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Inducing????? QUestions???

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Old 07-18-2008, 11:53 AM   #1
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Sweetest_Pink00 HB User
Exclamation Inducing????? QUestions???

I have been thinking ever since my dr. told me that the baby had seemed to be measuring a little big. My grandmother told me she was induced at 36 weeks and my mother said i was due on the 20th or later of November and i was born on the 11th. They also induced her. Im thinking that i will get induced for some reason i think i'll end up being an August Mommy instead of September.

My Questions: Please, all answers are welcome TIA

How does a Dr. determine that he/she wants you to be induced?

How many of you guys have been induced before?

What if the baby doesn't cooperate at the time of induction?

What is the earliest a woman can be induced?

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Old 07-18-2008, 12:36 PM   #2
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sg1112 HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

ive been wondering bout being induced too. ive heard people with GD are often induced cuz the baby gets bigger and to avoid the complications it can cause in the last few weeks like preclampsia and stillbirth. i dont know the answer to your questions but would like to know the answers. Since the beginning everyone has been tellin me they think my baby is gonna come early just cuz ive had so many problems. i think the time they would induce would have to be determined by how the baby is doin. even if the baby is still a little too early if it would be better for him to be taken out then i would imagine they would. i read after 34 wks the lungs are pretty much mature enough that he might have to be taken to the NICU for a little but more then likely wouldnt have any long term problems

Old 07-18-2008, 01:01 PM   #3
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Sweetest_Pink00 HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

The only problem that just came up with me is GD and also hpv. I dont know if you read or not but i was ordered to go to a specialist for it and then they said i could take the 3hr and i might past but im going straight to the specialist. I dont want to really poke myself to test blood 4 times a day but for the baby i will. I still think everything will be fine for the both of us SG. I've been keeping up with your posts and hoping that everything work out great for everyone. Were still hanging in there strong and babies will be here in no time. Soon July will be over and we'll have days left instead of months.

I have read that if the lung are not fully functioning that there is medicine to mature the babies lungs... thank god for that. Also i did read that one reason to induce labor is because the baby have grown as expected at an early stage. Good luck Who knows we both might be posting in the August Mommies Thread.

Old 07-18-2008, 01:52 PM   #4
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sg1112 HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

i have hpv too. its been a LONG pregnancy just one thing after the other. i was soo dreading taking the 3 hr test. i am horrible with blood test and get panic attacks when i have to have it done but it was actually not bad at all. i did get a little nauseous after drinking that drink but it passed. i thought it was going to hurt cuz they had to stick me so many times but it was no big deal. i was gonna go to school next year for something medical and after this test i think i might wanna go for phlebotomy. its kind of interesting now after having it done so much.

i think the stuff they give the baby for lung development is called corticosteroids and they are supposed to work really good. my moms friend had a baby at 25 wks and he survived with minimal problems because of that. im startin to think i will be an august mommy. my grandpa died i think 6 yrs ago and his bday was august 31st and thats when my family keeps sayin im gonna have him. he will be 36w6d then so that would be ok with me! i hope everything works out for you and the baby. do you have an appointment with the specialist yet? the dietician was supposed to call me today but hasnt yet. i swear drs are the most unreliable people there are. if she doesnt call today im gonna call my OB on monday and tell them they need to get me in there cuz im sick of sitting here not knowing what to do.

Old 07-19-2008, 05:43 AM   #5
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Sweetest_Pink00 HB User
Re: Inducing????? Questions???

i didnt get my appt with the specialist yet and it doesnt seem like i will because he's not availible until the 3rd and i need a saturday appt. Wish me luck.

Old 07-21-2008, 08:59 AM   #6
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zmanzelli HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

I was recently induced. My doctors chose to induced because of my circumstances, which is a blood disorder, being on a strong anti-coagulant and my last month my BP spiked and there was protein and blood in my urine that kept increasing. I would say they take every individual situation and determine what would be in the best interest of mother and baby. My ob and peri told me that full term is considered 37 weeks so giving birth any method once 37 weeks hit is usually pretty safe, although, we waited until 38 weeks. I have read in my brief research, that boys usually need that extra time due to lung development. As far as the baby not cooperating, I don't know because my induction went well.

Old 07-21-2008, 01:05 PM   #7
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xinerevelle HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

Because I have a couple of large fibroids, the doctor was worried about those getting in the way of a natural birth. Also, the baby was measuring big already at 36 weeks. We tried induction at 38 weeks, which was the earliest the hospital would allow. (The hospital I'll be using this time won't allow it earlier than 39 weeks.)

I went in the night before and the nurse gave me Cervadil, which was like a piece of ribbon. It was placed near my cervix. I was put on a baby monitor for the night and told to keep it on the baby for at least 20 minutes every few hours. Of course, my DD was flipping and flopping all night and I couldn't keep the monitor on her! I was up all night long. sigh.

The doctor came in about 7 am and did a manual pelvic exam and I hadn't dialated AT ALL! argh! So, we decided to do a c-section (because of the fibroids). I had the baby at 8:05 am. I had just enough time to brush my teeth, put on my makeup (hey, I've got my priorities and there were going to be cameras!), and be given the obligatory enema and a shave.

Old 07-22-2008, 08:53 AM   #8
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Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

Unless there is something life threatening to you or the baby, or a load of complications, I would not get induced. I had a terrible experience, maybe yours won't be so bad, but I always tell people, unless it is absolutely necessary, don't get induced!!! I know you want that baby out of you, and its getting uncomfortable, but hang in there... he/she will know when they're ready!

Old 07-22-2008, 08:58 PM   #9
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WhiskersOnKittens HB User
Re: Inducing????? QUestions???

Hi there,
I was induced with my ds, 15 months ago, and he's my only child (thus far), so I don't have anything else to compare it to (as far as going into labor naturally). I have heard as the previous poster said, that for some people it REALLY doesn't go well, but for me it was fine. No walk in the park of course, but it could've been worse. My ob also told me that often labor is harder with inductions than if it happens naturally.
I was put on an IV (I can't remember what she called the meds in it...Pitocin, maybe?) at about 10am, and from that point on had regular contractions until about 8pm when I began pushing. He was not born until 9:13pm however, because he was face up instead of down, so his chin was getting stuck on my pubic bone with every push. They had me changing directions, and pushing different ways, but I ended up with a forceps delivery and an episiotomy. So, labor was definitely easier than the delivery, in my case. Oh, and I was induced because he was 1 week overdue.
I haven't heard of anybody being induced before the 37 week point because at that mark, they are considered full term. However, I'm not saying that it won't happen, I just haven't personally heard of any cases. I think if there was something very wrong with mom or baby they might induce earlier, if need be.


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