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too young to potty train?

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Old 12-29-2004, 08:15 AM   #1
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Kiera1595 HB User
too young to potty train?

I'm am looking for stories from parents who had success potty training boys at a young age. My son is 20 months. And I think that he is ready, but I feel like he's too young to "get it".

I always took the stance that I would never pressure him and to let nature take it's course. His favorite video is about using the potty and one of his favorite books is about using the potty. They were both hand me downs from a friend that got thrown into the mix and he has decided that they are his favorites. He picks them! He always tells me what daddy and I are doing when we are in the bathroom. And yesterday when I picked him up from daycare his little sheet that tells me what he did all day said that he sat on the potty. They said that they asked if he would like to do it and he said yes and sat there for 5 minutes (nothing came out)

I just don't want to push him to grow up too fast. But don't get me wrong, it would be great! I also have a baby due in 2 months and I'm worried that it will throw a kink into things.

OK superparents...give me your advice Thanks in advance!

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Old 12-29-2004, 08:29 AM   #2
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Ratatosk HB UserRatatosk HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

DS is 18 months old and last month I bought him a potty chair. He walked up to me and DH and said poop -- a couple minutes later he grunted and filled his diaper. He's never used the potty chair. He likes to sit on it or on the toilet and look at car magazines. We KNOW he's probably not ready, but figure we'll just get him used to the ideas. We're hoping maybe he'll be easy to train and be trained early, but we're not going to push it.

Old 12-29-2004, 12:26 PM   #3
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siren1024 HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

I've been wondering about this too. My DS is almost 18 months, and with #2 on the way, it would be kind of nice to have him on the way out of diapers. He doesn't seem interested in the least at this point. He's entirely too busy to sit anywhere for any length of time, including the potty.

He could run around with a poopy diaper for the rest of the day if I'd let him cause he doesn't even want to stop what he's doing long enough for a diaper change.
Married 09/28/2002
DS born 07/05/2003
DD born 3/24/2005

Old 12-30-2004, 11:02 AM   #4
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fouradss HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

Well i'm no expert, my daughter is only 8months. But my SIL has a son who will be 3 in feb. He is still in the process of training. He is a very busy boy! For the mommy who is having her baby in 2 months, I know that my SIL midwife suggested waiting atleast 6 months after the baby was born. To much other new stuff in his life to try and potty train. I know both myself and my hubby were potty trained around two, so I'm sure Lauren will follow the trend. Everyone is different. Good Luck!

Old 12-30-2004, 10:43 PM   #5
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MIpigpen HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

I hope I do not come across too strong in this reply, but this is very personal to me due to my 1st son and his potty training. I was excited to have him potty trained because he was almost 3 and right before his b-day we were having our 2nd son. We had also just moved, my father had died and I had lost a baby girl at 5 months and became preg again the next month. Ug, but we took it easy...a few pushes, but once we moved onto someting else, like his "chores" he was assigned everyday (take his plate, cup and napkin to the sink, fill our dogs water bowl...little things, but we really hadn't tought him about that. 2 weeks before little brother came, he went number one with NO accidents. BM came a few times, but then BIG dry spell. In house sitter seemed heck bent on it, and honestly I would have loved it if he would have just done that as well, he was such an great child that I thought we would back off a little. Private stuff and someone must have started to say he stunk, because he would hide and then one day told my mom he would leave the room because he knew she didn't want to be around him when he smelled.

Came home one day to find my mother in law physicaly dragging my little tender hearted boy accross the hardwood floor towards the bathroom. He was sobbing and trying to tear her hands from his wrists. She was saying "we took care of this yesterday, you will not go in a diaper again". He saw me and sobbed, "no mommy help me". Well, you kind of get the picture. House rule that would not be broken or else....back off! Everyone, all grandparents, nanny sitters, everyone.

I went on line to check out info and read about parents spanking their kids is they wouldn't go. Perents sit 2 year olds on the toilet for over 30 minutes or as long as it takes (which is what had happend the day prior to my son). Toys and treats are taken away,kids are told they are dirty and smelling and left in their diaper for hours. Most stories (oh and many were positive) were regarding children under 3.

My husband did not see what I did and did not feel it was as big of a devistating event as I did.

10 minutes later while he was in the kitchen, I ran up to him, snatched both of his wrists and jerked him accross the floor yelling,"you will poop in the potty! You will not get up until you do! You will not sit in a smelly diaper! That is for little babies!" He got my point, but was not happy with me.

