not a gal but thought I could give you some info if your wondering what the Teratogenic effects clasification means and what each rating is. Hydro is a class C which means there is a potential for risk. The risk with Hydrocodone is posibility of the fetus being born physicaly dependent. However your dose is low, if you keep it low, the baby will get even less and if the value outweighs the potential for harm. AS in not treating your pain, allowing high BP and other physiological responses that are more potentially harmful than the possibility of minor physcical dependence. That can be dealt with at birth, a doc will usualy chose to continue to manage pain as not to put that level of stress on your or the baby.

This explains the rating system the NIH uses and the info above was what read abut hydrocodne you can find at any manufacture website and reading the full prescribing info. It does sound like your doc is looking out for you and your babies best interest. Congrats on the baby. ids=6393685&dopt=Abstract

Take care, Dave

PS, I hope it was apropriate for me to answer, I figurde it was something easy to reseacrh and from what I have read I wouldn't ask my wife to DC the meds for fear of damage to the fetus. Claritan has the same class C rating as do most prescriptions other than ones notorious for birth defects. I know perrsonal experience would be more comforting than the science, but I trust the science.

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Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

This isn't an answer to your question, but its something I've wondered about so I'll ask.

If a man is on meds, will that effect the fetus or have any kind of negative effects on a baby?

I've tried to search but didn't come up with anything. I'm sure I could ask a doctor, but if anyone here knows if its dangerous to try and have a child if the man is on meds.

thanks, James.

Old 10-01-2005, 03:38 PM   #4
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Sammiejoe HB User
Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

Hi and Congrats on your baby!
I think I saw your post on the addiction board and I was going to reply, but, I didn't think it was the appropriate forum, so I'm glad that you wrote here.
I started having back pain 5 years ago during my last pregnancy and I took opiates from about 5 months pregnant till her birth and my daughter is perfect....
Now I know how scary it is to take any meds during pregnancy and I wouldn't have taken the chance at risking my baby if I thought for one minute that taking opiates would harm her. The reason I had to take meds was because at 5 months pregnant, I had my appendix out. I had general anesthesia and then an IV drip with demerol and after the surgery I still had the same pain.
It turned out that my appendix was fine, but, one month after the operation I was back in the hospital because the pain was so bad and they finally found that I had a large kidney stone caused by a previous kidney infection.
Anyways, I did pass the stone, but, it damaged my ureter and my pain persisted, so I was sent home with percocet which I took up until about 3 days before my daughter's birth. When my daughter was born she was drug tested and it was NEGATIVE and she had no sign of withdrawal and she is just perfect!!!
I can totally understand your fears and your mistrust of doctors. I know the terrible time I had during my pregnancy and even afterwards I still had trouble finding out why my back still hurts. I did eventually find out when my daughter was about 6 months old that I have some disc that are pressing on my sciatic nerve and that was probably the main cause of my back pain, but, I went through *#LL and back before really knowing what was wrong with me.
So, I wish you luck and I really think the docs wouldn't rx the opiates if they thought it was going to damage the baby. I did alot of research and I even found out that if a pregnant woman is addicted to herion, the docs will give methadone because withdrawal can cause serious complications to the pregnancy. Also, they have been using morphine/demerol for years in pregnant women without any problems.

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BrittleBones HB UserBrittleBones HB UserBrittleBones HB UserBrittleBones HB UserBrittleBones HB User
Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

During my pregnancy in 1977 I was experiencing severe lower back pain. I think it was caused by the way the baby was pressing on my nerves. My OB/gYN docs put me on Percocet which I took from my 5th month until my daughter was born. She had no problems whatsoever. I know that they didn't drug test her or anything like that, but she had high Apgar scores and she was alert and aware. She grew up to be a wonderful woman who just gave birth to her first baby 2 1/2 weeks ago!!! All best wishes to you! KathyMac

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Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

To James, The only effect opiates could have on a man producng a healthy child is low sperm count. Opiates won't alter the genetic material caried by sperm so there is no greater risk of a male CP patient having an abnormal baby than any one else.

I think part of the concern is based on misinformation and info regarding addicts that haven't taken care of themself or their baby while actively abusing meds prior to delivery. Even something as simple as dehydration which is a common problem with heroin addicts, can cause problems carrying a baby full term. However a rcovering addict on methadone also has a good chance of having a very healthy child if they have proper prenatal care and care for their own health.

If you are healthy aside from CP and use opiates for pain managment, and still take all the steps to have a healthy child as far as prenatal care and proper care for yourself the risk is fairly minimal that opiates will have any effect on the the development of a child other than the risk of being born physically dependent.

IN the addict population the total lack of prenatal care and lack of care for the mothers own health effects the baby more than the actual opiate consumed. All opiates have the same class C rating due to the same potential for physical dependence. However if the baby is born with opiates in their system, if they were legally prescribed with the pros and cons weighed, child welfare services won't get involved in the case of PM if opiates are found in a newborns system. They do have the abillity to manage withdrawal in a newborn if physical dependence is an issue but with minimal use of short acting meds particularly the few days before birth, the meds will likely be comletely out of the babies system.

Fortunately the plecenta also acts similar to your kidneys filtering out harmful substances from your blood before it reaches the child. It's not 100% effective but even if the mother is HIV positive,a child can be born HIV negative due to the action of the placenta and the use of supressive medication.

There is a greater risk to the newborn from passing opiates through breast feeding than the risk of using opiates for pain management during pregancy.

I have also followed quite a few pregnant CP patients through their preganancy and have yet to see a problem in the years I have been involved in PM.
Take care, Dave

Old 10-04-2005, 05:02 PM   #7
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Skylar333 HB User
Re: Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?

Thak you for the replies everyone. I am receiving prenatal care and eat very healthy. I try to keep myself as healthy as possible as I do not want to make myself feel any worse or harm my baby. I also have a heart problem and the pain will make this worse. But I am greatful that the heart problem will not effect my baby. I have looked at the science of hydrocodone and what not. But a study that says that 1000 times the human doze was given to a pregnant rat does not help.

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