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Blossom24 11-19-2012 01:23 PM

Pool exercises for SLAP tear
Does anybody have any details of exercises to perform in the water for a SLAP tear? I am 3.5 weeks post-op from a type 2 tear with 3 anchors. I saw my surgeon last week for my first post-op visit and he says that my range of movement is where he expects it to be for this stage and that the portal scars are healing nicely. He says that I can get in the pool to move my arm but I can't think of beginning to swim until after I have seen him at my next appointment at 12 weeks which is fine with me. I want to make sure that my movements in the pool are effective and so I was wondering if anyone had any exercises? I don't want to force any movement at this stage beyond what is comfortable. My surgeon says that he doesn't want me to start physio until the 6 week post-op period at the start of December when he has given permission to raise my arm above shoulder level. However, I have been given permission to use my arm in every direction as long as it is below shoulder level and not lifting anything too heavy so I am keeping my arm moving and I don't need to use the sling.

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