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Old 07-28-2004, 07:33 PM   #1
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lil'momma HB User
feeding 9 mth. old questions

My son now has 2 bottom teeth. Can anyone recommend some new foods to try? some people say to try vienna sausage , but I worry about him choking. Also when does a baby usually learn to self feed really well with a spoon? He tries but he ends up turning it upside down and chewing it or either throwing it all on the floor. When do they usually get out of this throwing everything on the floor stage, I can be in a store and he will take his passy , the clip and all and throw it and when he is in his walker he will take the toys off his tray and do the same and cry until I pick them up so he can do it again. and what it so funny is that when my husband feeds him he will grab his finger and slide it to the end of his tray and let go like he's trying to drop it. He really doesn't do it to be bad, he's a good baby, I just think it is something new thats all. Also any ideas on how to get him to drink from a cup would be appreciated. He will only take sips from a cup and thats about it, I have tried for months. I have also tried putting his milk in it and he wants it in a bottle.

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Old 07-28-2004, 10:38 PM   #2
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Re: feeding 9 mth. old questions

My son just turned 2 and still throws things on the floor. It's a fun little game as long as you keep picking it back up. They don't see it as wrong. When we are out and he throws things, he doesnt get them back. I put them in the bag and we go on. He also doesnt use a spoon yet. He holds it in his hand but will pick up food with the other hand. They dont have the dexterity yet to master holding a utensil. Being good at holding a spoon doesnt come until between 2 and 3. Some kids earlier, some later.

You might want to try offering the cup and witholding the bottle. When the cup was the only option, they drank out of it. The only time they were allowed to have the bottle was right before bed when they were sleepy.

We gave very soft foods when they had 2 teeth. It was mainly for texture. We gave mashed potatoes, spaghetti cut in very small pieces, rice, oatmeal, banana, biter bisquits, Nilla Wafers, and Honey Grahams. I didnt give them anything with a skin or anything crunchy like some fruits and vegetables until they had back teeth. The front teeth are used to bite and the back teeth are used to chew. A good rule of thumb is to not give him anything he needs to chew right now. Good luck
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Old 07-29-2004, 03:41 AM   #3
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MandyAnne26 HB User
Re: feeding 9 mth. old questions

Heinz makes a really good toddler biscuits, my daughter is almost 2 and still loves them. Look for either baby cookies/biscuits that disolve easily. We don't get gerber foods where i'm at so i don't know what they make. You didn't mention what kind of foods you are feeding him now...if he's on jarred food you can move on to toddler food. They have soft peices that break up easiy, but also teach the baby how to chew. Also, you can try some plain toast with butter on it...some babies to well with this, some don't, my first child did good no problems at all, my other two didn't do so well, but they were both picky eaters, my 2 year old still is. As far as utensils, more emphasis is put on finger foods at that age, cut up soft foods into small bite sized peices. What i would do is give some to the baby so he/she could use a spoon or fingers but i would keep most of it with me so i could feed the baby. Every baby is different, my son used a spoon well at 1 year, my daughter was ok, my youngest will do what the other poster said, hold the fork or spoon hin her hand and use her other hand to pick it up. My son would actually pick it up with his hand and stick it on the fork, lol. You can also get different shaped utensils for your baby to try, my 1st daugter did best with the curved ones at that age.

I think all babies go through the how much will mommy and daddy pick up for me stage, what i did is i'd pick it up a few times, and of course if it were an accident, each time telling the baby to keep the toys on the tray, after telling them two or three times i'd stop picking them up, the baby of course wasn't happy, but you'd be there all day picking things up. Eventually they all clued in to not throwing things on the floor, i found all of my kids were really bad for it in resturants.

Old 07-29-2004, 07:56 AM   #4
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lil'momma HB User
Re: feeding 9 mth. old questions

Mandyanne, Besides baby food I give him table food that I mash really well like potatoes, peas, carrots, bananas, and mixed vegetables. I will try grits tomorrow morning. I'm looking at more ideas on soft finger type foods to give him. Like every child he loves ice cream, but I only give him just a little amount once in a while. The other day we went out for pizza and I gave him a little bit of mushrooms diced up with a little sauce and he liked it. I always give him baby jar meats but he is not really liking the meats to well, maybe it is still a little early for such a strong taste I guess. Sometimes if I am lucky he will eat the chicken or ham. I just have one more question though, should I keep mashing those foods like his peas or just put it on his tray and let him pick them up, or should I only let him pick up foods that are real finger foods?

Old 07-29-2004, 09:33 AM   #5
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MandyAnne26 HB User
Re: feeding 9 mth. old questions

You can cook (steaming is better) things like peas, carrots, anything that has the potential to get really soft, just keep it in a few minutes longer than you would yours. I wouldn't mash peas or carrots, peas are small so they should be fine they way they are, cut the carrots up into small cubes or long thin slices he can take a bite from. As long as it's easy to mash than he should be alright, you can give him a small peice to see if he's ok with it rather than just letting him eat it on his own, if he's ok with being spoon fed it than he should be alright with feeding it to himself. None of my kids liked the jared baby meats (i think they smell like cat food), i always just fed them the mixed dinners that had the meat already in or what you can do is boil a peice of chicken, ham or whatever meat you choose then blend it up, or dice it up, chicken is the easiest meat to start with it's very soft and easy to chew. You can also feed him pasta, choose a pasta like macaroni (just something small enough to be bite size for your baby, you can buy baby pasta but i always fount it too tiny for the baby to feed themselves) that is over cooked a little so it's soft enough for him to chew up on his own and blend up some of your pasta sauce and mix it in (i used to do that for my 2 year old, she's very picky, so i'd make a big batch and freeze it in meal size portions).
If you don't have a blender you can get one of those mini chopper things, usualy for under $20, it won't puree anything, but for a 9 month old it should be fine, it's what i used, i just chopped up what we were having for supper, just take your sons portion out before you add any spices or anything that may bother his tummy.
Just follow his lead, once he is used to one texture and is doing well on it for a few weeks or a month add some tougher textures, just stay away from anything chewie untill he has some molars.
You can also try cheereos...heinz makes a baby version, i'm not sure if it has less sugar and more vitamins and things, but my kids loved it.

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Old 08-17-2004, 08:51 PM   #6
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Mommy2Isaiah HB User
Re: feeding 9 mth. old questions

I might be an overprotective mom, but my own personal opinion is 9 months is way too young for toddler foods, still. I agree with the other posters about steaming vegetables and mashing them, and also, Gerber makes great foods for all ages and stages and they tell you right on the label. LOVED THEM!!! Oh, one more thing, by "milk" you mean formula, right??? Babies should NOT have cows milk until they are a year old. Just checking.

Good luck and check out Gerber.

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