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purpz28 02-08-2003 05:26 AM

Well once again was AF
Well it's me again and i posted the other day about light spotting. I was really hoping it wasn't AF this time , but once again here she is! Oh well i guess there is always next month or the month after or a seemingly never ending cycle of months...(i'm Bummed).
I went out to eat tonight and the waitress was telling me and DH how we really need another baby because my 6 year old looked lonely...Now how bad is that! I mean she didn't know that we have been actually trying for years, but still got too me. I just try to take my mind off of it friday i went and got my tongue pierced(i know it is crazy) My Dh got his too and let me tell you ladies i believe i am going to enjoy this new "toy" for awhile!lol Anyway just figured i would let you know how i was doing. Good luck all ttc...We have been having to many sad stories lately, I just know we are due for GOOD news........Pennie <IMG SRC="">

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