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  1. Differences between hydrocodone brands
  2. Question about UA'S for PM.
  3. how is ultram er absorbed
  4. Hello all
  5. How to talk to pm doc?
  6. Is Oxycodone the Same as Oxycontin
  7. What is in the neck muscle relaxant injection ?
  8. Oxycontin lawsuit
  9. Can I get in trouble for this?
  10. Anyone take Avinza x2 daily
  11. opinions on pain management clinics???
  12. Back after a long absence
  13. why can't you drink alcohol with vicoden
  14. Do I have no Energy because of long term Pain Meds, or because of Something Else?
  15. my medicine was stolen
  16. Morphine pump
  17. Does Oxycontin have Tylenol or Ibuprofen in it?
  18. Actiq Question
  19. Need help understanding the different pain relief qualities of meds
  20. Scared of being labeled an Addict
  21. concerned about addictions!!!
  22. Does EMG cause lasting pain?
  23. Do pain management clinics help or hurt you?
  24. am I overreacting?
  25. doctor refuses to give pain medication
  26. Prednisone
  27. Looking for a good Pain Doc in Montreal
  28. New here....TMJ
  29. what is the diffrence between oxycodone and norco
  30. Med Change question
  31. Waist pain when standing
  32. pain script doctors
  33. Living with Pain need help
  34. Suboxone
  35. Trends Regarding LA meds and Short-Acting Meds
  36. Meds questions
  37. Morphine Or Oxycodone
  38. Morphine and loss of appetite
  39. what is the jargon on the prescription label?
  40. Ping control after microscopic surgery knee concerned
  41. Anyone Experience this on the Fentanyl Patch
  42. oxycontin
  43. Looking for a Pain Clinic/Dr.
  44. i need to find a doctor in maryland to prescribe narcotics for chronic pain
  45. constipation
  46. Has anyone gained weight on low doses of Elavil/Amitriptyline?
  47. oxycodone what's in it
  48. When/how did you decide to go on the patch?
  49. TENS unit suggestions?
  50. Newbie -What do Pain Management DR's do?
  51. trapped nerve in side of mouth
  52. decreasing dosage of oxycotin
  53. morphine pump
  54. MS Contin IR Recall.
  55. oxycodone drive car
  56. side effects from stopping lyrica ??
  57. Fentanyl Patch
  58. methadone headaches?
  59. percocet to oxycontin
  60. Norspan 10 micrograms
  61. New here with a CP medicine side-effect question.
  62. Blood Pressure Meds And Pain Meds....
  63. sharp shooting pain that comes from the right hip pcoekt area.
  64. Follow up with new PM was great!!
  65. Questions for those with morphine/intrathecal pump..
  66. Sandoz or Janssen
  67. what is the difference between oxycodone 5 325 mg and oxycodone 7.5 325mg
  68. L-5 on Siatic nerve
  69. pain management
  70. Surprise pills at pharmacy
  71. Hydrocodone doses
  72. ?? about Morphine Pump
  73. Maryland PM Doctor - VA too
  74. pain management doctors - LA
  75. why doesn't liquid morphine work on me
  76. Patient rights question..
  77. Cancer and Denied Pain Meds Help Needed
  78. radiofrequency ablation for pain control
  79. Pain & Depression
  80. Need new PM doc in MD
  81. Hydrocodone 2mg
  82. Avinza changes at PM today
  83. Do insurances pay for pain clinics
  84. need of suggestions
  85. Pain meds- what's the difference?
  86. MS contin ER showing up on drug screen as Dilaudid
  87. How much to get rid of sciatic pain
  88. Tigminal Nueralgia and Medication Problems.
  89. Prescription Monitoring Programs
  90. Can someone explain how a pain contract works please?
  91. Referred to pain mgt doctor. Advice please!!
  92. New PM specialist issue. (kind of long, sorry)
  93. Am I over reacting?
  94. Prescription Question....
  95. has anyone stopped using the interthic pump
  96. So tired of justifying my character.
  97. Pain Management Doctors in my Area?
  98. A different Doctors Opinion needed ???
  99. Opana ER Side Effects - Anyone else have these problems?
  100. When to accept a mobility scooter?
  101. new here
  102. Anyone on neurontin?
  103. methadone
  104. Generic Oxycontin
  105. back
  106. RSD pain pump shut off PLEASE HELP!!!
  107. medtronic drug infusion pump
  108. Ralivia: side affects/benefits
  109. 'watson' brand fent patches not available at drugstores?
  110. Question on Pain Management vs. Addiction
  111. JoJo921's story of the day that changed my life
  112. Pharmacist accused me wrongly
  113. Has anyone tried this
  114. Love my new PM doc so far! I have hope! (kinda long-sorry!)
  115. Neurontin
  116. Pain management DR needed Baltimore MD/surrounding area.
  117. LA Med
  118. TENS Unit
  119. Just lost insurance, need price info
  120. doctor changed my fentanyl crossover plan!
  121. Does dilaudid and hydrocodone work alike?
  122. Pain Therapy Cause Low Potassium & Anemic ?
  123. update on MS Contin.
