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  1. congestion and head/neck ache most mornings
  2. Should my allergist have told me about the risk of developing new allergies...
  3. peanut and pine nut allergy, at 50
  4. Allergy felt in lungs?
  5. Itchy rash for 3 weeks
  6. Anyone else feel like their allergies cause reflux instead of other way around?>>>
  7. Allergies causing sleep and unconsciousness
  8. that itch
  9. allergic to cats, drops that will help
  10. Rash Posted in Childrens Section Too
  11. Chest Pain?
  12. Most sensitive skin EVER!!!!
  13. Elimination diet successes?
  14. Problems with fish oil
  15. Allergy shot questions
  16. Is it common with allergies to have a sore throat??
  17. swollen turbinates and constant headaches
  18. I have two??
  19. Could this be Urticaria?
  20. itchy ear
  21. Daughter's rash spreading-meds not working...
  22. Ferrous sulfate
  23. bleach in a nursing home
  24. Mold infection-Aspergillus
  25. allergy to propylene glycol - what counteracts
  26. Allergy and sexual impotence
  27. Runny Nose frequently since 5 years and increased eosinophil count..Related?
  28. Multiple allergens immunotherapy vaccine
  29. Allergic to...what?? HELP
  30. Frustrated, why cant the drs. help?
  31. Itching under upper arms and other places?
  32. Starting LDA in Feb 2010 Need advice
  33. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
  34. Search Phrase: does chronic urticaria hinders pregnancy??
  35. Hearing loss because of an allergic reaction to food?
  36. where is the best place to live for respiratory problems
  37. allergy
  38. Hives, swelling, sore throat, ears popping..need some advice!!
  39. What causes dizziness?
  40. Sulfa, Sulfite, Sulfate Allergy
  41. nerve problem
  42. allergy no one believes me on!
  43. Eye allergies...but with dry eyes
  44. What are your allergies?
  45. Allergies might be coming back?
  46. Addicted to Afrin
  47. Mold Sickness
  48. sick and tired
  49. Violent sneezing
  50. please help!
  51. how long does an allergic reaction to strawberries last in a 16 month old?
  52. hairspray allergies
  53. Redness / slight swelling around mouth - what is this?
  54. How do I remove pet allergens from appartment?
  55. Lip and eye swelling - facial allergy
  56. Allegra and Upset Stomach
  57. Please can someone help!
  58. metal allergy
  59. Humidifiers
  60. My Allergenic Nightmare. Need Expert Advice
  61. Blepharitis and Patanol Allergy Eye Drops?
  62. i have no idea whats going on.
  63. soy allergy
  64. Swelling in throat?
  65. flonase (fluticasone) and menstruation / weak feeling stomach
  66. 11 year old with soy allergy
  67. Why do my lips swell when I bite myself
  68. I had a fever medicine called gramocef-o 200Dt (India), but now I have a body itching
  69. "getting over" PREDNISOLONE side effects
  70. Not sure what's going on
  71. Chocolate allergy?
  72. Hives
  73. lie down in bed at night skin begins to have burning sensation
  74. Peeling skin in ears from ear plugs
  75. how to find the causes of seasonal hives
  76. Alergic to everything
  77. contact dermatitis
  78. Deviated Septum and Allergies?
  79. itching
  80. allergy to eyeshadow
  81. allergy to beef?
  82. allergy to drug after you quit taking it I don't believe it
  83. Soy Allergy?
  84. Sleeping Pill Addictions and Allergic Reactions
  85. Xyzal and coping with side effects
  86. allergic to everything?
  87. Anyone taking Singulair?
  88. Can't live in my new house... HELP
  89. night allergies?
  90. Drug Allergies
  91. Outside air year round allergy
  92. Faking an allergy???!!
  93. ct/contrast allergy
  94. Sublingual Immunotherapy
  95. Allergy Shot Experiences
  96. tanning bed poisioning??
  97. scabies?
  98. Both milk and eggs
  99. Xyzal and Itching
  100. side effects of antihistimine
  101. Allergies suddenly better in office building. Why?
  102. A successful 5 year immunization regimen to treat a severe cat allergy
  103. chronic itching after allergic reaction
  104. nausea and sneezing
  105. Clorox Anti-Allergen
  106. Why did my allergies improve permanently?
  107. Should we get rid of the dog?
  108. Best Prescription Allergy Med?
  109. Could this be allergy?
  110. Post Here What Works for YOU :)
  111. Itching and skin gets black
  112. Scratchy Throat
  113. Any allergy sufferers just have it when awaking?
  114. Allergic to ferrets?
  115. Cryptic Tonsils? anyone?
  116. Is this possible? Advice needed!
  117. Skin ***** test vs. blood test?
  118. Tonsils and Allergies?
  119. Antibiotic allergy testing anxiety
  120. Does this sound like allergies?
  121. lower head pressure and dizzines when on stage
  122. I am at the end of my rope please someone help!
  123. My Daughter's Symptoms?
  124. Allergy shots and Breathing
  125. Red Dye Allergies
  126. Severe Indoor Allergies and Migraine Auras?
  127. Anyone Can Answer This If They Know it
  128. Is this allergies i am so sick of this!!!!!
  129. Food Allergies
  130. Anaphylactoid Reaction
  131. Please someone help me with symptoms
  132. my story to share
  133. Omeprazole and lactose intolerant
  134. allergies or eczema? HELP my 3 yr old son
  135. puffy itchy hands
  136. neosporin/polysporin allergy
  137. allergy???
