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  1. LA med trial
  2. What took my docs soooo long to send me to PM
  3. Pain Management Horror for Friend
  4. after the storm pain levels high stress horrid no medical help NO pharmaces
  5. Tigminal Nueralgia diagnosis
  6. Big patch, small body? Where should I put it?!
  7. Advice needed ASAP on Fentanyl patch
  8. can anybody help me, suggestions please.
  9. Pharmacy Problem-missing pills ?
  10. False Urine Test
  11. will LA med use increase tolerance to BT meds?
  12. An observation regarding BT meds
  13. hi everyone
  14. Has accupuncture worked for you?
  15. The side effects of Lyrica
  16. 1st Pain Management Appointment in about 1 week
  17. Crossing over from SA to LA pain pills?
  18. Please I need advice.
  19. Anyone itch from pain meds?
  20. digestive side effects of pain medication
  21. Are opioids safe?
  22. cryoneurolysis
  23. What about punctured fentanyl patches?
  24. Nerve pain medication
  25. more access to physician
  26. For Those Of You With Nerve Pain, What Have You Tried?
  27. Need some help with Oxycontin
  28. Pain Clinic Re-Evaluation
  29. Can taking pain meds cause brain anuresum?
  30. MS Contin: How long does it last?
  31. anyone having problems getting their oxycodone 15mg?
  32. Question for Lyrica and/or Neurontin Users
  33. Advice on Lyrica.........
  34. natural pain remedies???
  35. Dilaudid Withdrawal
  36. Severe pain...unsure of why docs aren't listening!
  37. Now taking percocet~is it difficult to refill?
  38. How long is Percocet detectable in system?
  39. Another Vicodin ?
  40. Chrissy......Prolotherapy
  41. Lots of questions
  42. Nitrous Oxide.....is it safe with pain meds??
  43. how long before methadone works for pain
  44. toradol, why can it only be taken for 5 days
  45. Can someone please answer a question for me?
  46. I have a question about rantadine...
  47. confused
  48. False positive on Burprenorphine?
  49. Vicodin Side Effects
  50. Withdrawal from switching pain medicines
  51. What happens when the pain is gone?
  52. Long Acting Med questions
  53. Need help PC
  54. Had surgery on Monday...
  55. if i cannot take morphine, can i take hydrocodone?
  56. Fentynal and Dentists......
  57. false positive testing with Protomix
  58. odd zanaflex side effect?
  59. Question about med. changes and conversions - Ex, Steve and others...
  60. FYI - Insurance formularies and generic oxycodone ER
  61. Looking for a Pepper update;)
  62. advice on going to pain clinic?
  63. Chronic pain and medication question
  64. Need advice...suboxin???
  65. Need Suggestions for Cheaper Nerve Pain, Muscle Relaxer, Pain Killers
  66. Can I have some advice please
  67. change of meds
  68. Need advice to deal with doctor(s)!
  69. Ativan vs. Valium
  70. Fentanyl patches 25 mg
  71. How long [on average] does it take for your body to get used to a new dose?
  72. Medications for side effects of tapering off hydrocodone?
  73. Extended release Morphine question
  74. Shoreline - pain pump
  75. Interesting Conversation w/ pharmacy about generic brand costs & some questions
  76. Questions about having surgery while on Methadone.
  77. Pharmacist...
  78. Need suggestions on pain medication!
  79. what is stronger morphin or oxycontin
  80. Are there any strong pain meds that don't affect breathing?
  81. Question concerning Percocet and Oxycontin
  82. Any good PM's in Kansas City area?
  83. does fentanyl make you itch
  84. Need some advice (pharmacy drama)
  85. New med....Vicodin ER
  86. Help with difference between Dilauded and Percocet...PLEASE
  87. Question about generic oxycodone
  88. Anyone been on MSIR?
  89. if hydrocodone is so bad for you why do doctors give it to you?
  90. Tylox?
  91. Progression of pain meds
  92. oxy amount to cover pain
  93. lidocaine patches
  94. Need help with comparison between Percocet and OxyContin
  95. cymbalta dosage/per script
  96. cyclobenzaprine
  97. RF Ablation for phantom limb pain
  98. Update..."Broke up" with PM
  99. Watson or Sandoz Fentanyl patches, which would u go for?
  100. Methadone Brand Change
  101. Switch from Norco to Avinza
  102. Just starting methadone
  103. coming off fentanyl
  104. But I thought we were doing so well!
  105. what should I do?
