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  1. can't get allergies under control!
  2. Aleve almost killed hubby.....TWICE!
  3. Facial tingling and chicken allergy?
  4. Nose Poly-ups and Sinus Cavities
  5. Burning and Bumps
  6. Your thoughts and experience with SLIT (Allergy Drops)
  7. Allergic to the Smell of Coffee
  8. Hayfever - Burning eyes....plse help.
  9. Woman ages decades in a few days - Are seafood and nut allergies related?
  10. Possible allergy to asacol
  11. Best place to live in US for allergies?
  12. what type of bed sheet/pillow covers are best for allergy sufferers?
  13. Skin scratch verses Intradermal skin test
  14. Worries about people carrying cat dander
  15. Small itchy bumps all over body
  16. Not sure what to think
  17. How often to get tested
  18. Need some help/advice please
  19. Does Hazelnut coffee mate actually contain nuts?
  20. Does anyone use steroid nasal sprays more than once per day?
  21. Anyone else had at-home Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) for their allergies?
  22. Afrin
  23. nasal congestion
  24. Prescription Allegra-D vs. OTC
  25. Could my 1 Year Old have allergies
  26. Is Zrytec the best we have?
  27. What's wrong with our Planet?
  28. Have you found Mold in your house?
  29. Mistaking LPR for allergies??
  30. Allergy to sunflower seeds
  31. Local anesthetics and antibiotics for those with IA
  32. Sinus irrigation causes nose bleed
  33. Dairy free good tasting cookies?
  34. bandaid allergy
  35. Red, itchy allergy eyes
  36. Bacteria/dust wands?
  37. Dust mites--stored clothes?
  38. Too much Allegra D 24hr?
  39. Peanut allergy in child
  40. running nose and asthama
  41. help me to diagnose this...allergy caused by swelling internal organ
  42. my life with steven johnstone syndrome
  43. how can i get rid of cat hair in my apartment
  44. Allergies missed by allergist?
  45. Am I allergic to Advil (400mg)?
  46. Thanks to Healthboards for cure for itchy ears
  47. Sinus troubles
  48. Looking at a beer allergy
  49. Allergies?
  50. Has anyone ever had fungal sinuses?
  51. Angioedema from Benzene
  52. Allergy Symptoms? need help diagnosing...
  53. Really bizarre symptoms occuring at the exact time they did last year
  54. Worried - lump throat and tingle - please help
  55. How do you function at work?
  56. Intense sneezing and sinus pressure
  57. High IgE
  58. How long does prednisolone take to work?
  59. allergy testing nothing found
  60. suffering and sooo ready for relief..
  61. ithcy arms, no rash
  62. ithcy arms, no rash
  63. Allergy,asthma,please help.
  64. So frustated about allergy testing
  65. Allergy Shots making me ill?
  66. Do I have allergies?
  67. Olive Leaf Extract Supplements for Sinusitis?
  68. Anyone use Patanase?
  69. Does anyone have these symptoms?
  70. allergy testing bill
  71. Allergy Symptoms
  72. Are these allergy symptoms?! Either environmental or food.
  73. Cotton Linters
  74. Is corn pollen allergy the same as corn allergy
  75. Red Splotchy Non-Itchy Rash?
  76. Peanut and milk allergy
  77. Allergies and irritated throat
  78. Allergies and Aches
  79. Ichy lines and bumps help!!!!!
  80. Important question about allergy meds
  81. Oral allergies :(
  82. Can I cut an Allegra 180mgs pill?
  83. How much swelling is normal with a wasp sting?
  84. onion/yeast allergy?! any advice PLEASE
  85. Allergies and seeing shimmering spots??
  86. Could this be allergies?
  87. Re: Tongue, mouth, throat itchy
  88. Itchy Tongue in Child - Undiagnosed
  89. Any herbal suggestions?
  90. Itchy roof of mouth
  91. what can this be?
  92. Random Severe Systemic Reaction - no idea what caused it - HELP!
  93. Terrified
  94. RA pain
  95. very very itchy skin! Help?
  96. Bumpy red rash, itchy at night...?
  97. Skin Reaction/Rash/Swelling and Blisters
  98. Constant Cough
  99. Help with Latex Allergy
  100. Terrible allergies in the Midwest???
  101. Vertigo since 12/1/10. Strange problem. Need Advice.
  102. Likelihood of food allergy based on my symptoms? Desperate for advice
  103. Can you make some suggestions for me?
  104. Allergies to TMJ prostheses Metals
  105. Wheat allergy and sinusitis?
  106. Allergies and headaches,,,is it common?
  107. how often should allergy testing be repeated?
  108. Lead dust exposure from lead paint
  109. Red Bumps on Toddler
  110. Chronic itchy rash
  111. lip swelling and diarrhea?
  112. Rash & congestion after swimming, lakes
  113. EPD - UK based help groups?
  114. Re: Vasomotor rhinitis/anxiety
  115. Vertigo and hay fever
  116. Allergies
  117. Allergy- something like mosquito bites appears when i scratched myself.
  118. Labeling of artificial dyes in cosmetics - new trend to watch for.
  119. Allergies and lightheaded
  120. sunflower & Safflower
  121. How can you tell the difference between Sinus infection and just plain ole allergies
  122. What do you think?
  123. Thank goodness for nurses who give shots
  124. allergy shots and overseas travel (5 months)
  125. itchy red bumps on face...
