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  1. got in to see my moms dr!
  2. Akathisia Experiences and thoughts
  3. Off to the Dr. today to see about muscle spasms.
  4. Resticking a Fentanyl Patch
  5. why do they use a morphine pump to get a person heart going again
  6. Tolerance question...
  7. need new option
  8. pain and depression...same situation?
  9. Need advice on OB doc and fentanyl patch
  10. Tired Feeling on Pain Meds
  11. Hi Im New -- Looking for a Doc In NJ
  12. Oxycontin VS Hydrocodone
  13. How much is too much hydrocodone?
  14. How often to take BT pain meds???
  15. Weird
  16. A little weird
  17. Test - checking to see
  18. pm took me off vicodin...
  19. Constipation Relief (Try it, Trust me)
  20. Do you think i should have my doc correct this prescrition?
  21. A question about a medication schedule..
  22. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms
  23. Oxycodone
  24. Pharmacy troubles
  25. Pharmacy
  26. PM Facility Charge?
  27. is doctor responsible to help wean patient from pain meds
  28. Goal for a long-acting medication?
  29. methadone not working what's next with doctor?
  30. fentanyl patch adhesing question
  31. just changed from hydrocodone to percocet
  32. Neurontin Questions
  33. Parsonage Turner Syndrome
  34. Increase Neurontin First Before Increasing Pain Meds?
  35. Another pharmacy robbed--no money taken
  36. oxycontin
  37. HELP: Pain Management Referral in Phoenix?
  38. hi
  39. How is your doctor?
  40. Starting New Meds (No wonder!!)
  41. Why are PM doctors intimidating??
  42. Cortical deinhibition?
  43. Does anyone have suggestions help!
  44. fentanyl patch
  45. PA instead of PM?
  46. Pain Mgt Doc's Oklahoma City
  47. Steriod Injections
  48. percocet vs. methadone for pain relief
  49. what are the side effects of Miralax?
  50. Appetite and Pain Meds
  51. Don't want to tell surgeon I'm taking morphine
  52. Question about Withdrawl
  53. Muscle spasms
  54. So did vicodin get taken off the market?
  55. Chronic Pain and sleeping arrangments?
  56. Any changes in your PM since MJs death
  57. Cymbalta users
  58. Suggestions for PM doc in the Seattle area?
  59. Neurotin (gabapentin) Questions
  60. Opana ER
  61. could valium be making me nauseous?
  62. Exercise, pain meds and heart. Help
  63. Radio Frequency Abulation for neck pain?
  64. pain medicine that does not have acetaminophen
  65. Thigh pain
  66. Need PM Doctor in indiana
  67. Constipation Help!
  68. SCS....questions about recovery please
  69. Fibromyalgia and pain ?
  70. Coming off of pain meds....
  71. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  72. Neurontin and Twitching
  73. Chest pain
  74. After SCS I moved and now can not find a PM DR willing to treat me
  75. oxycontin making me sick?
  76. Prescription Monitoring
  77. Trying to kick morphine
  78. Who isn't "side-affected" by Hydrocodone?
  79. waiting for pain management in Canada
  80. Heartburn, Acid Reflux, or Indigestion and Pain Meds
  81. Whats going on with my MEDS???
  82. alternatives to Kadian
  83. Hydrocodone prescription question
  84. Surgeon not authorized to RX pain meds?? How is this possible?
  85. Pain Meds and covering your pain.
  86. Anyone else trying to get by with least amount of meds?
  87. Hi All
  88. Patch placement for Summer
  89. Help for my mom
  90. Problem getting Duragesic Brand
  91. Vicodin and the ban.......
  92. Vicodin and Percocet HAVE NOT BEEN BANNED
  93. Anyone taken AMRIX before?
  94. most potent imediate release narcotic pain medication for break through pain spells
  95. FDA votes Vicodin, Percocet off market
  96. stopped the oxy on my own!
  97. drug interaction ? if anyone is still up tonight
  98. pain relief
  99. Acetaminophen containing RX pain meds going off the market??????
  100. Avinza...how long to work?
  101. What do you do when pain overwhelms & you're weeks away from PM appointment
  102. Pain Meds and the Immune System(Boils)
  103. Anybody tried this new pain med NUCYNTA (Tapentadol)
  104. Butrans Buprenorphine Patches
  105. Pain Meds and weight gain/loss
  106. Has anyone taken Primalev?
  107. HIPAA Violation??? Regardless... I am livid with E.R. nurses/Dr.
  108. med cocktail for nerve pain including Cymbalta
  109. Same Medicine After Surgery?
  110. Possible shortage of choline magnesium trisalicylate
  111. Anybody here ever take neurontin and or zanaflex and or norco`s ??
  112. FDA's newly proposed drug registry
  113. New generic Norco
  114. pain on the neck.
  115. wrongly accused, can someone help me understand please.