  124. Anyone taken Provigil for severe fatigue
  125. what is the difference between Oxycodone
  126. Methadone
  127. Cymbalta for back pain
  128. Prescription History Acess at ER
  129. Catch 22????
  130. pm clinic
  131. doc stopped pain med
  132. Any Ideas? Remeron and Cymbalta
  133. How does MS Contin release the medication?
  134. High Darvocet level in drugscreen
  135. Ms contin/Morphine sufate/Dilaudid
  136. New Pain mangement Dr needed in SC/NC
  137. Switched Back to Fentanyl
  138. Help, Need PM Doc Princeton, NJ -- back pain!
  139. Has Anyone Heard Of Dr. White?
  140. Hydrocodone Constipation
  141. Question about morphine and headaches.
  142. New To This Guys.....in Severe Pain.....can Anyone Help???
  143. New Pain Pump
  144. Why the change?
  145. switch from Kadian to MScontin er
  146. Advanza - Adjusting
  147. update on Morphine as my new Medication.
  148. Why tramdol doesn't help my neck pain?
  149. -
  150. I have been dumped by PM-Help!!
  151. Taking meds early morning and then going back to sleep, question?
  152. Oxycontin question
  153. Avinza anyone?
  154. Question re: Fentanyl and Oxycontin
  155. what is the difference between watson lortabs and mallinckro lortabs
  156. started to MSIR today.
  157. please tell me what are the side effect of Lyrica
  158. Avinza & Percocet
  159. Keep getting Dr.'s who withdraw services even though very ill health,any suggestions?
  160. LA med trial
  161. What took my docs soooo long to send me to PM
  162. Pain Management Horror for Friend
  163. after the storm pain levels high stress horrid no medical help NO pharmaces
  164. Tigminal Nueralgia diagnosis
  165. Big patch, small body? Where should I put it?!
  166. Advice needed ASAP on Fentanyl patch
  167. can anybody help me, suggestions please.
  168. Pharmacy Problem-missing pills ?
  169. False Urine Test
  170. will LA med use increase tolerance to BT meds?
  171. An observation regarding BT meds
  172. hi everyone
  173. Has accupuncture worked for you?
  174. The side effects of Lyrica
  175. 1st Pain Management Appointment in about 1 week
  176. Crossing over from SA to LA pain pills?
  177. Please I need advice.
  178. Anyone itch from pain meds?
  179. digestive side effects of pain medication
  180. Are opioids safe?
  181. cryoneurolysis
  182. What about punctured fentanyl patches?
  183. Nerve pain medication
  184. more access to physician
  185. For Those Of You With Nerve Pain, What Have You Tried?
  186. Need some help with Oxycontin
  187. Pain Clinic Re-Evaluation
  188. Can taking pain meds cause brain anuresum?
  189. MS Contin: How long does it last?
  190. anyone having problems getting their oxycodone 15mg?
  191. Question for Lyrica and/or Neurontin Users
  192. Advice on Lyrica.........
  193. natural pain remedies???
  194. Dilaudid Withdrawal
  195. Severe pain...unsure of why docs aren't listening!
  196. Now taking percocet~is it difficult to refill?
  197. How long is Percocet detectable in system?
  198. Another Vicodin ?
  199. Chrissy......Prolotherapy
  200. Lots of questions
  201. Nitrous Oxide.....is it safe with pain meds??
  202. how long before methadone works for pain
  203. toradol, why can it only be taken for 5 days
  204. Can someone please answer a question for me?
  205. I have a question about rantadine...
  206. confused
  207. False positive on Burprenorphine?
  208. Vicodin Side Effects
  209. Withdrawal from switching pain medicines
  210. What happens when the pain is gone?
  211. Long Acting Med questions
  212. Need help PC
  213. Had surgery on Monday...
  214. if i cannot take morphine, can i take hydrocodone?
  215. Fentynal and Dentists......
  216. false positive testing with Protomix
  217. odd zanaflex side effect?
  218. Question about med. changes and conversions - Ex, Steve and others...
  219. FYI - Insurance formularies and generic oxycodone ER
  220. Looking for a Pepper update;)
  221. advice on going to pain clinic?
  222. Chronic pain and medication question
  223. Need advice...suboxin???
  224. Need Suggestions for Cheaper Nerve Pain, Muscle Relaxer, Pain Killers
  225. Can I have some advice please
  226. change of meds
  227. Need advice to deal with doctor(s)!
  228. Ativan vs. Valium
  229. Fentanyl patches 25 mg
  230. How long [on average] does it take for your body to get used to a new dose?
  231. Medications for side effects of tapering off hydrocodone?
  232. Extended release Morphine question
  233. Shoreline - pain pump
  234. Interesting Conversation w/ pharmacy about generic brand costs & some questions
  235. Questions about having surgery while on Methadone.
  236. Pharmacist...
  237. Need suggestions on pain medication!
  238. what is stronger morphin or oxycontin
  239. Are there any strong pain meds that don't affect breathing?
  240. Question concerning Percocet and Oxycontin
  241. Any good PM's in Kansas City area?
  242. does fentanyl make you itch
  243. Need some advice (pharmacy drama)
  244. New med....Vicodin ER
  245. Help with difference between Dilauded and Percocet...PLEASE
  246. Question about generic oxycodone
  247. Anyone been on MSIR?
  248. if hydrocodone is so bad for you why do doctors give it to you?
  249. Tylox?
  250. Progression of pain meds

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