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  1. Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) NEED OPINIONS
  2. Please read and HELP if able
  3. Fentanyl patch help needed ASAP
  4. Nucynta
  5. when are you flagged for too much narcotic use
  6. Resetting Opiod Receptors
  7. Traumeel Anyone?
  8. Update to last post- done with my appointment, and....
  9. Been away from the boards, back now, seeking advice
  10. confused what to do
  11. Question about neck surgery
  12. Regarding meds and pharmacy issues
  13. lyrica alternative
  14. what dose of fentanyl lozenges should i use if i'm on 100mcg of fentanyl patch
  15. I found out what was making me so dreadfully tired & depressed ALL the time
  16. I need a new Pain Management Dr
  17. i need help understanding my mri neck and back
  18. bad period pain
  19. TMJ injections
  20. I really need help.
  21. Feel crappy every morning
  22. Hindering my recovery by undertreating? Please advise
  23. Lumbar Epidural Injection - When do you feel pain relief?
  24. Soma
  25. Look Up Prescriptions
  26. False Positive for Suboxone
  27. Can I look at my own MRI?
  28. NuCynta Addiction (Worried).
  29. Pain Management Doctor St. Louis, MO
  30. Should I call?
  31. Opana ER/opinions
  32. Stupid me-I thought false assumptions by family were behind me
  33. Possible to get 90 day supply of CII meds through mail-order insurance pharmacy
  34. taking Lortab, neurontin, and ibuprofen at the same time
  35. Pain Dr in Phoenix-Mesa Area
  36. Hydromorphone Info
  37. Pain management Dr in Seattle area?
  38. Potential New PM Product- Oxycodone Patch
  39. Pain Meds and Sleep Apnea???
  40. Neck surgery?
  41. New to Pain Management drs
  42. noise in back
  43. New Pain patient, 15 years undiagnosed
  44. Need good Indiana PM Dr.; Suggestions please!
  45. Help Me with first visit
  46. buprenorphine hydrochloride
  47. can breakthrough meds help with duragesic withdrawl?
  48. Oxycontin side effects
  49. discectomy and chronic arms, neck, and shoulder pain
  50. Ketasone gives me a bad rash
  51. Hope everyone has a pain free Thanksgiving
  52. I read that post Ex
  53. Husband having neck surgery
  54. Med help please
  55. Question about opana/percocet
  56. What do I take for severe pain if I'm allergic to Codeine?
  57. refuse meds
  58. Tramadol Withdrawal question
  59. Opiate Induced Pain????
  60. What can i do now? i,m desperate!
  61. Med change out of blue help
  62. Will my husband suffer any withdrawal?
  63. neurontin
  64. actavis fentanyl patch
  65. Please fellow chronic pain sufferers
  66. Testosterone Test Results - ******!!!
  67. Pain Man. Dr near Philly
  68. Fentalyn Patch half off half on?
  69. Hemangioma/bulged discs
  70. Too many refills - cut off by doctor
  71. Pain Management Doctors in Greater NYC area
  72. What's the difference between Oxycodone 26% and Oxycontin?
  73. Will 2 months of hydrocodone use as directed cause liver problems?
  74. Lost insurance and I'm in PM- Now what?
  75. What to do
  76. Pain in oblique and pectoralis major muscles...
  77. Can someone tell me what to expect?
  78. Pharmacy...again
  79. Help with Chronic Pain
  80. pain meds vs. how long you live?
  81. Oxycodone and MSIR....opinions please....
  82. Question about prolonged Oxycontin use
  83. Fentanyl patches?? Mylan is not working.
  84. A Really Important Question -- Please help
  85. Cost of morphine?
  86. Confused
  87. leg pain
  88. what's stronger morphine or oxycontin
  89. Pain in left upper arm
  90. Bipolar and Lidoderm patch-no info???
  91. What Happened
  92. Attitude
  93. Making Patches Stick
  94. When lying down hurts...
  95. how much miralax for narcotic constipation
  96. I was prescribed this drug.
  97. Break Through Meds (BT)
  98. Pain Pump and testosterone levels
  99. Severe back and chest pains
  100. generic Norco ?
  101. how much oxy ir can you take at one time
  102. Seattle teen who died after fentanyl was prescribed
  103. Pos-Op Pain Issues
  104. COBRA Rules Changes
  105. What to do with unused medication
  106. what is the most potent narcotic for pain management
  107. Bad generic Percocet batch?
  108. Question about meds
  109. ? about my meds, any advice please?
