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Old 09-22-2004, 02:05 PM   #1
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PapaJoe HB User
Red face Can prostatitis cause impotence???

I sure hope all of you will forgive me for posting so much lately but now I am VERY scared. Please try to understand my fear and help me out here if you can because I could sure use a freind right now!. My prostatitis has gotten so bad that now I am all but impotent. I can get it semi-erect but no matter how much I try to ejaculate, it's like a wet, limp noodle. Very scary and depressing to say the least.

I just got back from the urologist's office and he did a prostate massage and said I had a LOT of white blood cells in my prostate fluid and that I was going to need to take antibiotics for a LONG time (a minimum of three weeks, he said). The fluid he milked out was watery and sort of white (not thick or sticky). The prostate massage hurt quite a bit too but it made me feel better temporarily because of the release of pressure. When I got back from his office, I figured it would be a good time to test the plumbing and clean myself out some more and that is when I discovered that the best I could do was to get it up just a little bit.

He said that prostatitis should'nt cause a decrease in ejaculation and that I might be "retrograding". He said that at the end of three weeks if my condition had'nt improved, he would do a cystoscopy. I had a freind that had this done and he said it was an extremely painful procedure. Great, just what I needed to hear)-: .

Can someone please tell me if prostatitis can cause impotence and if it goes away eventually?. Is a cystoscopy really that painful?. I'm sure I'll have more questions later but right now I'm so despressed I could just cry.

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wood650 HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???

Yes, prostatitis can cause impotence. I have had chronic prostatitis for over 30 years. It comes and goes. When I am really irritated, I can get an erection but cannot keep it. I find it impossible to ejaculate in intercouse and can only ejaculate through masturbation. Sometimes I have to work for an hour or so before I can ejaculate and usually with a soft penis. The secret to ejaculation is that the feeling in the penis has to be greater than the pain and burning in the prostate. Thus masturbation may have to be with pretty hard pressure. Be sure to keep the prostate cleaned out but don't overdo it. You have to find the rate of ejaculation that is right for you. If you ejaculate too much it will irritate your prostate more, and if you go too long between ejaculations you will be irritated worse. The balance for me is every other day. It is important to keep it cleaned out. Don't drink any carbonated beverages and lay off chocolate. You may find that other foods hurt you too. Good luck. It is a miserable condition. I found a product on the itnernet that has helped me. It is called Prosta-Q. You can find the web site under that name and order. The product has helped me keep the irritation to a minimum. First it will have to be cleared up with an antiobiotic.

If you have other questions ask them. I will try to answer as I have dealt with this for a long time. Good luck.

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wood650 HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???

I didn't comment on the cystoscopy. He may do it in the office with numbing of the penis. I have had it done that way and you feel a lot of pressure. The last one I had done was done in the hospital with me asleep. I would recommend that you be put to sleep, but if he does it in the office, you should not feel a lot of pain, just a lot of pressure.

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PapaJoe HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???


I can't even begin to tell you what a tremedous help you have been to me in just the short time I've gotten to know you on these boards. In fact, after I post, I often find myself checking back repeatedly hoping your still online. Ok, that sounded kinds of mushy but it should give you an idea of just how insecure and frightened I am. I know a lot of people probably don't like to talk about prostatitis out of fear of embarassment and I totally understand.

Anyway, after 2-3 attempts and my penis constantly goinhg soft on me, I was finally able to ejaculate. Let me describe in detail the moments leading up to my ejaculation and perhaps you can relate to it from your own experiences.

As I climaxed, I could feel the muscles around my prostate and various other glands contract as if I was about to have the mother of all ejaculations. It was sort of like filling up a water balloon and then smashing it between your hands and watching the "juice" fly. Right after that, I could feel the strong, muscular contractions that accompany orgasm but instead of shooting out great quanities of semen (which is what it FELT like I was about to do), only a few tiny spurts came out. I would estimate these "spurts", in total, to be about 1/4-1/3 of my *normal* ejaculate volume. During the ejaculation, I also felt stabbing, burning and aching and it just did'nt "feel right". What did come out looked normal and different from the watery, pus-looking stuff that came out at the urologist's office. A few minutes after ejaculating,I decided to urinate to see if I was retrograding and if there would be any white, string stuff in my urine. Much to my dissapointment, I found nothing which left me wondering - where is my semen going?.

