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RiderJen 08-03-2011 07:39 PM

Early warning sign of Rosacea?
I'm seeing a dermatologist for an unrelated issue. On my last visit, I mentioned that I have intermittent burning sensations across my nose for the past few months. They last about 10 seconds, and may occur several times a day or not at all. It feels like my nose is sunburned, but it's not. My nose is NOT red and there are no other symptoms on my face.

So when I mentioned this to my dermatologist, she said it could be an early sign of Rosacea. :( She said she'll keep an eye on it to treat it early (assuming this is Rosacea).

I'm fair-skinned, blush easily, and have always had minor issues with Seborrhea here and there (not a big problem and easy to treat). This year, I've had one health issue after another including 2 bad colds, Shingles, and Anguler Cheilitis (which I'm still trying to get rid of!). I keep wondering "what's next?", so when my doctor said it could be Rosacea, I almost lost it and drove home in tears.

Has anyone with a positive diagnosis of Rosacea had the same initial symptom of burning skin over the nose? How much time lapsed before other symptoms emerged? If treated very early, is it possible to avoid some of the more disfiguring symptoms?

I am hoping the doctor is wrong..... but if the burning isn't Rosacea, then what is it???

yellowdaisy 08-23-2011 04:51 AM

Re: Early warning sign of Rosacea?
Hi Jen,
Sorry I can't add much to this. I have rosacea which has been totally in remission for about 10 years, but may be coming back. Back when I had it years ago, my cheeks used to burn like crazy, BUT they got red at the same time. So my guess is your dermatologist is just trying to think what it COULD be, but it very well could be nothing at all. Try not to worry.

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