  138. Prescribed Prednisone, Told to Stop Abruptly
  139. Can food allergies restrict urine flow?
  140. Small Rash down below stomach
  141. food allergy connected to loss of taste??
  142. Horrible allergies in Arizona
  143. Food Allergies and Trouble Breathing
  144. Swollen lips and hives
  145. mucus
  146. I am having a nervous breakdown!!!!
  147. Allergies to six antibiotics and understanding testing.
  148. allergies or not
  149. Whats wrong with me?.
  150. Can you take both Zyrtec and Benadryl?
  151. Food sensitivity = congestion?
  152. Vision problems and allergy season
  153. itchy arm
  154. My 2 year old...allegies ...Medicine "Singular"
  155. use of allergy meds, Advair cause heart palps??
  156. Vaginal itching
  157. Tired red, burning eyes
  158. wheezing/coughing 9 year old
  159. Bee stings
  160. White pimples under my private part
  161. Excessive coughing/mucus after eating
  162. claritin and zyrtec problem, sleepwalking
  163. denni-morgan lines under eyes- will these go away with allergy meds?
  164. astepro? do you use it?
  165. Good allergist in Chicago area
  166. Severe inflammation of hands and feet
  167. alternative medicine for allergies?
  168. Salicylate Amine Intolerances, any information?
  169. Can post nasal drip cause a burning stomach
  170. I Cant' Breathe....:(
  171. does post nasal drip cause nausea
  172. New To Allergies.. Can all these symptoms simply be??
  173. Nickel-asthma/rash/metallic taste after cough
  174. allergy due to paints, chalk etc for a child
  175. do i have a allergey really need some help
  176. Question for those with wheat allergies
  177. Post Nasal Drip?
  178. Hypersensitive Immune System - Allergies
  179. Nasal passage constriction, what can I do?
  180. sore and puffy eyes
  181. Allergic to the soap in my dorm
  182. Milk ALLERGIES?? HELP
  183. Food Allergy - seafood?
  184. How often to use nasal rinse?
  185. allergic to tetanus shot
  186. have you found relief with a hepa air purifier?
  187. Topical vs ingested reactions.
  188. confused about pollen counts
  189. Mold and oral allergy syndrome
  190. pesiticides or other chemicals in food allergy test
  191. Allergies and asthma
  192. Eyelid swelling....allergies?
  193. Food allergy random swelling in various places
  194. salicylate intolerance
  195. Allergic Reaction
  196. I have to have allergy shots.
  197. Is all this because of allergies? Questions for you...
  198. antihistamines long term use
  199. burning sensation on my fingers, and arm
  200. Allergic Reaction Meds or Food?? help!
  201. what can you do to help bad allergies
  202. Is this a food allergy or intolerance?
  203. cat allergy or msg allergy?
  204. Hives and more hives
  205. Swollen lymph node after allergy shot
  206. Can hayfever aggravate/cause asthma
  207. Deviated septum + dust mite allergies (post-surgery
  208. Toxic mold? please someone help i'm so scared
  209. Claritin D every day?
  210. allergies and headaches!
  211. New warning on singulair's label
  212. About Allergy at-home tests
  213. Question about nasal flooding
  214. Red Eyes
  215. Is this from Allergies?
  216. Pressure behind neck and head
  217. prednislone 5mg eg allergie rash
  218. dizzyness
  219. What is it in allergies that causes headaches and blurred vision?
  220. Ok now I'd like some real help
  221. Should I see a Dr?
  222. Allergy maybe???
  223. unexplained itching on arms
  224. oral allergy syndrome question
  225. What is it about high pollen?
  226. rinsing with hydrogen peroxide
  227. Dermatitis? I keep getting rashes!
  228. Nothing's working
  229. Allergy Shots Too Strong?
  230. Nasal wash with sea salt/
  231. What if you have eczema that doesn't itch?
  232. help!! Prednisone (steroid) reaction!!
  233. Neti Pot help (dryness)
  234. Allergy advice!!
  235. Suspect I may have allergies, what should I do next?
  236. PM Nasal Blockage
  237. how does corizone cream work
  238. allegic reactions
  239. SINGULAIR and emotional problems
  240. Zyrtec vrs allegra
  241. allergic trigger?
  242. allergic reaction?
  243. Allergy Skin Testing Results / Symptoms
  244. After shower skin stinging
  245. Astelin
  246. allergy and pulmonar capacity
  247. Allergies and preventers
  248. cat allergies
  249. Dry cough and trouble breathing for almost 5 months
  250. is my exposed wooden floor causing allergic reaction