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suggi 11-17-2012 12:24 AM

Ongoing crusting in nose - scared
I have had crusting, soreness in nose and (according to ENT) extremely dry nose for over a year. I have switched ENTs 3 times now and the 1st one said I had staph in my nose but no infection (did a culture came back moderate staph) so put on Keflex for 10 days. 5 days later did culture with negative results. Said use Bacitracin in nose for a year.

Next ENT said I had a very dry nose which made the crusting and sometimes a bit of bleeding and to use saline spray and gel many times a day and drink a lot of water.

Next ENT said he thinks I have Wegener Granulomatosis and sent me for blood tests which have not come back yet. I am scared as it is fatal. Starts in the sinuses/nostrils and is a vascular autoimmune disease that eventually gives you kidney failure. Untreated prognosis is 1 year. Treated with Prednisone that I can not take due to osteoporosis and a chemo type drug that can also kill you can extend your life. He also said he will have to biopsy and even that is not conclusive. He said to use Bacitracin or Vaseline and saline gel and stay hydrated. Have read Vaseline can get into your lung and cause lipoid pneumonia.

Anyone out there with the same problem?? Please let me know.

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