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Old 01-22-2007, 01:41 AM   #1
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Location: canyon country, CA
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iheartchocolate HB User
My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

Well.. I'm 20. I'm a "virgin". I guess it would be more accurate to say I'm a "technical" virgin. I havent actually had intercourse but my boyfriend and I do other things. once in a while we'll get reallly. really. close to having sex. But i can never go through with it. mostly because i want to save that part for wedding night.. and other reasons.

but anyways, i heard once from a credible source that it is possible, not common or likely for most, but possible to get pregnant from dry humping. with like just underwear on. depending on how "close" u are. and me and my bf have been very very close. we've been close without clothes on and im just a little worried that if the person was right that u can get pregnant from being that close with clothes on.. i could be pregnant because i went further. i dont know if i'm making sense anymore. my bf keeps saying not to worry. He said that this isnt the first time ive been late and he's right. i know i should, but i always forget to mark my periods ona calendar or soemthing. it does seem to be a little irregular at times. but i know i've never been 27 days late...!!! i mean that just seems bad. and i would see a doctor but thats kind of another issue. i cant. oi. i know i asked a BUNCH of questions in here but if anyone could answer one or all.. thatd be awesome.. thank u..

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Old 01-22-2007, 08:52 AM   #2
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saynorj HB User
Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

Ok, It depends what you mean by dry humping, unless his penis went anywhere near your vagina the chances are your missed period are due to something else.

If his naked penis was touching the outside of your naked vagina, it has been known for women to very unluckly get pregnant this way, however, it is hard enough to get pregnant via actual penertaion, so the chances of you getting pregnant this way is very very unlikely.

You missed/late period could be due to any number of things, for example, stress can make you miss a period, if you are worried about being pregnant, ironically, this could be what is causing your period to be late!

Are you on any kind of birth control? I assume you are not as you are still a virgin, if after another week your period still has not come, take a test or see a doctor. But do try not to worry, because I suspect this isnt a serious problem.

Hope I was able to help you.

Old 01-22-2007, 01:58 PM   #3
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wholegrain HB User
Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

Actually I just dealt with this recently. My period was five days late and it has NEVER been late or irregular before at all. And I'm a virgin. I'm married but I have vaginismus so I've never had sex. We do "other stuff" like you're talking about and his semen is often on my vulva. That combined with the fact that my mom has told me she was *extremely* fertile and got pregnant three times after having sex for the first time in years. I was freaking out until my period finally came.

But 27 days is a little different than 5, even if I had never been late before. That's almost an entire cycle. I really think you should go to a doctor if it doesn't come in the next couple of weeks.

Old 01-22-2007, 02:04 PM   #4
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jen52983 HB User
Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

One way to know... take a pregnany test.

Maybe you can get pregnant from dry humping and other forms of foreplay, and maybe not- you'll get different responses to this question... just check the boards, people ask all the time with different answers!!

Even if your period is irregular, you will ease your mind by taking the test.

BC pills can regulate your period. Have you ever been to a gyno about being irregular? are you irregular, or do you just forget when you should get your period? I would visit the gyno just to make sure everything is working properly.

One way to avoid this situation in the future- even if you're not having ful on sex- if his penis is anywhere near your vagina.. have him wear a condom. Better safe than pregnant!

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Old 01-23-2007, 02:29 AM   #5
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Location: canyon country, CA
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iheartchocolate HB User
Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

in response to some of the posts, yes, we have been in situations where his naked penis has touched my naked vagina. There have been a couple attempts of sex, but it went in no more than 1/2 and inch and for only a few seconds, before we stopped. that has happened about 6 times maybe. most were a while ago and i had my period right after. a couple were recent. could i be pregnant from that? it seems so.. unlikely. possible. but unlikely. i mmean even the most fertile girls can have a hard time getting pregnant when they are actually trying..

about bc's... last year around like march/april, a nurse at my college suggested I be on the pill because i was living with my bf.. i told her i didnt need it but she insisted. But I only took it for a month and decided it was unecessary and a hassle.

my period is pretty much regular as far as i know. Ive never actually written it down.. i just "know" its coming mostly. But like i said, i have never been this late before. ever. a week at the most because of stress related issues.

Old 01-23-2007, 12:05 PM   #6
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lovinthev8 HB User
Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

Just make sure if there's any fluid coming out of his penis that it stays away from you. The same also goes for your hands and his hands. For example, if you're "working" on your boyfriend, don't turn around and masturbate right away. Just use common sense and keep his fluids away from you.

As far as your period, do you do any sports? My ex girlfriend was into cross country, and her period was INCREDIBLY screwed up, along with a lot of other girls on the team. Turns out that highly active sports tends to mess with women's cycles. There were times she went three months without getting her period. Other times she'd get it twice a month. This continued for years until she finally got on birth control to regulate herself.

In short, don't be overly concerned about it, however when you and your boyfriend are together, just be careful and use common sense.

Old 01-23-2007, 01:37 PM   #7
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Re: My period is almost a month late.. but I'm a virgin.. what going on??

If you actually had sex and he pulled out, you have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant.. not a lot but still not with the risk.. but you did not even do this, so it would be much less for you. The only way it could happen is if pre-ejaculate fluid got inside you. I would say to buy a pregnancy test if you are worried, but stress can also delay your period.. so worrying can make it delayed as well! I'm sure you are fine.. but sometimes it's good to just check to ease your mind. I actually went on the pill for irregular periods and bad stomach aches every month, before I even started having sex. I didn't even have a boyfriend at that time.. but I'm sure if I weren't on the pill I would always be scared even if I used condoms.

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