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Please read

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Old 01-09-2006, 11:07 AM   #1
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danny2006 HB User
Post Please read

well my girl broke up with me just before christmas becuase she said she couldnt do it no more said she wanted time said she didnt love me no more.
That nite before she went to her work do and for the first time talked to a boy who was working at her house then a couple of says later i found his number in her bag she hadnt spoke to him his boss gave it to her well new years eve she went out with him.
been speaking to her lately just wants to be mates apparntly but i am the only 1 she can speak to about suff she rung me at 2am crying saying shes sorry And shes upset and dont no what she wants.
well yesterday i talked to her She can only talk now when no1 is there like her mum she said if her mum finds out shes talking to me she will kill her but neway
she says i dont no whats going on with him more likely just a thing with him she dont want him hes does cocaine she dont like it at all said dont do it around me so shes ok with that then he says to her he only does it occoasinaly bollox no person does it occosinaly. well i said i dont want to know about him we been togther for 3 n half years things hadnt really been going rite been arguing but we allways did nothing happend for her to just brake up like that other than she dont love me anymore but you cant just stop loving sum1 ive beggedd to her ive cryed to her tryed everything its no good well it seems when i dont talk to her she rings me out of the blue to see how im doing does she cares about me but its wierd coz she hated me like the other day coz i wudnt stop ringing her threatend to get the police involved i just said thats perfectic so she got over that its been like a month and half now but she will speak to me at the most funniest times like shell ring me when she has a moment Can you stop loving some1 just i need to no if there is still a chance please ne advice is good

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Old 01-09-2006, 11:33 AM   #2
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Join Date: Jan 2006
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danny2006 HB User
Re: Please read

For a month i been feeling like **** crying everyday Just thinking of her 24-7 just cant get her out my head its so bad i lost wieght over it so much has happend

Old 01-09-2006, 11:41 AM   #3
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danny2006 HB User
Re: Please read

I she said i really wish i was still with you but i just dont love you ne more you dont just dont stop loving some1 we had sumthing speacial she told me stuff what she wud never ever tell ne1 else I cant get on with nothing in my life i feel like **** everything reminds me of her i need a way please help

Old 01-09-2006, 11:41 AM   #4
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danny2006 HB User
Re: Please read

I she said i really wish i was still with you but i just dont love you ne more you dont just dont stop loving some1 we had sumthing speacial she told me stuff what she wud never ever tell ne1 else I cant get on with nothing in my life i feel like **** everything reminds me of her i need a way please help

Old 01-10-2006, 07:35 AM   #5
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Re: Please read

I begged her to stay all kinds of **** it never worked heres a email i sent her i just cant get her out of my head ne 1

