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  1. When Do You Take Your Breakthrough Meds?
  2. Vicodin vs. generic
  3. Getting Past The Front Desk!
  4. Need support in asking doc for new meds~PLease!
  5. UGH ACK! relaying phone messages to Dr., and Percocet question
  6. 5 Mistakes Women Make @ the Doc's Office
  7. CMP......need info....nerve sensitization
  8. Update on today's PT and PM visit - not good
  9. Insurance company knows more than the doctor??
  10. neurostimulator's effect on "pleasure response"
  11. analgesic adjuvants
  12. May I ask how long you have been taking pain medication
  13. todays news
  14. Muscle relaxer tolerance
  15. Tough night last night - maybe someone can provide insight?
  16. Lyrica, and assorted meds
  17. Need Advice About Changing Meds~
  18. looking for a little insight on pain meds
  19. roxicodone + avinza
  20. Is it just me, or does oxycontin not even last 8 hours?
  21. The Australian Experience
  22. a question_opana_percocet
  23. Hi everyone
  24. hello all , I saw a new P.M doctor on friday..
  25. Meds and Hallucinatory Dreams
  26. My Turn To ask for Prayers! Unrealistic Expectations and SO Sad! :(
  27. I have a question re LA meds, please, thank you
  28. my meds
  29. How Does Nerve Pain flare ups affect you?
  30. Hello, hello everyone, here is an update!!
  31. Pain Update
  32. I have a few questions about the fentanyl patch...all replies appreciated.
  33. Oxycontin -have a question
  34. Tence Unit...
  35. Can pain meds weaken bones??
  36. steroid epidural question
  37. How Can I Have Wd From Hydro And Not The Patch?
  38. Need to vent!
  39. Ex!! I Didnt Forget Your Question~
  40. Thank You For All Of The Support!!!!
  41. roxicodone
  42. Prolothrapy for cerviogenic or occipital headaches and facial spasms
  43. Anyone get relief with occipital nerve blocks- trobbing headaches
  44. 12 month neuro appointment - didnt have to mention pain management
  45. Brian has returned - I am still alive
  46. New PCP tomorrow, any more advice?
  47. Need some help and advice
  48. Please Help!
  49. Dilauded
  50. Which OTC's do you take with Neurontin?
  51. HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! Remember me?? :)
  52. JMiller22's Pain and Subsequent Pain Management Story
  53. Question About Klonopin, Please
  54. Myofascial, advice on treatment
  55. help, whats up?