  126. Angioedema and other ailments
  127. Dusty stuff from storage...in bad shape now
  128. Can anyone help?
  129. Allergies?
  130. Barley food intolerance and tree nut allergy.
  131. Crazy Allergic Reactions
  132. Chlorophyll allergy
  133. dust allergy
  134. Nickel allergy - low nickel diet
  135. Allergy / Asthma [AVIL INJECTION]
  136. Xolair worked for me!!
  137. Coughing and hives in 7 yr old - including cold water urticaria
  138. chronic urticaria for 4 years
  139. I nearly cried today
  140. pillow protectors!
  141. Allergy to Grass / Bermuda Grass
  142. claritin vs zyrtec?
  143. Anyone have symptoms like this?
  144. Can I be allergic to a food only sometimes?
  145. Hair smells like dirt after washing
  146. Waking up with spider/mosquito bites and hives
  147. Suffering From Allergies?
  148. food control of a 13 year old
  149. Weird Soy Lecithin Allergy causes nausea.
  150. fish oil helps my sinusitis
  151. Chronic infections, help!
  152. Anti-bacterial soaps
  153. Anyone have issues with self-tanners and spray tans?
  154. Roughly two hours of congestion after having a shower
  155. Allergic to Soap. Anyone else have this problem?
  156. Allergy testing negative but suffer all symptoms
  157. Can Eating Cause Bronchial Coughing?
  158. allergy shots?
  159. allergies and dizziness?
  160. IGE Allergy to Candida Albicans
  161. Strange allergy?? Help please!
  162. Chronic Hives - Hormones
  163. Upper back of mouth feels irritated, then feel warm
  164. why allery problems even when pollen count is low?
  165. Pollen tea
  166. food allergy testing...now what??
  167. Epipen advice, and other symptoms
  168. The final piece?
  169. Tired all the time!!
  170. sinus allergy and claritin
  171. Nasal steroid sprays?
  172. Afrin Addiction
  173. Allergies?! Is it possible?
  174. Allegra D-24 medication
  175. My Sweat Creates Poison Ivy Like Rash
  176. Waking up coughing every night
  177. Anyone with seasonal allergies suffer from fatique?
  178. ENT in Miami specialised in Fungal sinusitis?
  179. allergist or ENT?
  180. Is this an allergy?
  181. kenolog shot??
  182. Delayed allergies - avoid them?
  183. Bumps on penis related to allergies?
  184. Screen filter
  185. weird allergic reaction symptoms...help
  186. Itchy Feet
  187. Bronchitis from Sinuses?
  188. Sunburn like facial rash
  189. Vocal cord paralysis from allergies?
  190. Chronic Hives After C-Section
  191. Allergies--lung issues
  192. can sinus and allergies do this
  193. My Funny Allergies Story
  194. how do you deal with your cat allergies?!?!
  195. What are remedies for skin allergies got from drinking vodka?
  196. Gluten Sensitive - Rice
  197. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  198. 30 and skin testing positive to dozens of things (food and env.)
  199. Red Thunder Energy Shot
  200. food allergies
  201. Antibiotic Allergies
  202. Swollen, weeping lips - linked to lactose intolerance?
  203. Allergic to dog or frontline plus?
  204. Have no idea
  205. allergy symptoms?
  206. Hay Fever - alternative treatment?
  207. Im thinking of buying allegra otc
  208. Help me understand these allergy symptoms
  209. Chronic Hives!!!
  210. Alcohol with Celiac disease.
  211. mixing antihistamines
  212. Anyone in the northeast having bad spring allergies already
  213. TO ALL WHO READ this is puzzling???
  214. Fish allergy
  215. Hives Turn to Bruising
  216. cat allergies
  217. Allergy shot plateau, anyone?
  218. has anyone tried air purifiers?
  219. Can allergies start 16 hours after contact with a dog?
  220. Can anyone identify or help me with why this occurs?
  221. Rashes on face - allergy related? More symptoms.
  222. Sleepwear for people with Sensitive Skin (esp Dermographia)
  223. IGE Tests results
  224. shrimp
  225. Baby shampoo to the rescue... maybe.
  226. Possible Allergy Symptom?
  227. Chronic Cough + Fatigue
  228. Anestheia Allergy or Allergy to Post-Op Med
  229. new here could really use some help
  230. Unknown allergy
  231. Dermographia/urticaria! HELP!
  232. Allergic to penicillin and keflex. What now?
  233. hay fever, swollen glands, nose bleeds & hair loss?
  234. Can pollen cause extreme hyperactivity in kids?
  235. this is puzzling???
  236. water bubles
  237. Do any of you experience this?
  238. What have you tried to get rid of mold?
  239. H2O2 up the schnoz.
  240. Baby Allergies
  241. Spring is early in the Eastern US
  242. Allergy testing-eye drops?
  243. Can weight cain or trouble losing weight be a symptom of allergy shot?
  244. Walking to lose weight until allergies hit
  245. Itchiness/Hives
  246. feel terrible after shots
  247. Need a little input here
  248. Best rx eyedrops?
  249. South Florida/tree pollen?
  250. Please help! constant really annoying and problematic phlegm and post nasal drip.