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Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

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Old 12-23-2009, 12:53 AM   #16
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TheRedOne HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

i have this same problem....i'm 27, and have been wearing eye makeup since i was 14, then all of a sudden out of nowhere this happens! i don't understand it, and it is so frustrating! i miss being able to wear eyeshadow!! my eye doctor had no idea what was going on, neither did my dermatologist. i'm so frustrated. i am going to try the coconut oil thing, hopefully it will help

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Old 12-23-2009, 08:15 AM   #17
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TopGeek HB UserTopGeek HB UserTopGeek HB UserTopGeek HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

On another blepharitis thread, I already posted about the fact that I also went through a lot of suffering before I eventually discovered that my blepharitis was due to the regular use of H & S shampoo, particularly on my eyebrows. As soon as I transferred to an ordinary shampoo I no longer had itchy eyelids. I did try going back to H & S a few months later and, sure enough, the problem returned.
Evidently, there are many other things that can cause blepharitis but this was a wonderful discovery for me.

Old 04-15-2010, 09:37 AM   #18
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ansz HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

Originally Posted by mssewnsew View Post
Hi, new to this today. Seem imformative, a little difficult to use to post a question, probably because I'm a novice.

Well enough of that and on to my topic. A month ago my family and I were on an outdoor outing. All that good stuff available in the end of summer and early fall floating, invisible in the air. Pollen or allergens whatever you wish to call it. On the way home, after about 6 hours in the stuff, we had a big laugh over something and just kept it up most of the 1 1/2 hours home. I was crying I was laughing so much; tears eyerwhere. I had not had any trouble with my eyes at all. Later on my eyes and eyelids and under my eyes felt like I had gotten fresh, stinging ocean water in them. Mostly my left eye. I also wear contacts and they were so dry I could not hardly see they were so dry. They felt this way for a few days. It got a little better but in the mornings my eyes were all crusty.

Its about a month later and now my eyelids are still burning and swollen and peeling. I read on the site about Blepharitis and wonder if that might be what I have. I did at some time in the last 20 years remember I had to wash my eyelids and around my eyes with J_______ Baby Shampoo because it was tearless and would not sting my eyes but would clean all the bad cuties out.

I've been to the Dr. and dermatologists most of my life for weird skin problems, but haven't been recently for lack of funds. I lost my job - fired, from being a waitress of all things about 2 months ago. One of my old, retired dermatologists would ask me when I had some "flare up" what my "boyfriend had done to upset me?" He assumed that a lot of my problems were nerve associated. Yes that's quite possible.

I also stopped taking all my drugs (ie: vitamins, and herbals) since I didn't need all the "help" keeping me going on my non-existent job. This according to some of the testimonials I've read might be another cause. Lack of iron maybe or some other substance I was getting enough of.

I also remember as a child I had some horrible head type of problem like severe dandruff. Also necessitating some Rx type medicines. That goodness my parents other 3 kids didn't have these type of problems.

I hoping if anyone has any other advice they'd pass it along, SOOOOOON!
Thanks - A -
Not sure if you have resolved your problem and I have had what sounds similar to you. Tried lots of things including otham visit, lid wipes etc and nothing helped. Finally stumbled on to a basic routine that does work, I use moistuising eye drops every morning and night, take 1 x visionace vitamin tablet a day and use A-Derma (oat based moisturiser which is made in France) on my eyelids and face every am & pm after washing. I only use minimal eye make up now as well. This has been a miracle cure for me and hope it helps u too!

Old 04-29-2010, 10:00 AM   #19
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Lily2297 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

I have had the same problem for about 5 months. Red, itchy, crusty eyelids. The steriod cream I was given did help but since you can't continuously use it, the problem came right back. After trying just about everything I read online or was told by doctors and friends I still suffered with it. I have found some relief by wiping castor oil on each eyelid at night. I use Systane eyedrops throughout the day and have started taking fish oil pills. I threw out all my makeup, changed soaps, different shampoo, but in the end none of that helped. I am back to using everything I used before the problem started. I can still feel some small patches of crusting on the lids, but they look 80% better. Not everyone can take fish oil pills, so that is something that would need to be checked out by each individual. In my case, I believe this condition is a result of dry eye. I don't know if it is the castor oil or the fish oil pills, but something is helping.

Old 05-14-2010, 06:30 AM   #20
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RubyinBoston HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

I think I've got it. You've got a fungal infection similar to athlete's foot. Start treatment with Clotrimazole 1% cream found in the althletes foot section of the pharmacy. You will also want to get an RX for Ketaconazole 2% shampoo which you will lather in your hair and also on to the affected areas. Treatment will take about 2 weeks.