  116. Pain doc that doesn't accept insurance
  117. mepergan
  118. Starting new pain regimen... any thoughts please....
  119. Should I look for a new doctor?
  120. Surgery got put off for 2 months, pain...
  121. Relating to Husbands, Wives, GF/ BF, Partner, Significant Other When you have CP
  122. question for anyone who's quit and detoxed
  123. really need advice
  124. Duragesic Patch and water retention
  125. HELP finding doctor in ohio
  126. Help/Need PM in Dallas, TX (close cities ok)
  127. What OTC med can i take to help me sleep?
  128. Norco Keep You Awake???
  129. Touble with Words, Mental Confusion & lack of coordination
  130. 1st Post...new to Oxycontin...Itching and PM
  131. generic brand name medications are supposed to be the same as name brand
  132. How often do you need an increase? need help!!
  133. How long does nerve blocking injection last
  134. First round of cervical injections yesterday
  135. Early refill question
  136. Do Percacet and Percadan really make you feel angry?
  137. Would u wait to start new medication......
  138. Trying to Live with Piriformis Sydrome
  139. Do people abuse Neurontin?
  140. Anyone still get the free bioclusive covers from Duragesic manufacturer?
  141. can a dr taking a urine test for oxycontin tell how much i got in me
  142. Addiction drug naltrexone shows promise for fibromyalgia pain
  143. I want a parper Rx is that Ok?
  144. Surprise call from PM
  145. Should I give Buspar a chance again?
  146. Excessive Sweating!!!
  147. neck pain
  148. HUGE decision over Suboxone: HELP
  149. Extreme nerve pain after epidurals.Normal?
  150. Meds after surgery
  151. Meds after srugery
  152. BC Powders
  153. Pain Mgmt Dr in Staten Island, NY
  154. New to Board, New to PM and Long Lasting Pain Meds - Fentanyl
  155. Interaction and dosage query
  156. please help - need alternative to oramorph concentrated solution!!
  157. what's considered a "high" dosage?
  158. oxycontin tolerance
  159. Great News
  160. Left Arm Pain
  161. wanting to see another PM doc for consult
  162. Types of hydrocodone
  163. Radiofrequency ablation for back pain any input?
  164. Need Good Pain Management Dr.
  165. Got a med question.
  166. scapoid injury/TFCC tear
  167. Back Again...Know any good lawyers?
  168. Should I mention it?
  169. What's best hot or cold
  170. Need to know of any good PM drs in the middle Ga. area
  171. how much does norco is too much
  172. Transurethral resection
  173. Paranoid about asking for increase
  174. Is withdrawals part of Pain Management?
  175. Dislocated jaw
  176. Pain clinic, spine specialists in Northern NJ?
  177. Not sure if I want to go the ER/MS Contin route yet
  178. Please help
  179. Need a GOOD PM Dr in Northern Virginia
  180. MS Contin to Oxycodone equivalent?
  181. Undertreated, Unrespected, Unable to Function
  182. Pain Medications and PM doctors/please help with this
  183. Please help with Facet joint injections
  184. Hi not new but not been here in a long time...
  185. PM Referral
  186. Pain Meds and trouble sleeping
  187. pain in legs
  188. can I wear 2 duragesic 25mg patches at once? what are the side effects
  189. which doctor manages pain after surgery?
  190. Found PM in DFW area... now I need opinion
  191. Lyrica - headache a side effect?
  192. is hydrocodone a sulfa drug?
  193. What Over The Counter Medicine Is Safe To Take Now?
  194. What can I take leg pain?
  195. Neuropothy
  196. Morphine vs. Fentanyl in a UA??
  197. Myelogram results( not sure where to go from here)
  198. Shoreline?
  199. dr wants to talk about pain management options
  200. Chronic Pain
  201. Difference between "Muscle Relaxers" and Benzodiazepines?
  202. PM in Portland/East County Oregon
  203. Patch and Exercise
  204. cortisone injections
  205. Pain Management Dr Needed
  206. Horrible neck pain
  207. Injury Update - PM Appt Went Really Well!!
  208. Facet Injection
  209. Home from hospital, thanks for all the support
  210. Pharmacy issue - ideas needed...
  211. tramadol and sweating
  212. Have been on Lortab 10. Is there something stronger?
  213. 3mm brain anuersym
  214. Requip for leg pain and RLS.....thoughts?
  215. Anyone have trouble with OPANA?
  216. I hate pain medication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Change in narcotic pain med's after 20 years
  218. Injured Myself Bad-Could I Ask My PM For an Increase?
  219. spinal cord stimulator for pain control
  220. Good Pain Management Doctors In Westchester County Area
  221. i was taking 300 mgs of oxycodone what is the equivalent of oxycontin?
  222. urgent question
  223. Finally off to have surgery - 3rd time lucky (and name change)
  224. Stomach pain
  225. Next Step after Percocet
  226. Need immediate help for fractured hip
  227. avinza withdrawal
  228. Different types of fiber, which is best?
  229. Had my 2nd nerve block today
  230. Pain Patches and Surgery
  231. need help with this
  232. Having more pain, med suggestions?
  233. Pfizer giving away more than 70 meds including Lyrica
  234. pinched nerve???
  235. Am I a big baby?
  236. Using a signature in Pain Meds forum - question
  237. Interested in learning about pain management with painkillers:
  238. National or local advocate for pain medication group
  239. Ibuprofin dosage?
  240. Topamax?
  241. Interesting update on those who helped me with pain meds/nausea-increased pain levels
  242. For those who take muscles relaxants - Soma versus Flexeril
  243. In search of Maine doctor to help with pain
  244. Weaning Problem
  245. Major life stres & PAIN!!
  246. surgeon and pm
  247. tiredness from pain meds. Need to function through chronic pain!
  248. Functional Heartburn and Pain Management
  249. Avinza Question
  250. My surgery was cancelled/rescheduled :(

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