Okay, worse yet, his am BM in his little WC...I threw open the door and stood over him saying "are you done? Did you Go? YOu won't get any lunch! You won't leave here. Big boys go in the potty. Let's go!"

So such a long post. took a little longer, but at 3 years and 3 months, all on his own, he walked into the WC, did his business, washed his hands and so it goes.

They are so little, so precious, I hope no one makes a child feel shamed for such a private and pretty much always will come around body function.

Old 12-31-2004, 07:15 AM   #6
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siren1024 HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

I agree with you completely on that. I know at this point we have to take it very easy. Yesterday DS actually followed me in the bathroom and said "tee tee! Tee tee!" so I took his diaper off and let him sit on the potty. He just sat there and cheered "Yeah!!!!" and clapped for himself. He never peed and I let him get down when he wanted to. Then he flushed the toilet and waved bye bye. He really seemed to be excited about the whole experience. So at least we're showing some interest in the potty. I think I may just let him take it at his own pace until this baby is a little older. So if he trains himself (like my brother did) that will be nice, but I don't think I'll push him at least until he's over 2 and adjusted to the new baby.
Married 09/28/2002
DS born 07/05/2003
DD born 3/24/2005

Old 01-01-2005, 07:21 PM   #7
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BioAdoptMom3 HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

Kellie I think you should just keep on encouraging him like you are doing now. All three of ours trained themselves right around the age of three (give or take a month or two) and it was so much easier than potty training! Actually our ped recommended we do it that way with the first and it worked like a charm all three times. Just encourage in whatever ways you can and let them take the lead. Some are going at two and others not until they're four.


Old 01-01-2005, 07:53 PM   #8
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Ackray HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

I haven't done it with my kids. But there is something called elimination communication. And you can start doing it very very early. I don't know what the rules are for posting links here to other boards, but if it is OK, then I will post a link to a board forum devoted to it.

Old 01-02-2005, 02:06 PM   #9
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Mica09 HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

I let my boys potty trained themselves. I didn't want to spend my time asking them every few minutes if they needed to go to the bathroom and making them sit on the potty before they had an accident. They were about 3 years old when they were fully trained (day and night). I had a potty in the bathroom and a book on the subject, and sometimes after they were two, I would asked them from time to time if they wanted to try, but I never forced them. They saw the potty as a positive thing. Like your child, they would sit on it and read a book but would never do anything in it.

I read that most children are not ready for the potty until they are at least 2 years old. Some are not ready before 3 and even 4. To be ready, a child needs to recognize the urge to go, be able to control the urge, walk to the toilet, has to be able to remove his clothes and be relax enough to go.

Old 01-02-2005, 05:46 PM   #10
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dizzyone HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

My daughter is 30 months, she has been using the potty(trying out the potty for several month) she will even ask to take off her diaper during the day and we make a big deal by clapping and calling relatives and she gets to tell them she went potty. I don,t her to feel like she is being forced. I have a son who is 5 her was daytime trained about 3 and I like to sleep at night so I have not be in a regimine to get him up in the middle of the night to go(needless to say he sleeps like a log and even if I try to ake him he does not wake I have to drag him to the toilet and try to make him go) he is not a night time peeer he still sleep with pullups in case of an accident is now usually through the night. With my daughter I think I will still encourage her togo through the day but until the summer then I can take the potty with us out in the backyard, there is less clothes, it just make it easier. I guess I,m just real laid back and it will come when it comes. It of course will be great when there are no mord diapers or pullups, but I will take the kids lead, even if I don,t encourage they eventually will pottytrain but when they are ready, not when I want them to be ready. Sandra

Old 01-06-2005, 12:16 PM   #11
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angel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB User
Re: too young to potty train?

Hello there !!

My DS was 17 months when DD arrived in the world in the October. Good old fashioned hot weather for us !! So I let him run around the house 'underwear-less". Now little boys get an erection 'just' before they're about to pee, so I would dive for the potty insert and 'catch' it ... he thought that was a great game, and within DAYS was 'catching' it himself ...

voila .. daytime toilet training .. 7 days ..

I would put a menstrual pad in his undies if we went out for little jaunts, but he never wet them, and so that was another 7 days of being 'cautious' ... and it was done !!!

Easiest time ever !!
No, I lie .. DD toilet trained herself at 15 months ... LOL .. decided she was too old for nappies .. LOL ..

Hope this helps!

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