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Old 09-25-2004, 09:42 PM   #1
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UT_mom HB User
anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

Hello all--
I was wondering if there was anyone out there with acne rosacea. If so, how did it start for you when your rash or redness first appeared. Was it gradual or sudden? Does it ever get very inflamed and "angry" and if so when does it do that? How long after treatment does it clear? And any other info you may be able to provide me.

I'm wondering not because I think I have acne rosacea but because I am being treated for it (unsuccessfully I might add w/ daily noritate cream). I believe I actually have a malar rash that is associated with lupus and I'm just wondering if in fact I am right. I thought who better to ask than people who have dealt with this. I appreciate your insight very much!
Have a great day!

Old 09-26-2004, 12:27 AM   #2
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acne487 HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

Creams dont work. Nothing that your derm/or any other derm gives you is goin to work. doctors works for insurence componies, thats who gives them there money. The insurence componies are cheap and dont want to cover the cost of treatments that are actually affective. The creams that derms give you is cheaper than over the counter products for rosacea. The best thing to do , is one have lactic acid peels done, wash your face with cetaphil cleanser and look into IPL. (Intense pulse light) It emits heat and evaperates the dialated blood vessles undernieth the skin. IT also promotes collagen production. NEVER use metro gel , the compony who sells it says 15% of the people who take it, it makes the rosacea worst. reason 2 out of the rest of the people who take it does little to nothing at all for your condition. If you think about it, it is immposable for a cream to do anything for dialated blood vessles. The way the creams work is they kill bacteria on the skin that may aggervate the problem. The problem is , is that the bacteria on the skin does cuase rosacea so its pointless in taking it. Also if you decide to get the IPL done make sure the clinic that is performing the procedure has a good laser. There is a difference between a 50,000 dollors IPL laser and a 130,000 dollor IPL machine.Stay away from the smoothbeam version thats a cheap modle.

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Old 09-27-2004, 11:57 AM   #3
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bordrgrl HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

I'm using rosac and having great success! I've had a pink color to my cheeks (right where I have blackheads) for years, not too bad, but I'm only 24.

Old 09-27-2004, 04:04 PM   #4
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Kymberlee HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

Hey! I saw your post and had to respond. I have a mild case of acne rosacea. The Derm put me on Retin-a Micro and Finacea gel. I am happy with both results. I used to have tons of small bumps on my forehead and cheeks and now I see less of them since I've been on the meds. (I think the bumps were blocked pores--deep inside the skin.) If I skip using the Finacea gel for a couple of days, I get the old flusing back to my cheeks and I break out more. I was surprised when the Doc told me that I have acne rosacea. I now can understand why because I came home after my appt. and did lots of research on the internet. Most of the symptoms fit me! I just cannot believe that another Derm in the past didn't tell me this info! Anyway, for me it's been a gradual thing (the redness&flusing) I've always had acne! By the way, I'm 41 yrs. old.

Old 09-27-2004, 10:06 PM   #5
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acne487 HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

There is no way any cream can ever help rosacea. If you put a cream on your face and it works it is not rosacea. The redness that accurs with rosacea is dialated blood vessles. How can a cream reduce dialated blood vessles? Any cream a doctor gives you for rosacea is a scam by the insurense compony. Its as big of a scam as those cutting gels. you put the gel on your skin and you lose fat! SCAM lol. There are warnings on metro gel web site , it says in 15 % of the peolpe who use it, rosaea gets worst. If the redness goes away from a cream it means you DO NOT HAVE ROSACEA. creams can only get rid of SKIN problams. The skin itself is not red, if its your skin thats red the creams can help, and if the skin is red that means its not rosacea becuase rosacea does 'nt make the SKIN red it makes the blood vessles dialate.

Old 09-28-2004, 07:25 AM   #6
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chi33 HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

Rosacea is typically exaberrated by alcohol, spicy foods. If you are uncertain and are concerned about lupus, you should really get a second opinion and have the appropriate tests run (ANA, DNA-ss,etc.). Usually a rhuemetologist is the best person to see, but your GP can probably run the tests as well. Also always a good idea to take a picture of your face when the redness is at its worst to show the doc.

Old 09-28-2004, 09:51 PM   #7
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UT_mom HB User
Re: anyone w/ acne rosacea --I have questions

Thank you all for your informative responses! The more I am hearing about how most people have gradual onset of this problem and usually bumps or a lot of acne associated with their redness---I really just don't think this is what I have. I guess I'll have to have a biopsy however to know for sure, that's what we were trying to avoid by using the cream first was the scar from a biopsy to look for immunofluorescents. I have acne (sometimes, during certain times of the month mostly) but it is not even where my redness is. Do any of you have any other symptoms that worsen as your rash do such as joint pain? Thank you all for your responses and for your help. Sounds like this is a very expensive condition to treat as I'm sure most insurances won't cover the treatments that actually work best. Have a great day!

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