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  1. What is?
  2. Yearn to not take meds
  3. morrphine not working on cancer pain now what?
  4. How to make others understand
  5. Too Many Injections
  6. Neurontin
  7. Pain Management for Chronic Kidney Stones? Need Advice Please!
  8. Spontaneous Acute Pain throughout my body
  9. My story (sorry for the length but it is a long one)
  10. Pain Management Problems
  11. Long Road
  12. Suboxone / Subutex
  13. What does RA stand for?
  14. Anyone had radiofrequency ablation for L5 & SI joint problems?
  15. A serious question
  16. PM doc in or around Albany,NY?
  17. probabley getting a rhizotomy, scared and need others experiences
  18. Generic substitute for Aviza?
  19. differences
  20. refill for tramadol? how early?
  21. Pain management, need advice
  22. What should I do?
  23. hydrocodone without acetaminophen
  24. Need some advice
  25. hydrocodone versus percoset
  26. Just got on Opana and it is a wonder drug!
  27. Is oxycodone stronger than hydrocodone
  28. Valium/percoset
  29. Recommendation for Dr. in Denver area please
  30. percocet/ tylenol and liver toxcity
  31. can anyone tell me,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  32. Methadone for Pain Management and Pregnancy
  33. PM Doc in Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, AZ area
  34. Please...any and all advice welcome
  35. Percoset/nightmares
  36. Cymbalta and Weight Gain
  37. Equivalent dose of methadose to methadone
  38. Hi, Does anyone recognise this trigger point procedure
  39. Needing recommendations for a PM Doc near Joliet IL.
  40. Dr moved me from MS Contin to Fent Patch, I'm in horrible pain..need advice!
  41. anyone else have FMLA...
  42. Vicodin dosage
  43. Pain dr quits, says I need Medical Pain Mgmt? what?
  44. Hi Does anyone recognise this Trigger Point procedure???
  45. what dosage of Kadian seems to help
  46. opana or oxycontin
  47. Scoliosis surgery
  48. a really dumb question :)
  49. so frustrated with chronic tendinitis :( any advice?
  50. Pain Dr switch? Not sure what to do . . . .
  51. what is a dose for nerve pain/can vicodin help
  52. Appt in am
  53. coverage on oxy and norco
  54. Lower back muscle paid
  55. Best generic for MsContin?
  56. does the burning pain ever go away with a sacro illiac joint problem?
  57. Chronic back pain for 5 years now
  58. Update on me, 4 weeks out
  59. Nerve Damage Pain
  60. I am in real pain - doc seems to doubt me
  61. what vitamins, foods or other benefit the body while on pain medication?
  62. extreme pain in buttocks after toradol injection?
  63. nurve pain
  64. Oh no....I lost my pain meds....
  65. pain management dr. in pittsburgh pa??
  66. Help I am at the end of my rope...
  67. I opened my fentora lozenge and it is crushed...should I use it?
  68. Possible Fentanyl Patch Overdose
  69. Just need some support....
  71. can oxycodone swell up bad knees?
  72. Perscriptions
  73. What Is Safe To Use At The Same Time?
  74. No Oxy With Kaiser Insurance?
  75. Pain Medication and Erectile Dysfunction
  76. Since when does a doctor's schedule allow him to violate the Hippocratic Oath?
  77. From Oxycontin to SA Oxycodone....
  78. long-lastinr break-through medication
  79. Help in Rochester, NY pt2
  80. your rights under pain management
  81. Fibromyalgia
  82. Scared of TOO many MEDS!!!
  83. My life of pain and depression.
  84. So I am sore above my armpits, stretches for it?
  85. Pain meds and statins?
  86. want to quite vicodins with tramadol
  87. Lab results from Endocrine doc
  88. Anyone have problems with SI Joint?
  89. I finally signed up .. been reading for 2 years
  90. pain management docs
  91. how to get off neurontin
  92. HELP in Rochester, NY PM Dr. has retired!
  93. can you break tramadol er in half
  94. Back to the patch?
  95. Need info about pain meds taken with beta blockers.
  96. Dreaming of Pain.
  97. Appt with endocrine doc
  98. depressed and used oxy and now depressed again , HELP!
  99. Long term Lortab usage and Rosacia symptoms???
  100. How long after you stop pain meds until you know if you pain is real or PAWS?
  101. Need Info Fentanyl Patch to Morpnine sulfate ER
  102. desperate for a florida doctor
  103. Epidural side affects
  104. HELP!! False negative drug test, pain doc. dismissing me :(
  105. from oxicontin to opana?
  106. question about pharmacy policies
  107. crazy pain management situations
  108. Allergy to Hydrocodone?
  109. Cymbalta Withdrawal Question
  110. Help In Answering A Question...Was It Suboxone Or Subutex?
  111. help...my dr wants me 2 take suboxone for back pain!
  112. Atarax anyone?
  113. Frustrating ya know? ESI #2
  114. Very upset, could use feedback
  115. I have an appt with the endocrinologist!!
  116. MRI report
  117. Been there, done that
  118. At what point do you call your pain management doctor?
  119. Constant pain/cramping in left side of chest/shoulder for six months now!
  120. Myofascial Release
  121. ? of what's more helpful on PM when denatl surg is done
  122. Saving for a rainy day
  123. Addiction Concern
  124. how to ask to be released from PM?
