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can the pharmacy do this??

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Old 01-14-2008, 11:28 AM   #1
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lexusjohnny HB User
can the pharmacy do this??

my doctor faxed a script for hydrocodone 7.5 to Walgreens, they said that they wont fill it because it is too soon. i was taking 5-500 but they are not working( pain in my left leg due to a recurring disc??, going to see a new neuroligist for a second opinion) can walgreens do this? my doctor sent them a script for a different medication. what do i do since i am out now and i WONT be able to sleep tonight? please advise.


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Old 01-14-2008, 12:45 PM   #2
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Luvmypugs HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this?? *** !!!

In my experience, different medication & strength therefore the pharmacy should fill it and if they have a problem then have them call the doctor. Hopefully you conveyed that the 5/500's were not working as well to your doc and that's why he increased strength so he should have no problem with you getting the new script filled.

I am sorry for your problem and hope everything works out.

Good luck and take care all!

Old 01-14-2008, 01:20 PM   #3
Arthr Itis
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Arthr Itis HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this?? *** !!!

I suggest you call your doctor and see if they will call Walgreens.

Old 01-14-2008, 08:30 PM   #4
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Gayanne33 HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

Sorry to say yes they can!!! Besides calling your doctor if you are dealing with insurance it is the insurance company that is "bulking"!! Tell them you will pay cash for it if nothing else works.

Old 01-14-2008, 10:30 PM   #5
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hessie28 HB Userhessie28 HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

From my experience the insurance company will only deny it if it is the same prescription. If it is a different strength then they should fill it. Maybe the pharmacy tech put in the old script by accident. You never know. I know my Walgreens is always packed and people have trouble with them. I didn't think you were allowed to fax a prescription for narcotics. I thought you had to have the original script for them.

Old 01-15-2008, 12:30 AM   #6
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trowftd3 HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

Please post and let us know what happened. I thought that if it was a new prescription the pharmacy had to fill it.

hessie...hydrocodone can be faxed because it is a schedule III drug. Oxycodone must have a paper prescription because it is a schedule II drug.

Good luck~Mush
undiagnosed lung and back pain after pneumonia in '03, tmj, migraines,(two failed surgeries for) Kienbock's disease

Old 01-15-2008, 04:30 AM   #7
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ozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you were able to get that scrip filled. I hate thinking of anyone who is proven to need meds not have access to them. Many of us have been there.

I had the same thing happen not too long ago. My PM & I had been trying to get some long acting meds in my treatment plan and during that, we dropped the dosage of Norco to 5mg.

When the long acting meds weren't working out, my PM doctor put me back on my original treatment plan and upped the Norco back to 7.5mg. (He felt that all the yo-yoing with trying different meds was causing more problems for me).

We ditched the 5mg Norco and he faxed a new scrip for the 7.5mg, but didn't write "New Prescription" on it. I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said he couldn't fill it because it was a week early. I told him that we scratched the 5mg and this is a new scrip. He told me that he would be happy to call my doctor to confirm, or let me call the doctor and have them them call the pharmacy. I opted for the pharmacist to call just so confirmation came directly from my doctor's office. Plus, it's easier for the pharmacist to get through to a human being. I usually have to go through the automated answering system & leave a message. Twenty minutes later, I got a call from the pharmacist telling me the scrip was ready.

I live in a small area, and have a good relationship with this pharmacy and the pharmacists & technicians, but they still weren't going to fill that scrip unless the doctor confirmed it was a new one. This is their rule, and they don't change the rules just because they know the person getting the scrip filled. I don't request early refills, don't try to call at closing time to fill something, and I also do everything in my power to insure I don't do anything that even remotely looks "suspicious". I'm not saying you did anything wrong, so please don't take this that way.

Part of me understands because of all the seekers out there and the people who will try and fill a scrip early because they misused/took too many of their meds and are just trying to get one over on somebody, BUT, being a CP patient, the other part of me feels for each and every one of us who end up paying the price for other peoples' actions.

Please let us know what happened. I really hope you were able to get your meds. Take care.

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Old 01-15-2008, 06:45 AM   #8
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lexusjohnny HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

instead of my doctor calling in the script,he wants me to come in and see him to go over my pain meds. i am hoping we get this under control, i feel like i am going to say something that makes him think i am a drug seeker.i have legit pain, bottom line. i dont have any meds right now and boy do i know it!!!
i cant stop thinking about my back/leg pain, i took some advil this morning.....that is like a band aid on a gunshot!!!

