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wbcbill 09-22-2011 08:00 AM

Paralyzed Diaphragm
In 1989 I had my left hip replaced, one of the drugs used to put me under was "Verset" upon my awakening all my signs were okay as determined by the medical staff in the recovery room. Over the next 5 days I had a low grade fever that persisted and my internal medicine Dr. finally determined that it was caused by a collapsed lung (left side lower lobe).

This lead the medical staff to further explore the cause and effects and it was determined in the overall diagnosis that: The Anesthesia drug (Verset) had put the Phrenic nerves (they run down both the right and left side of your neck) the left phrenic nerve did not recover and it connects the diaphram and the lung so that when breathing the lung is filled with air and the diaphram acts as a "bellows". The medcial staff advised me that the "Phrenic" nerve could and should eventually "wake up" which would then allow the lung and diaphram to work in total concert (normal) Of course that did not happen and as I grow older (now age 70) I find that my lung functions and breathing ability is getting compromised more so each passing day.

I am seeing a pulmonoligist and she advises that propping up the head when sleeping will assist my breathing (I can only sleep on my left side). There does not appear to be any treatment options, drugs, or electric stimulation technology available, so I am going to be faced with going on to oxygen in the near future or setting up in a chair to sleep. Has anyone had this experience??? Does anyone have any practical solutions that work??? Please advise I would love to hear from you

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