  106. Has anyone ever failed a UA?
  107. methadone and demerol for btp
  108. OMG! A huge difference(re:Generics)
  109. New meds... Questions
  110. More pain at the end of day? More meds then?
  111. pain relief from different generic
  112. My story
  113. left leg throbbing and waking me up at night
  114. Its been a while & alot has hapened
  115. Is Mallin really worse than Ethex Generic?
  116. Lab Tests for CPP'ers? - a bit urgent
  117. Mush...
  118. which is stronger - vicodin or tramadol
  119. Those who have taken oxycontin in the past or present
  120. After all the injections I have more pain, is this normal?
  121. How do you get more relief from PM doc?
  122. Executor - COVERS program?
  123. Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy
  124. Need to change doctors...in terrible pain...frustrated....
  125. hydrocodone in blood
  126. Question re: stopping Fent patch for Surgery reasons
  127. Pain, due you get used to it
  128. Asking the experts here-strengths of pain meds
  129. Reiki - Interesting massage yesterday...
  130. Oxycontin feels like it's lasting 9 hours
  131. What are the indications for a morphine pump?
  132. Should I ask for stronger/different meds?
  133. Kadian vs. MScontin ER
  134. Compounded Pain Meds, Some Helpful Facts
  135. dyhydrocodien
  136. Found out test results/testosterone results
  137. My Dr makes me uncomfortable......
  138. Diet and Pain
  139. nortriptyline
  140. HELP! First Trigger point injection today....
  141. Cymbalta and Ultram together?
  142. Muscle Relaxors for Sciatica?
  143. Question about use of Valium and withdrawl effects..
  144. how long does it take for lyrica to work
  145. 1st Med Check with PM Doc
  146. I think I have to get a PM doc now-what should I expect?
  147. Botox Injectins?
  148. Fentnyl patch, need wisdom from all
  149. med question
  150. Oxycontin & Blood Plasma Levels
  151. help-can u go into withdrawl w/o decreasing ur pain meds???
  152. How do you know if you need a breakthrough med?
  153. Lyrica Not Working
  154. Decided to stop taking my pain medications.
  155. Question Steve
  156. MS Contin 100MG-Morphine Sul-New for me, questions
  157. OxyContin and Pregnancy
  158. Sandoz brand vs mylan fentanyl patch
  159. PM appt next Thursday
  160. Doc's in Michigan
  161. Generic oxycodone IR.
  162. is it normal to have a swollen stomach after the morphine pump operation, look like y
  163. oxycodone recall
  164. Neuologist update/pain management
  165. anyone take fentanyl & Oxycontin before?
  166. Can a PA prescribe oxy?
  167. Need some help and advice about Epidurals :)
  168. Low testosterone associated with pain meds?
  169. fillers in oxycontin 15 mg cause headaches for anyone?
  170. Chronic fatigue from meds/pain???
  171. Strange New Symptoms - Getting A Bit Nervous
  172. Flu or withdrawal?
  173. No help from PM
  174. Sammy01 - how was your appt?
  175. How Many Times Can Oxycontin 20 Mg. Be Prescribed?
  176. Medicine Question.......
  177. Pain Management Doc for Migraines
  178. Trying to wean off of Oxycodone..
  179. Having Pain on left side arm.
  180. Back on oxycontin
  181. Help!!! Fentanyl patch and depression
  182. tmj drugs
  183. I think maybe the pain meds are negating my ADD meds.
  184. Hello! New here question about PM and Prolotherapy
  185. Pain Meds making me sick after many years???
  186. what is the hihest medication with codine
  187. Controlling CP without drowsiness/fatigue
  188. Granuloma at catheter tip
  189. Need to Know About Methadone..Anyone????
  190. how long does it take for Lyrica to affect nerve pain
  191. Methadone
  192. Pain Clinic Questions
  193. has anyone had a good effect from opana?
  194. Baclofen/Anyone?
  195. Headache from Hydrocodone now on Opana?
  196. Morphine tabs what do I know? HELP
  197. P-k-5
  198. cont'd do's and don't..good topic
  199. Help...looking for pain med suggestions
  200. another med question
  201. I am back
  202. From Tramadol to Fentanyl
  203. when will generic oxycontin be available again?
  204. Mush - How are you?
  205. Upcoming surgery, med question
  206. Primrose 77...
  207. Darvocet 100? I heard it doesn't work??
  208. Looking for suggestions on how to not turn over while sleeping..
  209. If anyone would share their experience with Ultracet I would be grateful
  210. narcs that don't cause nausea/ vomiting
  211. Pain Pills that don't contain Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?
  212. Thread for experience w/ different pain control methods [aside from meds]
  213. Neat Experience with pain doc
  214. So much back pain and the meds don't work anymore!!!
  215. Meds causing headache every morning?
  216. no longer relief from pain meds
  217. celebrex and hydrocodone
  218. Oxycontin 40mg
  219. Question re: prescriptions and different states/docs/update
  220. 3 failed back surgeries
  221. There is a God!
  222. severe back pain
  223. Trying not to panic...
  224. availability in ri sandoz fentanyl
  225. Neurostimultor vs. Pain Pills
  226. Could this be from the fentanyl?
  227. Dependence vs. Addiction
  228. It's over, no one will HELP ME
  229. update and med Question
  230. Pain regarding long car trip?
  231. Steve can you help ?
  232. Limitations after implant
  233. Comment, Q, about tolerance,
  234. my narcotic intake for chronic pain isn't working well.
  235. lidoderm discountcard
  236. Back/Chest pain
  237. Crisis management....hospital, injections, home injection pain meds?
  238. neurontin vs. lyryca (difference?)
  239. Need advice, communication with PM about work
  240. neurostimulator. input anyone?
  241. What are the long term side effects of oxycontin?
  242. Leg/hip pain.
  243. Holidays over, need to improve alot more for another one !
  244. prescribed morphine suckers
  245. My Dr is retiring :c( find new PM dr?
  246. One more question.....
  247. Question for all...
  248. Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
  249. radiofrequency denervation
  250. First Time Pill Count Question

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