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numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

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Old 10-05-2008, 01:12 AM   #1
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technic HB User
numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down in bed & driving I went to see my doctor this week, as during the night my thumbs and two fingers feel as they are going to burst, so I need to get up for a while,I have had this problem for about 12 months during which I have had Xray's on my hands, and neck that show slight Arthritis,I just wish I could have a good nights sleep,as I am typing this letter my hands are now going numb, the doctor gave me some tablets called AMITRIPTYLINE 10mg but on reading the leaflet they are for depression and it seems the after affects can cause me a lot of problems, has anyone out there any experiance of these tablets, I do not like taking anything if there is another way to solve the problem hope some one can help me, as all I want is a good nights sleep.

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Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

just what fingers are also affected along with your thumbs,the forefingers per chance? if so,this could very easily be stemming from the neck area(c spine?) the fact that this is bilateral in nature(meaning both sides are affected evenly) could possibly mean that whatever you have up there in that c spine is actually a centrally located issue,like some level of herniation or a large bone spur that is compressing the spinal nerve anteriorly. just a simple x ray will not actually reaveal what is going on within the spine,only an MRI can do that for you. considering you already have arthitis,or what is usually called DDD when it is located within the spine somewhere,anything could be possible to have kind of 'broken down" within the spine or even at the cord level too. you just cannot possibly pick up some of the major reasons for your types of ongoing symptoms from just plain x ray alone. having that MRI,with contrast is usually preferred,along with what is called an EMG which would actually check out your nerve flow thru the spinal nerves on down thru your hand really would be the very best way to try and find out what is casuing this to even occur in you. the fact that this also appears to be pretty much,or more heavily posistionally involved would also lead one to think spinal. luckily,just becasue this tends to reproduce itself upon lying down,whatever is actually compromising the nerves there would have a much higher chance of showing up rather well upon doing the MRI,just becasue lying down is the posistion they use during testing. and the same posistion is also used during the EMG as well.

the only other thing besides this being a nerve issue that could cause numbness would be something wrong vacularly,but since this involves BOTH sides at the very same time,that theory seems kind of doubtful. but that MRI,if done with contrast would more than likely actually show if any vascular issues were playing a part in this too.

i just really do think that doing the MRI and using that contrasting agent which just helps to highlight certain areas that do not always show up as well when without it,would be your best next step here in trying to find the cause of the numbness. i really would just speak to your doc about referring you for this test. do not settle for a CT as it will not show as much of the deeper structures or soft tissue like an MRI can. good luck with this and please keep me posted on how things are going and anything you find out,K? marcia
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technic HB User
Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

To FEELBAD, I thank you for your quick responce, I noted what you had to say about my problem,so I went again this morning to see my doctor armed with a copy of your reply I told him that I will not be taking the tablets he gave me,( but that had nothing to do with your reply) as I said in my first letter I am not a tablet taker, he read your letter, and told me that has I still have plenty of movement and strength in my hands, he did not think it was apropriate at this stage to send me for a MRI/EMG and was there anything else he could do for me, I told him that I have been up from 3-0-clock this morning with both my hands,the left hand thumb and the two middle fingers, and on my right hand, the thumb, and first finger,loose the feelings,the thumbs feels like they are going to burst, so I have to get in a vertigal position, ASAP and if I put my hands in warm water, the pain goes away till I lay down again, this also happens when I am driving the car my hands go pins and needles so I have to try and move them about in turn, it is not much fun I can tell you. anyway the doctor is sending me to a phisio, to see if that helps any.
once again thank you,

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aether4 HB User
Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

My mother has pretty bad DDD in her neck, she has this exact same problem and has had it for years. I'm earlier along in the same problem and luckily do not have any numbness or tingling problems in my arms or hands - but I do have DDD showing up on an MRI.
Muscle problems can also cause pinched nerves and/or pain. This wouldn't show up on x-rays obviously. Neither will disc problems like bulges or tears - only if the disc height has changed enough that the space looks different on x-ray.

You can try taking an OTC NSAID to help with inflammation, but otherwise learning how to take care of your neck will help.

Keep bugging your doctor for an MRI, point out that disc problems can only be seen on that or CT scan.

Old 10-24-2008, 02:31 AM   #5
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technic HB User
Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

Hi Technic here, I would just like to keep you up date on my problem, of numbing thums & fingers when lying down, about two year ago I had a blood test, and the doctor said I had cholesterol and gave me some 40mg SIMVASTATIN which seamed to do the trick according to him, so I carried on taking them,( possible side effects numbness or loss of sensation in arms & legs) about twelve months ago I had trouble with my thumbs and fingers, he sent me for exray's on my hands, and told me that I had a bit of ARTHRITIS in my hands and gave me some more tablets, MELOXICAM 7.5mg I have also had an exray on my neck which showed ARTHITIS, and he told me it was something I would have to live with, anyway over the past twelve months the numbing of my hands have been getting progresivly worse, and I had to go to the doctor to see what he could do for me, as I could not sleep, and was getting up at 3am in the morning and trying to sleep in a chair sat up,which is no fun after a day or two, SO, off I go to the doctors again he listened to what I had to say, then said he thought AMITRIPTYLINE 10mg would help me, but on reading about them I went back to the doctors and told him I would not be taking them, he asked me what else could he do, now he had mentioned physio on my neck so I said I would have that, anything but taking tablets, anyway, I dicided to cut down on the MELOXICAM 7.5 at night and I started to have a bit longer sleep, THEN, I stopped taking the SIMVASTIN 40mg and my thumb & fingers no longer feel like they are going to burst when I lye down, I would say 95% cured, I also feel great in myself, and I am getting a good nights sleep what else could I wish for, I am keeping a check on my blood pressure, and that is OK, the only thing is, my doctor does not know what I have done yet, I have been off the tablets now for about a month, Hope this may be of help to other sufferers

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Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

You are absolutely right, Technic. Statins can cause the nerve and muscle problems you were dealing with. Doctors will deny they are the cause but the evidence is mounting. Your doctor will suggest you try another statin but if I were you I would refuse. Statins inhibit the production of COQ10 and other substances in our bodies that protect the cells of the muscles and nerves. You might consider a supplement to help your body heal. Best wishes to you.

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technic HB User
Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

Hi TECHNIC here, "Update" RE Numbing of thumbs and fingers, it has been nearly five months now since I stopped taking SIMVASTATIN tablets for cholesterol I have recently had a blood check for cholesterol, and saw the nurse last week,who said my cholesterol had gone up to 5.2 from 3.6. I told her the story about my fingers and why I had chosen to do what I had done, ie,experiment by STOP taking the tablets, and that I felt 50% better in myself, AND, getting a good nights sleep every night, she told me she could live with that, and tried to explaine with a sketch how cholesterol builds up in the vain, I take my blood presure pretty regular,which is 125/7 over 70/7 What is a good reading ? and what is the scale for cholesterol ?

regards TECHNIC

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jamman3 HB User
Re: numbing of thumbs and fingers when lay down

My problem is similar but slighty different whenever it is damp or rainy outside my fingers and hands cramp up involuntarily and it forces me to clasp my hands together to try and stop the cramping, somtimes just the cooler air rushing over my hands will cause this .I also have a problem with my feet I have tosleep with my tennis shoes on at night or i sometimes awaken with foot cramping in either foot .if i gaze at my hands Ialways see the veins or nerves twitching a lot either way this is pain full and annoying whats wrong with me!!! anybody??

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