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RLS and food

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Kristoforo HB User
Smile RLS and food

Has anyone with RLS experimented with food and the types of food which help in calming the body ?? I find that a healthy dose of proteins temporarily alleviates my RLS symptoms. Also roasted fish seem to provide my body with defenses against RLS.

Are there any other opinions or remedies and would anyone have any other RLS food suggestions ??

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kanut HB User
Re: RLS and food

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kanut HB User
Re: RLS and food

I have found through trial and error that I cannot indulge in the things I used to. Now I take gralise 600x3 along with clonzepam every so often to get past the rough spots. Severe Rls here.

Now onto the food. I started taking things out of my diet little by little and noticed I wasnt suffering as much as I normally do. I found that when I reduced my carb count to around 10-20g of carbs a day total. That I was more relaxed and did not have as many RLS symptoms. I also suffer from wheat and corn allergies which also cause my RLS to act up.

Today, I have maybe a total of 5g of carbs a day, thats alot of meat, fish, lettuce, pickles, <love pickles>, tuna fish, basically anything that does not have corn or carb count of 2g per serving. Only drink water, no sodas, those zero sodas they mess me up, no caffeine.

I actually have been testing out smart water and so far I like it. It has magnesium in it and that has helped me in the past. I also take magnesium 250mg pill a day. I read somewhere that magnesium helps with RLS.

I stick to that plan for myself and I can get a good nights rest, and have a good day the next day.

Sometimes I have to drop a klonipin or two but thats probably due to pollens in the air. I also suffer from allergies to the point where I cannot take any antihistamines as those wreck my RLS plan. I found its better to have the sniffles than tossing and turning all night long.

I found that it not normally just one thing but a combination rather, so to combat that, I use a combination approach to deal with it, the low carbs, specific diet, magnesium, bottled water, smart water, CPAP, keeping my asthma in check and most important thing of all, a good nights rest! A nice good dream type of rest!

Id check out the atkins plan for the low carb deal they have a pretty good one, I use parts of plans myself, there are lots of foods I cant go near so Im constantly taking parts of recipes and making it into something I can enjoy. Some of it is pretty tasty!

Either way, talk to doc about it and get the take from them on what would be good for ya. This is what works for me and I have been having severe RLS for about 12 years now. Since I started "living my life my way" These past 6 months I have actually been able to work, go to school, enjoy life! Been so long suffering it can really wear a person down. I take it slow though, I dont rush through and I dont stress about things. Not because of the klonipin those are my emergency button pills as I call them. I try to get by without to train the brain to deal rather.

I check every label and organize my routine. As long as I keep it together and in check, I find I can continue leading a somewhat normal life!

After a while, you will find what works too and incorporate it.

Everybody is different what might work for me might be bad for someone else and vice versa. I also tell people talk to doc before doing anything just to be on the safe side and getting an allergy test might be a good idea if your considering a diet approach to handle RLS symptoms. I was eating foods with corn in it for years before a doc told me I was allergic to it! Gotta love that!

Oh yeah one more thing, alcohol is bad for me too, I found out the hard way that cooking with wine wrecks my rls plan too. I figured it would burn out any alcohol, hehe yeah that was mistake I wont repeat!

Good luck and hope you find some relief!

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Kristoforo HB User
Re: RLS and food

Hello Kaunt:

Thanks for the food info as well as your choices of foods to avoid. The high protein diet seems to help me with avoiding severe RLS, however I must experiment to find the foods to cut out.

Tell me about klonipin which you mentioned. What is it and how does it help with RLS ?? I'm slowly finding a path to lessen my RLS shaking and hope someday to be completely cured.

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kanut HB User
Cool Re: RLS and food

Klonipin is clonzepam. Its a benzodiazipine that can help people with RLS.

It relaxes muscles, makes me sleepy. Is habit forming though so I would be careful relying on those too much. I use mine as little emergencies cause sometimes I get exposure to elements that trigger the RLS.

I first try to cope and try stretching techniques, exercise, water, magnesium. Sometimes cant do that though especially if at work and its just one of those days. So I take a half a pill, or even a quarter of a pill. So as to not get the full effect, cant be groggy on the job.

Doctor would prescribe it.

If I find myself in a position that I am still suffering even after clonzepam then I know I have some exposure in me that is causing the problems.

In my case its usually the breathing is out of whack or I ingested something that can wreck the rls. At that point I start to write down everything I did that day, I check the allergy count for the day. I look at the alternatives, blood pressure, breathing volume, could be something on the skin or was on hands and gets rubbed in the eyes. Be surprised how easy it is to get a trigger induced into our bodies. Especially if a person is suffering from all kinds of allergies.

Taking clonzepam and certain times of the day might be hard to do though if your at work or driving in traffic, as that can impair your abilities.

In my job I am an asset protection associate, I have to be observant and accurate so a dose of clonzepam would do more harm than good in my case.

It can be quite frustrating at times to say the least. I started tackling problem by documentation. I kept a journal, little notpad I keep in my pocket, if something triggered, I wrote down what I was doin real quick, if it was food, I wrote down what I ate and when.

Over time I started to see a pattern in where the triggers were at, then I went on to learn how to deal with those triggers without the use of psychoactive drugs. It is possible! Just have to practice at it.

Hone in on the problem areas and learn to work around them, whether it be a supervisor that triggers it or co-workers, elements, etc. There are lots of things we can do to keep our minds in the state where rls wont run us around.

For myself, it all starts with breathing and keeping cool when things hit the fan. In my case it was a combination of things, intolerance with the air, intolerance with people, made my stress go up, messed up the breathing, made me tense, stress gets worse.

When I get home I dose a clonzepam and expect results, then when nothing happens, I dose again, thats the beginning of the end. I had to learn a new method, I found I was not taking care of the other triggers which were still present, such as food triggers, allergens, etc.

Referring to the diary, I found my answer.

Now if I cant breath or Im still steamed at someone over a situation then that trigger is still active. I had to learn to deal with that. So I keep inhalers with me for breathing, I do the peak flows to ensure I am at 650m/L for breathing, and I learn to accept ppl the way they are and put myself in there shoes. Whatever works, being mad just did more damage to me and hurt my business relationships. It wasnt something that happened over night, it took many many nights of practice to get to a neutral peaceful state, so when something happened, it was no sweat to me and did not trigger the RLS. Thats how I did it in the end.

Clonzepam is a nice backup but taking it also builds up a tolerance, which is why I do all that other stuff first. It took me about 4 months to get to the point where I dont need to take it every day for everything. I found ways around the RLS to stay employable and not mess with the sleep. Mine was a diary, helped to know what the causes were.

Just wish I knew this 12 years ago when this mess started but thats for a another story.

Good luck!

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Kemahsabe HB User
Re: RLS and food

Took me years to figure it out, but I have ended my admittedly mild RLS by cutting out diet sodas. I can have the occasional Coke (usually with rum), but one a day is way too much.

BTW, it's not the caffeine. I drink 4 to 6 cups of coffee a day.

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OhioGuy22 HB User
Re: RLS and food

I don't drink soda so I know that's not it. But very good advice because soda is horrible to drink regardless if it's diet or not.

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