  125. naproxen is it working?
  126. days of supply on hydrcodone
  127. Guilty abut having "something else wrong"
  128. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  129. Problems with my Fentanyl patch and hope someone can help
  130. Broken wrist still causing pain.
  131. Update on my taper from pain meds....
  132. was taking oxycodone 10 mg and switched to norco 7.5
  133. Medial branch block...ooohhh, that was UGLY!!!
  134. Pain after 2nd microdiscectomy
  135. Has anyone had their RODS removed?
  136. PM no-no--dismissed
  137. Arms and legs ache.... Bone pain
  138. I am a newbie and am on Actiq.
  139. Oxycontin (brand) vs. Oxycodone ER (generic)....
  140. still in pain/meds not working any longer
  141. Different manufacturer name for oxycodone ?
  142. Non-Sedating Muscle Relaxer
  143. Pain Mgmt. Counselor question....
  144. Pain from old injuries
  145. Another Suboxone question, sorry....
  146. Actavis fentanyl patches - any info or experience?
  147. Need info on medial branch block and neurotomy, please
  148. Oxycontin question....
  149. Do you withdraw from methadone if you get a morphine pump implanted
  150. Suboxone questions....
  151. Insurance stopped covering Soma, help...
  152. oxycodone shortage, is it still a problem?
  153. Disc pain v. muscle pain...which is it?
  154. Questions about recovery from back surgery, physio and pain management.
  155. does high dose oxycodone produce codeine in urine
  156. is this too much tylenol?
  157. how is the best way to come off neurotin
  158. Percoset help
  159. Oxcodone effects
  160. Must be time for a LA medication
  161. is vicodin more effective than tramadol
  162. Back injections not working, dr. putting me off
  163. Scared and frustrated regarding pain management!
  164. adenomyosis pain
  165. Spinal Cord Stimulation Recovery ?
  166. Worried and need imput
  167. Narcotics and itching
  168. what is lioderm
  169. New LA Pain Med Approved- EXALGO
  170. Has the use of Opiods given anyone Restless Legs?
  171. SA med question....
  172. oxycodone and heart pounding
  173. writing pain meds
  174. Morphine, Dilaudid, and Percoset
  175. Nucynta with steroids
  176. Left Butt is aching when stressed-out
  177. How to Approach a New Doctor About Pain Management
  178. Surgical Adhesions?
  179. do permanently damaged nerves ever heal?
  180. Is there anything besides a myleogram that can be done?
  181. should i up my dose of meds for ra pain ?
  182. The Same Pain Relief?
  183. Changing med strength question?
  184. Has anyone weaned off Long Acting Medications?
  185. Ugh they don't know why I'm in pain
  186. Cortisone reactions?
  187. Change in Medication Question!
  188. Darvocet N
  189. Options for LA/ER pain meds?
  190. ? on upping meds
  191. I finally decided to try Subutex.
  192. Lyrica
  193. Question on pain medication strength....
  194. How long do lumbar sympathetic ganglion blocks last
  195. A few questions about elective procedure
  196. Question....please help!
  197. What to do? At a loss
  198. weight gain from pain meds and zoloft?
  199. Surgery in 2006-now i am in worse pain
  200. Interthecal Pain Pump test GONE BAD
  201. Narcotic Meds cause less constipation?
  202. Possible change from Vicodin to Oxymorphone NEED HELP PLEASE!
  204. How I'm feeling now.
  205. Meds causing bad dreams???
  206. Need help/support for nerve pain healing...
  207. Need advice on getting stronger meds
  208. narcotic failure
  209. Nucynta
  210. whats the difference between 10mg OC and 10mg percaset
  211. Feel like a wimp any tips
  212. Feel like a wimp any tips
  213. Need help with getting pain relief.
  214. drug store that won't fill prescription
  215. Medication Holiday?
  216. how many percocet 7.5 325mg would compare to methadone 10mg?
  217. Repairing Nerve Damage Question
  218. Request For PM Doctor's
  219. Question about bt
  220. Weight Gain from pain meds....
  221. Is this too much??
  222. care of fentanyl patch
  223. Question about Adderall any input welcome
  224. I need some help regarding my reduced pain?
  225. Question about post-dated prescription (exec?)
  226. Scared to take the Meds
  227. Help Please - Pain & Movement Issues
  228. Hydrocodone and Ear Ringing
  229. soon to see a pain man specialist
  230. can methadone cause blood in urine?
  231. situation where my T levels have dropped very low,
  232. Question regarding my pain mgmt. visit ??
  233. Feeling like a failure
  234. My pain has taken a break..I am almost scared to breath.....
  235. methadone
  236. desperate for help
  237. oxycodone/dilaudid equivalents
  238. Methadone withdrawal
  239. Anyone get rebound headaches from Soma?
  240. Wine with meds
  241. How many days supply norco 7.5's
  242. methadone used for pain management 5mgs not working
  243. Are Spinal Injections Dangerous?
  244. Flying w/pump
  245. Please answer question about pain journal
  246. Patch Problems!
  247. Pain Journal?
  248. Where to put Fentynal Patch?
  249. Pain Scale
  250. Pain Management experience