Old 05-15-2010, 09:21 AM   #21
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misselaine HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

Same issues - mine is from living with mold spores that are unseen . swollen and circles under eyes - I can feel it swellin up both eyes throughout the day - from onr ryr to the next

Old 09-28-2010, 04:44 PM   #22
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Asta61 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

On 9/13 I went to urgent care for the same problem....i was diagnosed with contact a scrip for prednisone and gentimyacin for the eyes....for two weeks i searched the internet for relief when the scrips did not work....i tried every thing recommended on the boards i mean EVERYTHING...from vaseline, to unrefined coconut oil to dry eye relief. I woke up yesterday morning and my right eye was almost swollen shut...i did not want to go out - i felt like i looked like the elephant man - i left work and went back to Urgent Care - they were able to get me into see an eye doctor....He stated that it was infact contact dermititis and sometimes the prednisone pills dont work...he gave me steriod cream and steriod eye drops - i used them yesterday and today my eyes are not swollen, they do not itch! i am peely yes, but i expect that to go away. The problem with contact dermitits is the first time you come into contact with what is going to cause the outbreak, nothing happens. It is the next time that the breakout occurs so it is very hard to pin point what it is that causes this for a recommendations - wash your hands at every turn, go see an eye doctor and dont waste money on stupid items people have said they tried and worked - they don't. Good luck I hope this helps

Old 10-31-2010, 06:36 PM   #23
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JaneLV HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

Thank you for this info about coconut oil.

Old 11-04-2010, 09:02 PM   #24
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Brooke12 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

That's great Asta that the steroid drops and cream worked for you. Unfortunately they did not for me.

We can only recommend what works for us, and since that worked for you you feel the same way I feel about one of those "stupid" items that worked for me.

I think many of us with this problem have tried the steroid drops and of the first things I was given way back when I first had the problem. The doctors prescribe this because they have seen success, as in your case.

But not for all of us, and, as well, I cannot be totally convinced I have contact dermatitis anyway (I can only speak for myself, as each of can only do...). Nor can the doctors I have seen be completely convinced of what it is I get.

The symptoms we all share can be symptoms of more than one cause.

These boards are great for people who truly care about others and want to share their ideas and what has worked. Any advice given out of kindness to help others should be appreciated, whether you agree with it or not. It is really disrespectful and downright rude to call other's well meant adivice "stupid."

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Old 11-04-2010, 09:05 PM   #25
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Brooke12 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

Double post

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Old 04-27-2011, 08:28 PM   #26
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catty99 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

I have had what appears to be the same problem that a lot of you describe. I had it 1st on 1 EYELID only...intense itching & redness. 2 diff derm docs did a lot of testing...both said it was definitely an allergic reaction, but all tests were inconclusive...after hundred's of $$ spent.
I have had this for quite a few yrs now...flares up, but never totally goes away. Lately its bad again & now is starting on the other eyelid...also there is now a patch of itchy redness above my eyebrow too Agh!!! The itching can get really intense! I agree it is an allergy...but to what? We have checked/changed all makeup, lotions, soaps, shampoos...anything that I apply to my face & I put a fresh towel over my pillow at seems to get worse in the evening.
I'm going to try the coconut oil...I've never heard of this one before. I'm at my wits end w/this condition. I have been keeping my hands so clean I feel like I'm OCD.
I'm so glad that I stumbled onto this page tonight. Lots of interesting posts. I'm glad I'm not alone w/this.

Old 04-28-2011, 06:22 AM   #27
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Lily2297 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

After going to different doctors, I found out the reason for my symptoms is dry eye. The treatment is steroid drops and a steriod cream for the eyelids called FML. During the day I keep the eyes lubricated with Soothe eyedrops. Although I am not happy about having to use a steroid in my eye, at this point it is the ONLY thing that helped my symptoms. I'm not sure if this is what is affecting you also, but if it is...I tried all the oils and creams out there and none of them helped.

Old 06-16-2011, 10:28 AM   #28
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blessed831 HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

Thank you for posting the baking soda and coconut oil remedy. My eyelids do this crazy thing once or twice a year where the start to itch (more the right eye than the left), then they swell and behave as though they desperately need moisturizer. After keeping them coated with vasoline for a couple of days, the skin on my eyelids starts to peel as though it's been sunburned. It's all very uncomfortable and unsightly. I started the baking soda treatment this morning and the itching stopped for awhile but started back with a vengeance because the skin was drying out. So I went to the drugstore and bought organic, unrefined coconut oil and applied it (after another baking soda tx). My skin is so grateful. The itching and swelling have stopped and after two applications of the coconut oil, the skin even appears to be healing!!!

Thank you!!!

Old 04-24-2012, 01:12 PM   #29
hoping for
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hoping for HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

ok I have that on occasion and this is what I do, I wash my eyes with johnsons baby shampoo and before bedtime I put on an antibiotic cream prescribed by my eye doc called

tobrex ointment in 3-4 days it clears up, but I get this condition every time I use products on my eyes other than Almay......

Old 06-05-2012, 11:00 AM   #30
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linweid HB User
Re: Itchy, swollen, peeling eyelids

My Dr. prescribed Restasis. It is very expensive though. Refresh optive is an over the counter eye drops that really helps. You get it at any drug store. The problem with your dry eye leaves the eyelid red and sore but the actual problem is the dry eye. My Dr. told me that when she prescribed the Restasis.

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