  110. Tramadol and SSRI's
  111. help find a doc that understands pain medication
  112. Discharged from PM, need advice
  113. For Those Who Can't Sit, Do You Do Car Trips?
  114. Legal Issue!?!? CAN a PM doctor discharge you because you have NO insurance?!?!?
  115. Quick Pain reliever question for smart people :-)
  116. Pain taking an emotion toll
  117. Quick Injections Questions
  118. SS Disability Question
  119. Meds prices variations...
  120. constant back pain for 22 years, help
  121. suppelments for pain meds
  122. Stuck in N.Palm Bch FL for a year, need help finding a legit doctor
  123. How long until extra opiate receptors are destroyed?
  124. Insurance change
  125. Wow
  126. NEED NEW DR--Dr. Z (Maryland) drained my insurance & left me high and dry. NEED HELP!
  127. Weather changes and pain
  128. Generic Tegaderm
  129. Increased Dose Doesn't Do Much
  130. ? for EX and others about meds length in system
  131. Morphine Sulfate VS Name Brand
  132. Pain management options following knee replacement surgery?
  133. Chronic Pain Medication
  134. pain managment doctors
  135. advice please
  136. Drug Testing
  137. tylenol with codine
  138. Drug screening...WOW
  139. The 1-10 Pain Scale...
  140. Alcohol and hydrocodone
  141. Pain Med a Necessary Evil
  142. Problem With Pain Meds
  143. Facet Joint Ablation
  144. Frustrated about doc not willing to switch meds because of depression
  145. Opiate Hangover?
  146. Scar Tissue, can anything be done?
  147. Pain and working
  148. Tramadol Question - Wild Dreams
  149. Methadone Used for Chronic Pain
  150. Oxycodone & Methadone
  151. Visits To The ER
  152. need info about pills i take
  153. hi it's been a long time since i've been here
  154. New Duragesic Patch Design
  155. doctor labeled me an addict and cc 3 other doctors
  156. Pain Scale Question
  157. Hello I Am New Here
  158. Fentanyl patch, Soma and sleepiness
  159. Anyone have difficulties when switching medications?
  160. pain pump question
  161. how long does 325mg tylenol stay in your liver
  162. Is anyone else ever worried that they won't wake up in the morning?
  163. Are injections the next step?
  164. Surgery on Monday....pain management is good....
  165. Soluble or Insoluble Fiber (Which One)
  166. Pharmacy Problem
  167. Dorsal Spinal Stimulator
  168. My surgery is tomorrow.
  169. patches or pain pump
  170. is 5mg of oxycodone equal to 7.5 mg of hydrocodone
  171. Hydrocodone 10/325 diff
  172. OMG... I am in trouble!
  173. Has my Doctor let me down?
  174. Please Help me find a Pain Management Doctors in Rhode Island
  175. does vicodin have caffeine in it?
  176. New PCP-ADVICE PLZ!!!
  177. ???Vibrating/zaps/electric shock sensations
  178. Appt with PM in Lexington KY
  179. Pulsed Radiofrequency - is it effective?
  180. Executor-? about fentanyl patch/"opiate tolerant"
  181. Different question about early refills..
  182. My doctor is cutting ties after 7 years of pain management. I need advice ASAP!
  183. Oxycodone IR15mg and Pharmacy Supply - Brand changed again and the FDA Panel item
  184. Dilaudid Versus Oxycodone
  185. Pain; Left Side Under Armpit Towards Back
  186. A further request for help re FENTANYL - PLEASE!!!!
  187. Quick Answer Please! Fentanyl Patch
  188. Anyone tried NUCINTA?
  189. Trazadone
  190. epiliem how long to work in nerve pain
  191. brain stimulator,drug pump,etc.?
  192. Hydrocodone Increase
  193. I need your advice.....again :(
  194. tailbone pain
  195. Oxycontin alternatives
  196. New to forum - Question about Nucynta
  197. Pain management for Meso
  198. SCS: No narcotics allowed?
  199. Lyrica and nerve pain/damage/parasthesis
  200. people with gastric bypass & CP mngmt experiences
  201. Question about zoloft
  202. Nerve and shock pain + Replies intotal =my syptoms help
  203. Pain Meds and how they affect you
  204. abdominal pain upper right side of the stomach has alcoholic history
  205. pain meds and embarrased
  206. 1/2 pill stuck in throat?
  207. Just reinjured my Neck PLEASE HELP
  208. Update on me! My husband came with me and what a difference!
  209. Anyone familiar with various Antiemetics? (Anti-nausea)
  210. Question about Withdrawal
  211. Question about BT meds and UAs
  212. Pain and Suffering Settlement
  213. Fentanyl Patch
  214. Don't you just love it when you meet a Dr. who doesn't believe in narcotics!
  215. LH and FSH LEVELS
  216. Question about sweating
  217. NOT new to chronic pain
  218. Androgel For 2 Weeks (Afraid to tell doc)
  219. Very weird, but maybe an explanation...
  220. "opiate induced pain syndrome" and pain meds questions....
  221. Doctor in Idaho
  222. Blurry vision from zanaflex???
  223. Continuing Nausea-Please Help Troubleshoot
  224. Question about UA test results...??
  225. In pain depressed
  226. Fentanyl patch adhesive question
  227. On adrogel for a week.question b/p
  228. Does medication stop working?
  229. Cervical discectomy and fusion....
  230. I hope I asked this in the right board
  231. I am so upset, I am going to cry at any minute.....
  232. My story, got surgery didn't go well Army didn't need me anymore
  233. Is there a good Pain Management Dr. in Atlanta, GA area?
  234. Is there anything else?
  235. need a doctor
  236. Myofascial syndrome - quest for knowledge
  237. Zanaflex has anybody used this?
  238. hydorcodone wtihout tylenol
  239. Suddenly stop actiq (fentanyl) lozenge
  240. chest pain while taking deeo breath
  241. Flaxseed Meal for Constipation
  242. Possible Urine Neg for prescription will I be dismissed?
  243. Opiate taper, when should the withdrawals kick in?
  244. Can we just stop taking prescribed morphine?
  245. question about meds/ urinary probs and color
  246. Methadone side-effect? Loss of mental acuity.
  247. halcion dosage for epidural + other meds question
  248. Out of ideas and options??
  249. Need a good Pain Management Doctor in the Boston or Southern New Hampshire Areas
  250. Not myself :)