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ramonaq 09-13-2006 02:09 PM

is it arthritis? (26yo female w/ psoriasis)
i have had some strange joint pain here and there for little while now. i can't remember the first time it happened, but lately it seems worse.

there have been times in the past where my right hip joint will sort of freeze up and become very tight after a lot of walking. i live in nyc and walk often, but the times where i walk a lot is when it really acts up.

after a recent trip to the gym around 7/2006—prior to this it had been a few years since i had gone—i had pain during and after exercising. i felt my right hip joint getting stiff but kept running on the treadmill. the walk home hurt and the next two days was quite painful. my legs felt a little dead if that makes sense. there was an achy-ness to my bones in the upper part of my legs.

i may have had other episodes between then and now but don't recall. as of today i am having aches. i did a fair amount of walking yesterday but nothing that would usually warrant such pain. the joint doesn't feel stiff this time but i have the aches. it feels as though i walked miles and my legs are really, really, really tired. there a dull ache and tiredness/weakness to my legs, if that makes sense.

so i am wondering... does this sound like arthritis to anyone?

- i am 26yo
- female
- i have psoriasis

i do need to see a doctor, and plan to, just wanted to hear some thoughts here first.

teachergirl64 09-19-2006 04:54 PM

Re: is it arthritis? (26yo female w/ psoriasis)
Yes, you do need to see a doctor. Psorasis can have an accompanying condition called psoriatic arthritis. It can be as nasty as RA. Please go sooner rather than later.

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