Any advise on what i should say to him??

Old 01-15-2008, 08:03 AM   #9
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forginon HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

Just tell him the truth.

He needs to know about your pain med use to date, and how the pain is affecting your quality of life.


Old 01-15-2008, 04:45 PM   #10
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Fabrashamx HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

You can get it, but they can make you jump through hoops for it. go back or call the pharmacy and ask to speak to a pharmacist, explain that this is the same med, but in a different strength, and you need it now, they can call your doctor and have him fax them premission for an early fill, that should be enough for the insurance, if not, you can offer to pay cash or ask your doctor to call the insurance,

Dont worry about being a pain, believe me, they deal with this all day long, I have been in this situation myself and thats what I was told.

It stinks that we have to be assertive and run all over while being in terrible pain, but thats the way it works, sorry to say.

Best of luck to you and I hope you get your meds soon!


Old 01-16-2008, 12:55 PM   #11
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lexusjohnny HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

relief is mine!! i went to the doctor today and spoke directly to him. i explained what was happening and he gave me a script for 60 hyrdocodone 10-500. i went to Walgreens and had it filled with no questions. i am going to see another neurosurgeon to figure out why i am in pain and how we fix it so i am not on these narcotic meds forever. they cant be good for you, nothing that makes you feel good ever is. woo hoo....

Old 01-16-2008, 02:54 PM   #12
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Fabrashamx HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

YAY! So glad to hear you are feeling better, its so awful what we go through, but you did the right thing not giving up!

Hope things continue to go well for you.

Your Friend, Fabby

Old 01-18-2008, 02:10 PM   #13
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painaway HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

THANK THE GOOD LORD, Lex!!! What a relief. I tell you, it's a horrible feeling to wonder if you'll get pain relief or not. And unfortunately, it's a feeling we have all too often. I bet if we polled everyone on this board, we'd find that most, if not all of us have wondered if we will get our next refill or our next script...or if this will be the month when the rug will be yanked right out from under us.

Old 01-18-2008, 06:53 PM   #14
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Re: can the pharmacy do this??

Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over this crap..these Pharmacists who act like they are the f ing police, I hope they pass a damn law soon so they get yanked back into their little britches. Our ph mgr is so anal, he needs ....well you know what I want to say.
I have been with my doc for over 2 yrs,going on 3 , and he gave me a script of 7.5 vic, with 5 refills #60.
This a**hole gives me crap every time I want my script on the 9th day. Isnt this crap? Ive been a PM pt for starting on 3 yrs, and this ***** is getting old. ONE day early and they say they have to call the doctor. I would think on the 9th day you could get it filled.
ANYone? Im so sick of feeling like a damn druggie just to call and get a friggin refill. Im talking to my doc this weekend... but I think of the ppl who suffer b/c these pharmacists think they are God.
.I just want to know what gives the pharmacist the right to be our police? I have NEVER lost a script or anything...IM with my doc for going on 3 yrs with NO contract...Sorry to repeat, but i thougha 10 day supply meant you could pick up your script that night of the 9th day. Is that too much to ask? ***...Someone please tell me what I can do. This is stupid.
IZZY'SMOM crabby

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Old 01-19-2008, 01:42 PM   #15
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TopamaxKillsMe HB User
Re: can the pharmacy do this??

I moved to Florida from California. I had no problem filling scripts for Vicodin or Ativan while in LA. In Florida, they are neurotic about their meds. First off, my neuro gave me a script for percocet w/ a refill. I was told that they don't do refills as it's against the law here. I asked if I could call them and they could call my doctor's office to confirm when I'm ready to refill. They said "no", they need a physical prescription and don't do it via the phone. Florida totally has a bug up its *** re: meds because when I tried to refill a script for lorazapam, I had to go through all kinds of crap because my new doctor wrote the dosage wrong on the script (I was on 3/day in LA, he put 1/day by mistake on script). In LA, it was so easy, pick up the phone, call, then pick up. No hassles. Here in chronic pain, I have to drive to my doctor's to pick up the script, then drop it off at the pharmacists to refill because it has oxycodone in it and that's a "narcotic".

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