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tips on my pain journal!!

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Old 11-15-2010, 10:35 AM   #1
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Question tips on my pain journal!!

Hi everyone I have started keeping a pain journal and I am going to post the last 3 days of this journal to see if anyone can give me tips on anything else i need to include or if anybody can read any of this and make any sense outta all this and if you think my DR could find this helpful!!
As always thank you for all your input

11-13-10 I have noticed at around 4-5 oclock each day my legs both of them seem to hurt almost like from inside the bones
but also sharp pains my butt also tends to go numb a lott in those times my neck stiffness is with me 24/7 a lott of neck and shoulder pain and stiffnesss also today my left foot just started hurting bad like it was on fire very hard to describe I am currently taking 50mg of baclofen a day spread threw out the day it seems to help the stiffness in my neck and shoulders and back without the baclofen i can hardly move because i am so stiff,, I have found that 10mg hydrocodene helps my pain threw out my body but it seems to wear off very quickly as in 3 hours it seems to dissapaite I was prescribed 3 hydro 5's a day to start with and told to take 1 and if that didnt help to take 2 and have found that 2 helps but seems to wear off real far as my back pain it seems to radiate more from the right top side but some dayz the left side hurts worse than the right very hard to explain as I have no idea what one day from another will lead.. It is currently 8pm and I just took my 20mg of baclofen 1 hour ago and hydrocodene 10mg about 3 hours ago i can now feel sharp pain in my upper torsoe in my neck shoulders and both sides of my upper back my legs are currently just aching just a constant ache with sharp pain running threw them ever now and then my left leg seems to hurt worst than my right today..My upper back pain never leaves me it does however alleviate after i take my hydrocodene only for 3 hours or so my leg pain seems to really hurt around my knees and upward from there it hardly ever runs all the way down my leg except for occasion when my left foot just feels like it is on fire I am hoping this diary can help my Dr better understand my condition as I cannot remember this unless I jot it down... I have found that my leg pain is getting worse

11-14-10 It is 8 am right now it rained last night so maybe thats why my leg pain is about 3 fold from where it was
before I went to bad it feels as if it is coming from inside my bones so Im guessing this could be arthritis I dont know....As far as the shooting pains in my legs that I was having such a problem with last night they are still with me but not as bad as last night I will take 10mg hydrocodene and 20-30mg baclofen and see if that helps as always My upper back right side and left side is hurting severely this morning my stiffness in my upper back neck and shoulders is very bad this morning i will update after i take my medication

11am my pain in my legs still pretty bad my back pain seemed to alleviate a little bit but my medication seems to be wearing off within 3 hours id say my back pain went from a 8 to a 7 but my leg pain is still holding at a 8

5pm my leggs are killing me my upper back has been hurting all day and it is intensifying 20mg of baclofen seems to help the tension i feel in my upper back neck and shoulders but seems to do nothing for the pain today and my legs are killing me especially my left leg but my right has had episodes of i dunno what to call it spasms or a nerve pinching or something but seems to have sever sharp pain shooting down it id say level 9 on pain scale hurting really bad when it hurts my left id say stays at about a level 7 but can reach a 9-10 it seems to be especially bad today I have also experienced numbness in my butt todayi am starting to wonder if the baclofen is hurting my stomach or not i do know when my legs get to hurting bad my stomach seems to get nausas or maybe its because i haft to take more baclofen i dont know what triggers what

11-15-10 12 pm today has been a rather achward day for my my lower back seems to be killing me today
my upper back seems to be hurting about the same as it usualy does but i have noticed that my lower back
is killing me today plus my legs are killing me I dont know if this has to do with the weather or not its been raining so Im not sure but i am having lower back pain along with leg pain and upper back pain I am hurting all over today!! I have taked 30mg of baclofen and 10mg of hydrocodene 1 and a half hours ago and it dosent seemed to help a bit!!! I cant say if this is the weather making me hurt like this or some other nerve damage just getting worse I havent hurt this bad in a while the pain is constant and im hurting in places i usually dont hurt like my lower back.. my upper mid back is also killing me feels like someone has put vice grips to a nerve in my back

I would describe at the time my pain levels are:
legs 6-7
lower back 6-7

my pain in my upper back feels like someone is squezzing my nerves with a vice which is running into my lower back today...
my pain in my lower back which isnt usually there feels like someone has punched me in the back very hard to describe
the pain in my legs is a constant dulll pain with intermediate sharp pains running threw it..
My butt has felt like it is numb again today.. I have noticed also my legs seem to go numb sometimes today

Today has been the worst since i have started this journal

Thanks guys all input id deeply appreciated!!!

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Re: tips on my pain journal!!

Good for you, having the pain journal. It's a good tool for you and for your doctor. I have a couple of suggestions but also a few questions for you......
1. Are you supposed to be taking that much baclofen at one time? I ask because it seems to be a lot of it, especially at one time. It is not meant to be taken the way you are taking it according to your journal. It is a muscle relaxant and too much of it at one time can make it difficult to control the muscles of your body when you stand or move around, as well as cause you to have difficulty breathing. To get the best result from baclofen, you are supposed to take regular doses at the times the doctor gave you on the bottle. Usually the daily dose is divided by the number of times you are supposed to take it per day......something like 5 mg, three times a day or 10 mg three times a day.
As far as suggestions go, I would try to cut out some of the narrative part of your journal. Sometimes, trying to read too much information will cause you to loose the person reading it. Remember that the doctor doesn't have the time during the visit to read all of that detail. Keep it simple, and clear in a format that the doctor can read what your pain levels are, what you did to relieve the pain and what the results were. Just describe the symptoms you are having and what you are doing to relieve the pain, whether it helped or not.
Like this-
Symptoms- increased pain levels in upper back, between shoulders, low back pain increased, pain shooting down left leg- burning sensation in left foot. Pain is 6 in upper back, 7 in low back, 8 in legs.
Treatment/meds- 10 mg baclofen , 2-5 mg hydrocodone at 10 am
Results-Pain levels down from 7-to 6, but increased numbness in buttocks noted

And the other recommendation that I would make would be to keep your pain level description consistent. Use one formula for describing your pain levels-
There are a lot of pain scales on the internet, I would suggest that you find one and include it in your journal so that the doctor can have some frame of reference when he is reading your description of the pain levels.
Good luck,

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slowmoe1950 (11-15-2010)
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slowmoe1950 HB User
Re: tips on my pain journal!!

I printed my out some of those pain diarys to try and document whats hurting when and all that and a quick lookever of one of these charts orta tell her a lot im going take 10 days worth of these pain journal they are sorta like this only more organized i believe this will help my dr a lot dont you

Rate pain
from 0-10
(see pain
Where is
the pain?
Can you describe the pain?
(i.e. sharp, throbbing, aching, etc.)
Rate pain
from 0-10
(see pain
Where is
the pain?
Can you describe the pain?
(i.e. sharp, throbbing, aching, etc.)

What other treatments did you use?

What medication did you take? How much? Describe your activity
level at this time

This makes it easier for me too and she can look this over very quickly and get an idea on whats going on anyway thanks for everthing ...

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Re: tips on my pain journal!!

Hello Slowmoe,
I like the format of the pain journal that was in your last post. Yes, it will make it easy for the doctor to look at it and get the data that she needs. Keep up the good work.
Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

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