Im really sorry kara i was just really close 2 u i didnt think this was possible

Dont listen to ne1 u can only make up ur mind
and im sorry meenwhile i still love u and nothings changed over than u moved on he may treat u nice but dont let him hurt u i love u girl
ring me sum time
i warned you kara hes a not worth it probaly just using you uve changed ur numba thats clever now i cant even speak to my friend i been doing a lot of thinking about what happend he was there at the rite time he maybe nice at the moment but people all change i no a lot about him i cant belive u wud get with a coke head if u said i ever touched that stuff u wud kill me now whats going on there does ur mum no hes not just a coke head hes a coke dearler and hes little m8ts judsy hes name drugs r 4 mugs judsy rember seeing him 1 nite he was using u and im telling u that not trying to put u off but he cant stop doing coke its like once u start u cant stop look at my cousens from coke cudnt even rember wot he said to me u gunna have 2 find out the hard way dont say i didnt warn u i love u so much i need to proove to u im beter then him i have changed so much dont do drugs no more weed im a nice person again cant u see that look wat i dun i stoped it just like that after every day i did it like that whats that proove i want u more then nething in the hole world i cant hold on too u cant change ur mind i dunna if there is a chance probaly not but i really wish u wud im sorting my life out just let me proove im better than him after wot we got through everything will work out maybe not yet maybe not this year but ill allways be thinking about you allways i wont stop wanting you wot ever mistakes u made i made a load of mistakes in my life but i learnt from them i wudnt ever treat no1 the way i did i went to my sisters m8ts today she went through that coz of her boyfriend and cannabis cannabis loses everything its a mugs game i used to be a mug but not no more i was so silly i just wanna make things rite i really am a nice person i didnt ever think u wud fall for a coke head thats just really low sorry for everything and ill not forget u thank you u changed my life im sorry turn ur phone back on put that back in please i only wanna speak to u ive left u alone to get on with him but im certain it wll not work out dont u ever touch that stuff please its dissgustin u no that i dont want u to touch crack cocaine u wudnt wud u dont do that hes wasting his money just let him treat u rite if thats wot u want i cant change that but i can ask u not to get hurt thats all i want dont do that stuff hes a dealer and a sniff hed thats really dangerous kara u getting ur self mixed up in some terible **** i no u aint gunna cumm running back but dont do it to urself u wudnt i no u wudnt ever ever ever touch that suff just rember no to let him hurt u if he hurts u run beet him up or sumthing but dont get into that stuff u gotta feel guilty for this u broke my heart kara if he hurts u dont stay with him or u can if u want but cocaine is a highly addictive drug once u dun it u really cant stop it takes ages to stop it my cousens cant stop it look at them dieing rotting away just watch urself dont find out the hard way evry 1 down the billety are dealers look at them that liam berkin is going out with a 30 year old with 2 kids that dan jordan( judsy ) is a coke hed ive seen him before he is 1 of those boys who dont care with a girl for like 2 weeks ive been told by sum ppl i been told quite alot but i cant really tell u all of it coz if u say nething hes gunna come after me and literally kill me i no a lot about him at am i telling u this for ur just gunna go tell him then im gunna get hurt not just hurt probaly dead they dont care what they do wen ur on coke ur in a totally differnt world u dont care about no1 i meen no1 all they can do is wait for there next fix look how much money he has got from drugs i fought u was better than that dont say nothing im just protecting u maybe u dont need me too well sorry

UR differnt now i love u i cant change nothing but i can forgive u

its not ur fualt he was jusy there at the rite time im sorry for evetyhting dont do nothing stupid like the police or nething or tell him please no police kara coz i will have to move out the area like move far away i dont want that i havent exactly seen u for a month im sorry i just wanna proove to u that im better than him i am a good boy i dont wanna be a bad boy i dont wanna be stupid i just wanna treat every1 good like it used to be no more drugs ever everywhere i go all i see is coke heads it makes me sik thats the worst thing ever crack cocaine i h8 that stuff it ruins lifes that kills people makes people physco once ur on that then ur on everything theres no stopping wot u have dun probaly not just on cocaine wus he on it new years eve and u let him everytime he goes to the toilet snif snif eveyday noes bleeds no sleep no eating thats sik i cant even think about it i dont want u to get hurt please #

i lost u from drugs and i wudnt ever treat no1 bad again sorry

Im sorry dont do nothign stupid no police no boys betting me up im so sorry

u dumped me but i want u back i will give up trying but i wont give up thinking hopin
im a very stupid boy for what i did but ive changed sorry if u ver feel like talking im here foru rember u can tell me nething rember u told me before there no changing that sorry i just wanna talk i will forgive u for wotever u dun

hes treating u nice coz they all do give it a month and ull see wot im on about ok


u will see y i tryed warning u he took u off me

we broke up and he was there for u im sorry i wont ever do ntohing stupid again we all had bad things but nothing we cant sor out im not hanging around waiting if u give me a chance i gunna have too proove to u that im beter now..

its a waste im gutted all dem years i oversilly still wanna be with u but u dont so goodbye i love u friend thank u u changed my life u made me give up and geta job and enjoy my life and made me realise wot a prik i was Thank u u rwally did help me
im sorry

thers no need for this ok bye bye

sorry foreveything

happy days

forgive me please i wont hurt u

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