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Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

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Old 06-09-2005, 08:18 AM   #1
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Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Tomorrow is the big day. I am having a c-section. After many talks with different people the general feeling is that a c-section is best for me. But now I am starting to get scared. I so hope everything will be okay. I really can't tell anyone close to me how scared I am because they were freaking out about it for awhile now. I feel like I have to be strong for them. Most of my family knows I am going in on Friday morning. So everyone keeps telling me they will be coming to the hospital on Saturday. I really am not looking forward to all those people coming and touching my baby. My mom said I should just leave him in the nursery for the day but I do want to be by him. Also my aunt has 15 kids and she is up from NC and she said she is coming to the hospital. I am not looking forward to that. She didn't plan her vacation that way it just happened she would be here when I was due. I am freaking out. How soon after a c-section can I take a shower? I want to at least look half way presentable on Saturday. I think I am going to go crazy. I am so worried about the c-section and then all those people coming.

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Old 06-09-2005, 08:37 AM   #2
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Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

I don't want to burst your bubble but you will not be taking a shower on Saturday. You will probably just be able to walk short distances (hopefully to the bathroom and back, if your cathedar is removed). These days they want you up and walking 24 hours after any surgical procedure.

After your baby is born you will not be worrying about who is coming and what you will look like. You will be focusing on feeding, changing and loving the new life you brought into the world.

Plan on doing a lot of lying down and sitting while you get to know your new baby. You can tell the front desk to limit your visitors if you are concerned about too many people bombarding you. Worst case scenario have your mom call family and ask them to wait to visit until you are up to it. No one should be offended!

Good luck! Try not worry! C-sections are very common and they will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Old 06-09-2005, 08:43 AM   #3
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Gayle0000 HB User
Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Congratulations!!! I'll be looking forward to your birth story when you're all done & back home.

It's normal to be scared. At least it's a good scared.

As for your visitors, if you are really not wanting to see people, put 1 person in charge, and have them call people to tell them the baby is here, and they could tell the people they should call you on Saturday before they come to see if you're up for visitors.

Another option could be to have your in-charge person tell the potential Saturday visitors to only come between 1 and 3 pm or whatever hours you want. That way you can get it done & out of the way & have the rest of the time to yourself and the baby.

Those are the ideas I've come up for my own use. Maybe they can be of use to you. I'm one of those people who likes to be left alone during stressful times or big events.

Old 06-09-2005, 09:27 AM   #4
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andilyn HB User
Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Good luck and congratulations! Everything will go just fine. I am being induced in two weeks due to my b.p., so I can sort of relate to the whole scared feeling. But again, like I said, it will all be fine. As far as the visitors, you were given some good advice from the first two posts. Maybe one thing I would add is have someone let everyone know to keep their visits short, since you'll need your rest after having a c-section. Then once you're at home for a little bit, and recovered more, then you'll be more up for visitors. Good luck, and make sure you let us know how it all went once you can.

Old 06-09-2005, 09:31 AM   #5
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shelliam HB User
Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Does your aunt plan on bringing her children? I remember how freaked out by kids I was when I had my son. I was so afraid of germs. I'm exited for you & I wish you good luck and and an easy recovery.

Old 06-09-2005, 09:48 AM   #6
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Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Good luck! You will be fine! Its only common to be nervous! This is my 4th pregnancy and I'm nervous every day! I want to the hospital for the u/s and my L&D days came back to me and I got all nervous again, and I'm only 19 weeks!
As posted before, you wont be doing much walking the next day! I had a c-section and didn't walk "normal" for AT LEAST 2 weeks! I didn't want to take the pain med. that they had so I didn't become "dependent" on it and I wanted to learn to walk with out it so I know what to expect when the pain wears off.
If you dont feel comfortable with her kids holding the baby, tell them they cant or the baby's to little. My kids were 3 and 4 when my son was born and they had to wash their hands every time they held him and couldn't move out of the chair while holding him.
You will be fine! Let us know how it goes!!!

Old 06-09-2005, 11:36 AM   #7
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Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

Thanks for your responses. I do plan on making people wash their hands when they come. I appreciate the good ideas. I think if I get too tired on Saturday I am going to tell the front desk not to let anyone up until I get a nap or a break or whatever I need.
And, yes, my aunt will bring all her kids!!

Old 06-09-2005, 12:12 PM   #8
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shea31 HB User
Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

I had a c section and no way I would allow that many people around. Dont you have a bossy friend or sister that could take control of the situation On a postive note, after the c section you will be on a morphin drip and will not care as much as you do right now. I would not let them all touch the baby. If they do ask them to kindly wash hands first!

Old 06-09-2005, 01:06 PM   #9
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kierrasmommy HB User
Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

I can't imagine bringing all 15 kids! Do they drive a bus? I am almost sure the nurses will have something to say about that many people at once, I agree with the other posters and would either ask the nurses or your Mom to mediate and limit the # of visitors and the length of the visits. It's just common sense, you are having major surgery, if anyone is offended by that then something is wrong with them....Your Mom may want to talk to your Aunt and maybe mention that it would be best if the kids waited to see the baby. I agree with the post about setting up a certain time for visitors...otherwise have them give you a few days after you are home and call to set up a visit then instead...I plan on only calling immediate family and a few very close friends the day the baby is born, otherwise we will be emailing an announcement to all our friends the day after the baby is born and making a little note on the bottom requesting that they call to set up visits...I had a few un-expected visitors after I was home from the hospital with our daughter...and nothing irritates me more than having to host guests when you haven't showered and are still wearing PJ's wilt milk stains on them! LOL...hopefully that won't happen this time round. Goodluck, best wishes and can't wait to hear all about your birth story.

Old 06-09-2005, 02:18 PM   #10
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Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

The thing is, is my aunt sees nothing wrong with all them kids. I am wondering if she really thinks the hospital is going to let her in the door with them all. Also she is driving back home Monday so the only way she can see me is at the hospital. I did strongly suggest to one of my cousins that they may not fit in my hospital room and that she should maybe bring only some of the kids up. I feel bad turning her away completely because she is here on vacation and our famalies don't get to see much of each other. But my mom has a big mouth so I may ask her or my sister. They both are not shy about saying things!!

No they don't drive a bus just a really big van and they sit tight in there.

Old 06-09-2005, 02:46 PM   #11
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Re: Baby will be here tomorrow - I am getting scared

I had a c-section and take my advice. Dont let anyone come see you (except your mom and husband) until you are up to it. Trust me the last thing that you will be worrying about is how you look. I was a train wreck and all my husbands family came to see the baby and I was in pain, swollen, trying to nurse, and dealing with the postpartum blues. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I wanted to cry. You will not be showering for a while you can do a sponge bath and even that will be hard. I was annoyed how they make you walk when you feel as if your incision will split open. Not to mention the fact they starve you the entire time in the hospital on a liquid diet because of the surgery. I didnt get to eat for 3 days! I hope it all goes well and you will feel great if you give you and your baby time to rest.

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