I'll also tell you another thing that I withheld previously for fear of embarrassment and because I was'nt sure anyone would believe me. I did'nt even tell the hospital when I went to the ER the other day. We were hard-hit by the hurricane ("Frances") and after the hurricane, I noticed a particular species of fly called a "soldier fly" in my bedroom in and around a bag I had laying next to my bed. I also discovered several soldier fly larvae (maggots) in my bed which I brushed off with my hand. That night I did'nt give it a second thought but the following night, I woke up at 2:00AM in the morning with a stinging pain in my penis. I quickly ran over, turned the light on and examined myself to discover the tail-end of one of the maggots making it's way down my urethra. It was about the size of a housefly maggot but somewhat smaller. Immediately, I pinched myself off below the head and attempted to extract it before it could crawl down further but the more I tried, the further it squirmed down. I got really frantic and began squeezing myself further and further down the shaft trying to impede it's progress but to no avail.

Several days later, is when this all began BUT I was already experiencing mild symptoms of prostatitis even BEFORE the maggot incident so I have to ask myself: did the maggot CAUSE of just EXASSERBATE my condition?. I don't know. It was'nt at all easy getting up the nerve to tell this to the urologist but to my suprize, he just acted like it was no big deal. He also told me that there was a high chance that the maggot crawled up into my bladder if it was still in there. I asked him if it could crawl into my ejaculatory ducts or other glands and he said no. Anyway, I know this sounds like a wild tale out of school but that's what happened about 7 days ago so I've been imagining this squirming maggot eating me alive from the inside out and that's part of what was stressing me out so bad - especially when he told me (emphatically) that prostatitis did'nt affect semen volume, so I'm thinking maybe a blocked duct or something (assuming it's still alive in there). Maybe it died or perhaps it crawled back out while I slept (I can only hope).

Anyway, I write more later as I think of questions or have updates. Again, you have been a tremendous help and source of encouragement to me and I appreciate it a LOT.

UPDATE: Just thought I'd add a few things. I was taking T3 w/codeine for the pain but it gave me really BAD constipation so today I took some cherry flavored "citrate of magnesia" (a powerful, drinkable laxative) and you can imagine the results a few hours later!. I also wanted to say that my urologist switched me over from Cipro (500mg) to Cipro XR (1,000mg). Cipro XR is supposed to be an advanced version of Cipro. Anyone here ever try it and what was it like?.

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Magnetic HB UserMagnetic HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???

Prostatitis should not cause impotence, if mean becoming sterile. It can certainly impact your erections due to stress and pain. If I knew an ejaculation was going to hurt, it would certainly impede my getting an erection!

Three weeks of Cipro is nothing. Some urologist will prescribe 6 to 8 weeks. How often do you take the Cipro 1000XR? If the T3 causes problems, ask for something else. And have you tried Celebrex or naproxin?

If the prostate massage helped, then see if the doctor can give them to your regularly. They will be far more effective than masturbating.

Old 09-22-2004, 07:42 PM   #6
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PapaJoe HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???

By impotent, I mean the inability to achieve a durable erection as opposed to sterile (lack of or defective sperm in semen). My prostate is so swollen that ther e just is'nt much room for the muscles surrounding it to give it a good, pleasurable "milking" during orgasm. Since my prostate feels boggy and swollen, sex just is'nt very pleasurable. I must admit though that the prostate message helped CONSIDERABLY and I would like to arrange to have it done several times a week but I'd be a little embarrassed to just walk up to my doc and say "wow, that felt good the last time you massaged with my prostate. Could we do this several times a week?". It just sounds kind of sick/kinky or something and he's a very busy man and I'm on medicaid, etc.

I hav'nt taken any of the Cipro XR yet but I was reading about it and it sounds like some good stuff. I'm off of the T3 for now (taking 600mg of Motrin as needed) which is supposed to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. I've heard about people taking Celebrex prostatitis and may give that a try when/if the Motrin loses it's affectiveness.

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dreamer54 HB Userdreamer54 HB User
Re: Can prostatitis cause impotence???

My opinion is that masturbation right now will only serve to exacerbate your condition. You might consider laying off for a while until your prostate returns back to normal. Also lay off any alcohol, spicy foods and sodas. The herb that Wood spoke of may be a very good idea once the anti-biotics do their job. I have heard good things about it ( the herb) from other men. As far as masturbation goes, most Urologists believe that it is good for the prostate, however as with anything else in life, everything in moderation. I believe excessive masturbation does more harm then good in men with prostate problems. Good luck, and stay away from those flys !


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