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thefarm 11-26-2012 12:00 PM

Polyp/Cyst, Headaches, Head Pressure, Vomiting, Fatigue, Pain
I've had problems for almost 14 yrs. First Fatigue & Derealization.
Headaches have been common. I'm so used to having head pressure & atleast a mild headache it's just normal for me... It's when they get bad that I have a hard time with them.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia two yrs ago. Three yrs ago pain hit & only has gotten worst. In my joints, bones, muscles & often nerve pain. All over pain. Pain is the worst in my neck. I take pain meds regularly.
Vomiting started not long after I was diagnosed with fibro. Blaimed Fibro for a long time. Then I figured it was my body's way of dealing with pain. But over the years pain gets worst & vomiting happens more & more intense. It's to the point now that I'm afraid I go to sleep one night & not wake up.
I've had blood work for everything, right down to rare disorders & yearly bloodwork, ect. I've had nerve tests, test for seizures, allergy tests, sleep study, GI ultrasound & Abdominal ultrasound recently. Also an MRI to test for MS.
Seen Nuerologists, Rhumetologist, An Endocrynologist, Back Doctors for my back pain, & probably around 20-30 doctors over the last 13 yrs.

I was at Urgent Care a few days ago. I had been vomiting for 13 hrs, dehydrated, severe headache. Usually I just deal with it & it happends atleast once a week. This time I think it was caused from me over doing it...
I can't do much anymore. I have 4 kids & so hard to take care of my family. I don't work & my husbands frustraited. Tired of me always being sick.
I just never feel good. Always have head pressure. Pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, misc symptoms like really dry eyes & mouth.

Here's the thing. When I had the MRI 2 yrs ago I was told it was fine. My endocrynologist actually looked it up before I talked to the Nuerologist. She said there is a Nasal Cyst or Polyp, don't remember which one she called it. She showed me the scan & pointed to te polyp, white spot. She said it was no concern. My Primary & Nuerologist never even said anything about it.

Now, with all the problems I have & how severe they have gotten it makes me wonder if this Polyp is causing my problems. Maybe it's really a tumor?
I don't mean to seem like a hypochondriac but I'm so sick of being sick. I'm tired of being in sooo much pain, the terrible fatigue, the vomiting is miserable. You know I've easily vomited for 4 days in a week! Derealization is horrible by itself. It's like being drugged all the time!
I'm sick of doctors not finding anything & not taking me serious enough. I feel like they'll finally figure it out once I'm dead.
I hate to bring up cancer & have my dr think I'm nuts. But it's too that point now!

I guess I'm wondering if my symptoms can be from a Cyst or Tumor?
My medical bills keep piling, $ is always tight. We're scraping by. I'm selling my old jewelery online so I can get our kids Christmas presents. So I hate to run up more doctor bills & get no where. I just need help.

I just remembered about this cyst last night so been trying to figure out if this could be the cause...

Also, I always have mucous drainage. I think my glands are swollen. My face & neck is always puffy. My face looks fat but its not fatty feeling, more hard feeling.

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