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Is this RLS?

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Old 03-24-2013, 01:50 PM   #1
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Mandolyn HB UserMandolyn HB User
Is this RLS?

My doctor prescribed me Xanax which I take 1 mg at night for leg cramps at night that hurt so bad, my nerves are involved and when I try to walk it feels like my nerves POP in my ankle or leg. It hurts so bad, I have been in tears. Every single day I take a magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement and I take this up to 3 times a day- spread out. I drink tonic water mixed with OJ in the evening. (The diet kind, because I hate sugary sodas) I eat at least two bananas a day. I have had lots of blood work done for lack of vitamins that would cause this and they all came back normal. So my doctor thinks it's anxiety and RLS. I do get those twitches in bed at night in my lower legs (only lower legs) side of shins and by ankle... where it feels like ants are under there running around. I massage them with lotion before bed and apply heat to them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Along with the Xanax I take 3 hylands leg cramps right before I get into bed. There have been 3 nights this week where I had no cramping and slept great. Last night before I got into bed the nerve in my right leg started twitching (felt like the nerve because it was nerve pain) and I panicked. I began to rub it and when I rubbed it it HURT in that spot like I was pressing on a nerve. I don't understand what is going on. I drink a lot of water. I do have one diet pepsi around lunch but I try to avoid caffeine after 3 pm. In the morning I drink hot tazo tea but I have for years and never had this problem.. in fact I have been drinking diet pepsi for 11 years and have NEVER had this problem.. the only time my legs used to cramp up at night was when I didn't stretch them good after I worked out that day. Now after I workout (which my workouts aren't as aggressive anymore) I stretch them good. I have low back problems and have been seeing a Chiropractor for that. He cracks my back and neck once a week right now. Don't know if that is related. I also was prescribed a heel lift from him-- after wearing it a while I had hip pain in that leg so I stopped.. the hip pain is gone and the cramps did go away for a few days but now they are back.

So I have no idea. All I know is I only have ONE doctor visit left with a copay for the remainder of the year and that is a LONG time. I don't know what else to do. My doctor said I could call him if I needed something else-- is there ANYTHING else to take at night or even during the day that may help this? Or do you think I need other tests done?

Apart from all that, I am dealing with left jaw pain from TMJ. I am a wreck right now and my anxiety of course is worse because of the pain.

the only reason why i don't think i have RLS is the leg cramps. they do cramp up and i have to get out of bed and move and try to get the cramping to stop and i read that RLS does not cause pain. and these are PAINFUL.

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Old 04-02-2013, 03:49 PM   #2
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nuttylady HB User
Re: Is this RLS?

Hello there, Regarding the RLS, my symptoms were just restless legs/arms. There is an incredible urge to move your legs, sometimes you cannot control. It would wake me up in the middle of the night. I would experience both arms and legs at separate times, both as annoying and restless as the other. The only relief for me was to walk around, massage my legs and take a low dosage of Tylenol. I never went on any medication for it. I would probably experience it 5 times a year. For me, there was absolutely no pain involved, only the ridiculous urge to move your arms or legs. Sounds like you may have a nerve pinched somewhere/some reason. I had a pinched never on the right side 10 years ago and it was excruciating. No relief other than oxycodone which I only took when someone was home since my son was just a baby at the time. I suffered for 13 months (after physio, massage therapy, cortisone shots and acupuncture) the nerve decided to move on its own. Due to some herniated disks at lower 3,4, 5 and a wacked SI joint after a fall, the Dr.s said the nerve was stuck very tight, I felt the pain all the way down to my toe. Hope this helps you a bit and feel better soon.

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Mandolyn HB UserMandolyn HB User
Re: Is this RLS?

Thanks. Yeah... I do feel like there are nerves all over being pinched sometimes. I do get sciatica from time to time and I have had lower back problems, with discs and I have to be careful how I bend and stuff, as my pelvis is tilted and I have mild scoliosis but I still workout but I have to be VERY careful or I will slip another disc. My chiro has been treating me for my back. Seems like ever since he began adjusting my entire back and neck I have had tingling, muscle twitching going on every single night-- sometimes my foot involuntarliy cramps up and I see it move and then I have to hurry and get up and walk it out or rub it-- but sometimes the nerves are involved down by my ankle and that is when it is SUPER painful. Since I have been drinking Tonic water and taking Xanax and magnesium and hylands leg cramps they haven't been as bad at night... some nights I don't even wake up with them. But it's always in the evening. I am dealing with TMJ problems too, wonder if there is a nerve in my head that is being pinched? I just had a custom mouth guard made and will get it Friday. I really hope it helps and I hope it fixes my misalignment with my jaw and bite. But there is always a muscle spasm somewhere in my body. Even my lower abdomen gets it in this one spot every single day at some point... where I can actually feel the muscle tighten and push upward. Not sure what is causing that-- I thought just gas but it's accompanied by pain sometimes and not gas pain. I am all messed up! My L5 is what gives me trouble if I am not treating it right.

Old 04-03-2013, 12:57 PM   #4
Deed toast
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Deed toast HB User
Re: Is this RLS?

RLS can cause cramps as well as other odd sensations. I have been suffering for over a year now but I have found some relief. First, I don't know how old you are but my imbalance of hormones plays a big role. I also got my iron checked and it came back normal but on the low end. I think it was a 34. My doc suggested to take an iron supplement to see if that helps and boy did it ever. After about 4 days I got much relief.probably 95 percent was gone. I also take 400-600 vitamin E. Talk to your doc and have them run Ferritin serum blood work and anything below 50 should be treated for RLS. Try the E right away while your waiting for blood results. Take 200-400 2 xs a day. It helped ease symptoms for me within 20 minutes. Good luck

Old 04-29-2013, 04:52 PM   #5
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simonfoot HB User
Re: Is this RLS?

Hello! I have similar problems - TMJ, nerve pain in my leg that is worse at night, and possibly restless leg syndrome. I also take benfotiamine (it is a fat soluble form of vitamin B). You can order it on amazon. It is very helpful! I also use topical pain relievers very frequently for my jaw pain and my leg pain. Topricin on amazon is good. If it isn't strong enough, you could have your doctor right you a prescription for a topical that a compounding pharmacist would make. I like topicals because they relieve pain immediately and they don't absorb into the bloodstream, so you don't get the same side effects as pills.

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Mandolyn HB UserMandolyn HB User
Re: Is this RLS?

Deed Toast- I did have my iron checked and my ferritin was 9
So he put me on a lot of iron. I already went through the prescription iron and there are no refills. I still have RLS at night- the cramps have been less so that is nice but I still have to massage them with lotion, apply heat to them and take Xanax and the xanax also helps with my teeth clenching. My spine is slightly bent and my pelvis is tilted so I bet that has a lot to do with stuff too-- pressure on nerves and such. My chiro is helping but.. meh... i don't know if this treatment is working. I did get a custom guard made to wear at night- it's acrylic so it's harder. I hope it helps with the TMJ pain because I am still trying to not open much and I stick to softer foods.

I haven't had any side effects from the Xanax except SLEEPINESS which is what I want because I only take it before bed.
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