  56. Seeing GP wednesday - Privacy question
  57. SO Frustrated with Ortho doc and finding PCP!!
  58. Anyone know or have implanted pain pump?
  59. Hey Izzy......
  60. Going for my 12month check-up - question for you re meds.
  61. Good news & bad news, just feeling so down
  62. Med comparison
  63. From Conductor--At least you'll get a break from my ramblings!!
  64. Does any one get Hydrocodone compounded w/apap?
  65. Had a Reiki Session Yesterday
  66. Could really use some help and advice please
  67. Thank you - 1st Birthday !!!!
  68. driving
  69. Workload
  70. BRIAN...I am very concerned...where are you, how are you???
  71. Pancreas Pain
  72. Happy Mother's Day
  73. Pain Contracts -- Unusual to not sign one?
  74. Interesting Viewpoint on Tolerance
  75. Another question about fentynal patches
  76. jojo921
  77. urine tests
  78. Ketomofen/Lidocaine Gel, anyone try it?
  79. Flector Patch
  80. cotizone
  81. Sammy01
  82. Chronic Pain and Demographics
  83. Ibake&pray
  84. duragesic patch
  85. Doctor shopping question & new PCP question
  86. After spinal cord stimulator implant how long of recovery?
  87. Brian, how are you doing?
  88. Can someone explain what this means????
  89. Doc said stop Lyrica & start Neurontin w/o titrating...
  90. Really getting frustrated w/doctor
  91. Relafen=Insomnia, Ultram ER=Insomnia. Frustrated!! Help!
  92. embarceing
  93. hi again
  94. Oxycotin side effects?
  95. NERVE STIMULATOR -- Does it work, how much
  96. Advice
  97. Still feeling really bad from the diskogram! Scared..
  98. From Conductor
  99. Bad News!
  100. pain med with muscle relaxer
  101. Me Too
  102. Fentanly patch & Lyrica
  103. Anyone use B&O suppositories for pelvic pain?
  104. Diskogram is over!!! Thank God! Very Painfull
  105. Anyone have difficulty with getting brand-name oxycodone?
  106. Me complaining again?
  107. My Rx From Doc Re: Pain Meds And Tiredness, Ect...
  108. Should I be concerned?
  109. Does Anyone Know of a Non-Morphine Equivalent to Avinza??
  110. esi
  111. Anyone tried Talwin for pain?
  112. Patch availability (or lack thereof) update
  113. Hello To All The New People
  114. Why do I continue to be so drowsy/tired?
  115. Ultram and your gut
  116. Have Any Of You Told Your Docs About Healthboards?
  117. Nervous and anxious! Diskogram tomorrow. Pain is same as always.
  118. Afradi To Tell Doc That My Meds Are Making Me Tired, Afraid He Will Reduce Them!
  119. Should I call the Doctor or wait until tomorrow?
  120. How much breakthrough medicine does your doctor give you?
  121. Pain Meds: Appetite, Motivation, Ect...
  122. Darvocet or Hydrocodone and more Questions ???
  123. Research Meds B4 PM Appointment - Help!!
  124. Oxycodone or Morphine
  125. Fentanyl - Anyone take 1600 mcg?
  126. Oh My!!
  127. Diet. - thinking of your today
  128. Work Pain
  129. How long for meds to start working?
  130. Insurance DOES pay for accupuncture!!!
  131. I Don't Know What To Do Anymore...
  132. Is Darvocet a Narcotic medication?
  133. Ab Out Of Meds, My Fault
  134. Is it the change of seasons or what??
  135. Allan from the Gold Coast Australia and my journey
  136. I don't know what to do
  137. Watson fentanyl patch? Does it work like Sandoz or Mylan?
  138. Gc/ms Drug Test Please Help/ Scared
  139. Narcotics changing my personality?!
  140. Depression setting in - related to Ultram stoppage??
  141. Surgeons appointment
  142. Pt Is Making My Pain Worse
  143. Does anyone know
  144. Rhizotomy/Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation?
  145. Pain Meds And Horrible, Painful Bloating!
  146. My visit with the PM and what I decided to do regarding my Meds.
  147. Advice on ending Pain Management Relationship
  148. more shots
  149. How Can It Always Hurt
  150. Dull ache - can stress cause this?
  151. Just abit of advice please re pain meds.
  152. How to look for doctor...
  153. Scary New Dr
  154. figured out a good protocol to not have the red bumps with the patch
  155. ?? Has Anyone Heard ??
  156. Softball injury??
  157. Struggling with meds
  158. trigger point injection
  159. Another Great Trick To Remove Patch Residue!~~
  160. Getting worried, surgeon appointment tommorrow
  161. in help with a new dr in lou,ky ort iniana please help
  162. first biofeedback
  163. generic to brand oxycontin
  164. My Journey To Share
  165. prescription written wrong...
  166. fentanyl question
  167. hi all, my brother needs pain management help!
  168. Well, it's on...kind of..
  169. Rehab physio
  170. Texmom85
  171. myofascial pain syndrome
  172. Anybody know if Duragesic patch sticks better than Sandoz?
  173. epidural injections questions
  174. This is crazy
  175. 2nd appointment with Pain Management Specialist
  176. Suboxone for pain
  177. Adderall And Pain Meds...
  178. Another Patch Question - Time of Day
  179. Whats the best way to go about finding a good pm
  180. UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"
  181. Has anyone EVER used DEODERANT SPRAY to get their patch to stick better?
  182. Benefits of a PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR
  183. Cmpgirl
  184. Changing from oxy's
  185. Stimulator Question
  186. Amitriptyline tabs 25mg - oxycontin 10 mg
  187. Pain Pump weanning off morphine..HELP
  188. trip to urgent care, is flexeril safe with percocet
  189. Can the Oxycontin pills be split?
  190. Aspirin and Opiates...
  191. Anyone experiennce protracted withdrawal from Ultram (tramadol)?
  192. Very cold here---Bad burning and pinching pain. I can't take anymore!!
  193. Having problems - need your support
  194. Question about Oxycontin..Please Help!
  195. Conductor's having problems--hopefully short-term...Conductor
  196. making pain bareable
  197. pain and meds making me ill!
  198. My surgeon is cutting my meds back
  199. Memere
  200. How (and at what rate) does the oxycontin time release mechanism work?
  201. Back to the E.R.
  202. teva oxycodone sr
  203. "TopomaxKillsMe" I have a question for you
  204. Trying to do too much????
  205. News Not So Good
  206. Need some Advise From people that REALLY KNOW about Methadone/ Suboxone
  207. Do any of the ladies experiance this
  208. Pepper hows the stimulator working for you ?
  209. To Everyone: If I Miss Your Post, Dont Be Offended
  210. Appointment with Pain Management Psychologist Question
  211. Spinal Cord Stimulator Question
  212. Having a really bad week
  213. I am still here! Just wanted to check in!
  214. Questions about tolerance, talking to doctor, etc...
  215. Possible reaction to SI injection need input
  216. Definitely a difference in oxycodone/apap brands
  217. Finding the right medication for my pain.
  218. Bioclusive dressing
  219. New Patch in the pipeline of new products
  220. Shoreline... a question for you....
  221. Spoke with Janssen Today....Patch Update
  222. Have I developed a tolerance to Lyrica?
  223. Pain Management Doctors - How to Handle Tolerance Issues
  224. My labs are back.....
  225. Medications which could interact with opiates:
  226. Should I be concerned abou this comment my doc made?
  227. Cymbalta and oxycodone??
  228. Re: Generic Drugs....what A Pharmacist Said
  229. Chronic jaw/tooth pain
  230. how soon is to soon?
  231. Electrical Stimulation anyone?
  232. Question for All...........:)
  233. stimulator question
  234. Indigestion and Narcotic pain killers
  235. IBake&Pray
  236. Had More Injections and Feelin pretty Good
  237. Need your advice - severe pain in arms/hands
  238. Ladies, would like your thoughts, no offense gentlemen
  239. Any suggestions
  240. Not to be dumb but
  241. Notsonutso: Update Please!!!
  242. length of time
  243. How Scripts Are Written....the Same For All???
  244. Methadone to Hydro compound
  245. How long do LYRICA pills last?
  246. spinal cord stimulation
  247. Hey everyone, I need a little advice.
  248. Medication reduction
  249. Is it time for LA meds?
  250. HELP reccomend me a NON addictive pain med

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