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Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

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Old 08-16-2005, 04:39 PM   #1
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Jk003344 HB User
Exclamation Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

I suppose to get my period 9 days ago, but never did. I had sex with my boyfriend 2 days before I was suppose to get my period, so 11 days ago. 3 days ago I started feeling really sick to my stomach and even threw up three times yesterday. I am on birth control, but I missed two of my pills the last week. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

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Old 08-16-2005, 05:30 PM   #2
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Skylar333 HB User
Re: Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

It is possible that you are pregnant. The b/c pills themselves can make you nausious though. Make sure you eat a little something when you take them. You should use condoms along with the b/c, especially if you missed a pill or more. You can get pregnant at any time of your cycle. Especially since sperm can live inside your body for 5 days, so predicting ovulation isn't usually accurate. I got pregnant while on birth control. I didn't miss a pill. I threw up though shortly after taking one, which is basically like missing one. So take them like you are suppose too, if you throw one up call your doctor and use a condom. It takes at least a half an hour to digest the pill. Taking b/c is no excuse not to use a condom. I learned this the hard way. Although I am on my own with my boyfriend living in our own place and can support myself and my baby when he gets there. It is still better to wait for a baby wether you think you can handle one or not.

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Melissa1983 HB User
Re: Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

Pregnancy is a very big possibility. Missing two of your pills, even in the last week of the pack could ben the crutial clue. When one is missed, take it AS SOON AS YOU notice you've missed it. Say you were supposed to take it around suppertime, and you miss it. You remember only the next morning. Take the day before's pill then and then continue on with the rest of the pack that day at supper time. The last response is a good story to go by. How long have you been on your pill? Nasuea can be caused by the B/C, but usually only when you primarily begin to take it for the first time. The sick to your stomach feeling may follow you until your body gets used to the different concentrations of the hormones. Also, not eating, or taking the pill on an empty stomach can be the culprit too.

Do a pregnancy test soon. You've already missed a period, so the "pregnancy" hormone will be in your system. Don't think that because it was the last week of the pills that you are safe from pregnancy. The birth control pill inhibits ovulation by mimicing the hormones usually produced by this event. They are effective, to a certain degree. They are not 100%. In addition, you missed not one, but two pills.

Take a test - this may just even be stress over the whole thing. That could be delaying your period. Ease your mind, and get to the drug store. Good luck!

Old 08-16-2005, 06:20 PM   #4
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Jk003344 HB User
Re: Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

I been on birth control for almost a year now. One thing i did leave out though, my period before this one was very very light, almost nothing at all. My boyfriend doesnt usually "finish" inside me, he usually pulls out. THe only time he "finished" inside me was that last time we had sex. Is it possible for me to be pregnant from the previous month even if he didnt finish inside me? And also, if i'm pregnant from this last time, is it true it will take 14 days from the time we had sex last, even though i already missed my period, for it to show a positive result if i'm pregnant?

Old 08-16-2005, 06:44 PM   #5
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Melissa1983 HB User
Re: Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

Even thought he never "finished" inside of you, there is always pre-***. Pre-*** is a guy's personal lubrication and does carry with it a lot of sperm. Not to the same high concentration as semen, but it is possible to become pregnant from that alone. Because you had your last period, I wouldnt think you would be pregnant anytime before that. The zygote, before it implants itself in the uterine wall and becomes an embryo, needs to send a chemical signal to your pituitary gland. This tells your body that the zygote is ready to be attached and that it has been successfully fertilized. Even if an zygote is fertilized, meaning, all it needs to do is attach, if it fails to send that signal, then it will get swept away by the rush of menstration. This happens in about 30ish% (+) of all already-fertilized zygotes.

A pregnancy test works when you've already missed your period. There's one out there now that you can take 2-4 days before your expected missed period, I forget which one it is. But at this time, where you;ve already missed your period - if you are pregnent, that means you;ve missed your period because the "pregnancy" hormone is present. So, you don't have to wait any longer to take a test. Take one at home - see what that says, then book an appointment with a doctor. If you're not totally comfy with your family doctor, try a walk-in clinic, or a sexual health clinic. They are always so helpful.

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star_shine_2010 HB User
Re: Can u get pregnant two days before your period?

I am not saying that the above poster was wrong, hence why I am asking this question...Was it your LAST week of pills in your pack that you skipped 2 of? If so, these are inactive pills. The only bc pill that has no inactive pills is Seasonale, which you have inactive pills on the third pack. What pill are you on? If you missed an "inactive pill" (meaning the last 7 pills of your pack) you're fine. I have been using the pill for a sole means of bc and I'm not pregnant. I take my pill at the same time, and NEVER take my inactive pills (the last week of pills). I just don't take any pills for 7 day (my inactive pills that is...the last week of pills in my pack.) and then take my active for 21 days, etc. I have skipped a period or two while on bc. It's NORMAL. In fact my last period was only 1 day of weird light spotting, but I knew I had been taking my pill correctly and was not really worried (well a little haha). This period though was much heavier. So I think you're ok if you skipped the pills during you're inactive week. You could just be stressing yourself out also. and another thing to remember: YOU ARE PROTECTED ALL THROUGH YOUR CYCLE...THE WHOLE 28 PILLS! You are just as protected during your inactive week as you are during your active week. Yes it is true that if in your cycle you skip a pill or take it late you can ovulate, but on your week of inactive pills you are STILL protected. I would have to say that this is ESPECIALLY true. I have more sex during my inactive week b/c I have a higher sex drive, we don't use any other birth control method, and I have not gotten pregnant. But I am also a FAITHFUL pill taker. Just take your pill correctly and good luck!
Good luck and please keep me updated!

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